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Your Dreams Our Commitment PowerPoint Presentation
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Your Dreams Our Commitment

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Your Dreams Our Commitment
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Your Dreams Our Commitment

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  1. Your Dreams Our Commitment

  2. ABOUT US KBC MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. Has always positioned itself as a “ Solutions driven’’ company. We pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions that are tailor made to the requirements of our clients, customers & IBP’s. We are providing real market needs & the Microscopic analysis of MLM Industries. Committed to give you optimum benefits, Facilities and the Lifestyle, you are really deserve. The Management of KBC MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. Includes vastly experienced people from Information Technology, Computers, Accounts as well as Network Marketing field with a solid base. OUR MOTTO has always been ‘ Problems can be complex but solutions need not be’. KBC Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and its International network are the leading distributors of bio-energized products worldwide. • KBC Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has continually pioneered newer technologies, bold design and precision engineering to create landmark residential townships, Plots and commercial complexes. Propelled by the drive to change expectations and the lifestyle of people thus changing the skyline of the city. KBC Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has ushered in an era marked by better standards of living and global lifestyles.

  3. Our Mission & Vision OUR MISSION :- • Our Mission is to help individuals reach their potential and achieve their goals. • To develop innovative easy-to-use solutions for the most difficult of problems. We strongly believe that whatever be the problem, the solution should be simple. • We at where a common person can earn handsome money by doing some smart work. OUR VISION:- • Our vision is to build a future wherein the KBC Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a household name across the country and is known worldwide for development and marketing of a fine living environment with highest quality and unmatched value-for-money. Our key involvement is in selling a land & construction, which is introduction by the company and their affiliates from time to time. Our aims are to provide people with opportunities to make fast many with no risk in a short period of time. We think about that. “What you want?" and give dream house to contribute significantly to building a researching new India and become a reliable  company. • To connect and partner millions of people from diverse background and cultures to build a rewarding business for all.

  4. LEGALITIES PAN CARD :- AAECK1288P Certificate of Incorporation NO :- U74900MH2010PTC209652

  5. Our Projects Property Project KBC. has been successful to offer most excellent options in the real of land investment for its client in land around Mumbai City. We are feeling really excited to let you inform that we have more planned projects. We are geared up to develop and transform land investment and housing for all. Investing in land can bring years of enjoyment since you are reading the page, it means your are thinking about investing in land. As there are many ways of making money, buying land is the most safest way out of them all. Teamwork We work together as a unified team with a common goal in order to achieve the best outcome to the benefit of everyone in your life. Integrity We conduct ourselves and all our business dealings with the outmost of integrity, and we treat others with total honesty and genuine respect.

  6. JOIN US

  7. OUR PRODUCTS Anti-Radiation Bio-Energy Health Card Scalar Pendant Real Diamond Pendant Coupons Diamond QST Pendant

  8. HEALTH BENEFITS: • IMPROVE YOUR BLOOD CIRCULATION • Bio-Energy Product’s consists of high value capacity for body Healing/Health, • If practiced daily. This product consist of Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology • been utilized a unique ceramic powder. • Care for your Heart and enjoy greater Peace of Mind. • Rapid Relief of Pain, Body discomfort & achieve better health. • Achieve a Balance State of Well Being for Better Health. • Rapid Relief of Tired Legs and Feet, Discomfort and Prevent Food Odour. • Maintain food freshness stored in the Refrigerator. • Sleeping Patterns & Improve Sleep Quality. • Enhance Vitality, Vigour & Physically Well Being for Men. • Reduces harmful substances contained in alcoholic drinks & Cigarettes. • R STRESS E SEX • E HEADACHE N ARTHRITIS • L BODY & FOOT PAINS H ENERGY • I SHOULDER PAINS A STRENGTH • E MUSCLE PAINS N FLEXIBILITY • F ABDOMINAL PAINS C MIND POWER • S COUGH & ASTHMA E BODY BALANCE

  9. TYPESOF INCOME • DIRECT SPONSOR INCOME. • DAILY BINARY INCOME. • ROYALTY INCOME. • AWARDS & REWARDS. • LIFE SECURITY INCOME. • DIRECT SPONSOR INCOME :- • Unlimited Direct Sponsor Income as Rs. 150/- for Every Directs U LEFT SIDE RIGHT SIDE Example :- A B Rs. 150/- Rs. 150/- Direct Sponsor Income (Brokerage) for Dream House & Open Bungalow Plot will be Rs. 7000/- to Rs. 10000/- (As per Condition Apply*)

  10. DAILY BINARY INCOME :- • Daily Binary is an another Unique Kind of Income where you get fabulous pair rates. This First Pair Income Starts when you Sponsor 2 Directs in Left & Right Side:- • First Pair 1 : 1 Rs. 200/- per Pair. • After that 1 : 1 Ratio Continue Unlimited Depth Level. • Capping 3 : 3 Matching Pairs Every Closing & Unmatched Pair will be Carry Forward. • Closing Timing : 9 AM – 2 PM, 2 PM – 7 PM , 7 PM – 12 AM, 12 AM – 9 AM . • Weekly Closing : Every Friday. • Payout : From Monday. U LEFT SIDE RIGHT SIDE Direct A = Rs. 150/- Direct B = Rs. 150/- Binary 1 : 1 = Rs. 200/- ========= Total Income = Rs. 500/- A B Rs. 200/- 1 : 1

  11. ROYALTY INCOME :- • Apart from the Direct Sponsor Income & Binary Income given to all Independent Business Partners, another 5% of Company’s Turn over of the Current Month, will be Equally Divided those who has Completed 100 Pairs, will be given as Royalty Income. Example :- LEFT SIDE RIGHT SIDE 100 Joining 100 Joining Co’s Monthly Turn Over ====================== X 5% No of Royalty Achievers


  13. LIFE SECURITY INCOME • This is a very Unique Kind of Income. Incase of Death of any IBP, 1% of the Companies Turn Over of that Particular Month will be given as a Life Security Income to the Nominee of that IBP and also all the Business will be transfer to his / her’s Nominee. • Important Notes :- • Minimum Payout of Rs. 500/- will be Released • Deductions (TDS 10.30% as per INCOME TAX RULES + Admin • Charges 4.70%) • Other Deductions (From 1st Payout till 4th Payout, i.e Rs. 150/- each, • upto Rs.600/- will be deducted as Yearly Registration & Processing • Charges.)

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  15. Address :- Block No-24, A-Wing, 4th Floor, Sudhanshu Chamber, Near Mahalaxmi Hotel, Station Road, Kalyan – W – 421301. Tel No – 0251 3237084, Mob – 09324709540 / 09029123650 / 09324652847 Website :- , Email :- /