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Introduction of BMC PATROL for Sybase Solution PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction of BMC PATROL for Sybase Solution

Introduction of BMC PATROL for Sybase Solution

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Introduction of BMC PATROL for Sybase Solution

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  1. Introduction of BMC PATROL for Sybase Solution Ivan WONG, Solution Offering Specialist, BMC Software (HK) Ltd.

  2. Agenda • What is PATROL? • BMC Solution Overview • Infrastructure Monitoring • Database Monitoring • Why our solution is the best? • Q & A

  3. What is BMC PATROL?

  4. KM Agent KM KM KM Agent Agent PATROL Architecture 1. PATROL Central (Windows and Web edition) 2. PATROL Agent 3. PATROL Knowledge Module (e.g. Patrol for Sybase) • PATROL is a truly Console-Agent base architecture. It consists of 3 components: Sun Solaris, E10k AIX, Sybase TCP/UDP WinNT, MQ PATROL Central (Windows and Web edition)

  5. PATROL Central Real-time event data Advanced Graphing Features Alerts Allows an administrators to act upon events Customizable views Query agents Run commands Customize agents Major Components PATROL Central

  6. PATROL Knowledge Modules(KM) Provides instructions for the PATROL Agent to: Discover Monitor Detect events Take corrective actions Notify Extensible to support in-house applications Application KM Middleware KM Database KM Operating System KM Storage KM Hardware KM Major Components Knowledge Modules Server/Host

  7. The PATROL Agent Intelligent, Autonomous agent receives instructions from KMs Discovers applications and objects Automatically monitors parameters and statistics Detects events Aggregates information Initiates corrective action Notifies administrators Application KM Middleware KM Database KM Operating System KM Storage KM Hardware KM Major Components PATROL Agent Server/Host PATROL Agent

  8. The PATROL Agent(continued): Intelligent – proactive and automatically fix problems or send notifications Autonomous – requires no permanent connection Scalable – patented scalable architecture PATROL Central and BMC EM PATROL Integration for… PATROL API SNMP API Local Repository Application KM Middleware KM Local Repository Database KM Operating System KM PATROL API Interface Storage KM SNMP API Interface Hardware KM PATROL Overview: What it is… Server/Host PATROL Agent

  9. Gather Analyze Act Oracle DB, DB/2, SQL Server, Informix, Sybase, CA-Ingres, SAP R/3, Oracle ERP, PeopleSoft, Baan, JD Edwards, Domino, Exchange UNIX, NT/2000, AIX, OS/390, Linux, Netware, AS/400 Back Office (Server, DB, Apps) Front Office & Exchanges Siebel, Ariba Buyer, SAP BW & APO, Broadvision, IIS, Apache, NES, MS Site Server, IBM WebSphere, Sun iPlanet, BEA WebLogic, Nokia WAP, Checkpoint, Cisco PIX, Axent Web Network Performance – Patrol Dashboard, Network Flow Analysis – Patrol Visualis Network Middleware Tuxedo, MQ Series Sun StorEdge T3, StorageWorks, IBM ESS, Brocade Silkworm, McDATA Director, EMC Symmetrix, CLARiiON, Veritas Storage One-stop shopping management solution for hosting customers

  10. How Patrol help to manage ALL Technology Layers ? Proactively Monitor, Measure, Tune, Perform Diagnosis

  11. Centralized Console to manage your environment

  12. Patrol for Unix & MS Win2kMulti-Thresholds & Auto-recovery action: capture problem snapshot

  13. Patrol for Unix & MS Win2kMission-critical Processes Monitoring

  14. Patrol for Unix & MS Win2kSystem & Application Log Monitoring (Text Log)

  15. PATROL for SybaseComprehensive Database Monitoring

  16. Sybase Icon ASE Instance Parameter Groups Advanced Parameters Capacity Parameters Database Parameters PATROL for Sybase Hierarchy of Objects

  17. Sybase Databases, Objects (Tables & Indexes) and User Monitoring

  18. Sybase Server Response Time MonitoringSubstitute SQL Statement to measure Sybase response

  19. Heterogeneous Database Management

  20. Multi-Line Graphs

  21. Parameter History

  22. Availability Parameters to Demo • BlockerProcs • ConnectionsAvailable • ErrorLogUpdates • BkupErrorLogUpdates • ErrorLogUpdates • NumBlockedProcs • Process status • ASE Server • Backup Server

  23. Capacity Parameters to Demo • ConnectionsRemaining • LocksRemaining

  24. Performance Parameters to Demo • CpuBusy • CpuIoBusy • LongRunningTrans • ResponseExecTime • ResponseSqlTime

  25. Top 10 Parameters

  26. SQL Viewer • Uses only Sybase approved methodology for obtaining SQL statements • Runs between the client and the ASE server and logs every SQL statement that the client sends • Captures SQL text of Client Requests • Timestamps • User Name • Client Name • Default Database • SQL Text • Plan Information • Reporting features to display captured information

  27. SQL Viewer - Viewing the SQL Showplan Mode Capture Mode

  28. SQL Snapshot - Description • Used to view last SQL statement sent by a SQL Server client process. For stored procedure or trigger, used to view: • Name of the stored procedure or trigger • Text of the currently executing line within the stored procedure or trigger • Supported Operating Systems: • Unix - HPUX, AIX, Solaris, Digital Unix, Red Hat Linux • Windows - NT v4.0, 2000 • Incorporated into selected parameter recovery actions to collect and consolidate into one place additional details on the alert condition • Menu command choices

  29. Capturing Parameter Details Parameters BlockerProcs CpuBusy CpuIoBusy IdleProcs LongRunningTrans SQL Snapshot

  30. Monitoring Database Space • Monitor all or selected databases • Monitor selected segments from selected databases

  31. Monitoring Database Segments • Monitor all or selected user defined segments for monitored databases • Monitor selected segments from selected databases

  32. SYBASE_Users group to hold icons for monitored user processes An icon will display for each monitored process with individual statistics Monitoring Users

  33. Errorlog Monitoring • Add custom strings to include or exclude from errorlog monitoring • Add different strings for warnings and alarms

  34. Advanced Parameter Groups • Provides information on additional parameters • Uses sp_sysmon stored procedure, can save output to file • New icons will appear under the ASE instance being monitored • Cannot run with the KM for ASE Monitor API

  35. HTML Reporting

  36. HTML Reporting Index • Index shows summary of all ASE servers set up for HTML reporting

  37. Why Our Solution is the best?

  38. 3 Key points to remember Today • Heterogeneous Management • Centralize control and Proactively manage for multiple platforms and multiple versions of OS & Oracle database • Not only a “Monitoring’ solution • Improve User Satisfaction • Slow response time, CPU hogs, DB deadlock, insufficient space for DB to grow, long running SQL, reach cursor limit e.t.c. • Improve Server & Database Performance • Easy Correlation which help to pin-point performance bottleneck • Also provide Advisor for optimize DB performance • Provide Trend Analysis • Evaluate trends in object usage to identify “Hot” objects and avoid storage problem • Make Storage recommendation to reduce disk fragmentation, and hence I/O • Ease-of-use, quick to implement and extensible

  39. THANK YOU FOR COMING! • Questions? ©2003 BMC Software