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Other Battles

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Other Battles
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Other Battles

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  1. Other Battles • While the Battle of the Alamo is going on in San Antonio… • Another battalion of Mexican troops under General Urrea attacks San Patricio on Feb. 27 • Urrea wins battles at San Patricio and Refugio and defeats another section of the Texan army near Victoria. • Urrea moves toward Goliad to meet Colonel James Fannin

  2. Fannin’s Mistake • General Sam Houston orders Fannin to retreat from Goliad • Houston does not think that the Texans are ready to fight • Fannin originally decided to try to help at the Alamo and then returned to Goliad, delaying his retreat • As he tries to fall back to Victoria, General Urrea’s troops catch up to Fannin’s army.

  3. Defeat at Coleto Creek • General Urrea has about 400 Troops • Fannin has about 300 • Fighting breaks out at Coleto Creek, just north of Goliad. • General Urrea receives reinforcements overnight and Fannin is outnumbered. • Fannin is forced to surrender Colonel James Fannin

  4. Massacre at Goliad • Urrea sends Fannin and his troops back to Goliad and asks Santa Anna what to do with the prisoners • Santa Anna orders that prisoners were to be executed. • Fannin is the last to be shot; around 350 Texan troops are murdered on March 27th. Texan soldiers are lined up and shot at Goliad massacre.

  5. New Rally Cry • “Remember the Alamo” has already been a rally cry • Texans are now motivated by massacre at Goliad and “Remember Goliad” becomes another rally cry. • Santa Anna has all the momentum and Texans feel like victory may be out of reach….

  6. Houston’s Army retreats • Houston has been strengthening his army near Gonzales. When he hears the Alamo has fallen, his army retreats toward Austin. • He finds out that Fannin and his troops are massacres at Goliad and his 1,400 troops reach Austin. The Runaway Scrape- Texan families and troops retreat to Austin during heavy rains with little provisions (food/supplies) • As the Mexican army marches toward Austin, General Houston is preparing his troops for another major battle….

  7. The Battle of San Jacinto • Santa Anna is trying to reach Texan ad-interim President David G. Burnett near Galveston. • While Santa Anna’s army is resting near the San Jacinto River, General Houston’s troops arrive just ¾ of a mile away.

  8. Houston orders the attack • After meeting with his commanders, Houston calls for the attack of the Mexican camp around 3:30 in the afternoon. • Mexican soldiers are resting after lunch and are unaware that the Texans were nearby. • Deaf Smith cuts off the supply route and Mirabeau Lamar, a Texan soldier who has quickly risen through the ranks, cuts off the Mexican escape routes.

  9. “Remember the AlamoRemember Goliad!” • The Texans army shouts their rally cries as the Mexican soldiers are caught off guard. • Texans use the “twin sisters,” two large cannons to pound the Mexican camps. • Hand to hand combat again breaks out • After 20 minutes, the Texans have won, although killing continues through the night.

  10. Santa Anna Surrenders • Santa Anna had fled when the Texans attacked and was found hiding in some tall grass just outside the battle site. • He had dressed in a regular Mexican troop’s uniform to disguise himself. One of his own men point him out to the Texans. • He had been wounded in the leg, and Houston had been shot in the ankle. Santa Anna surrenders to Sam Houston on May 14, 1836.

  11. Treaties of Velasco • After the fighting, ad-interim President David Burnett moves the Texas Capital to Velasco • Santa Anna signs two peace treaties at Velasco, one public and one private. • He promises to never again fight against the Texans and to withdraw all Mexican troops from Texas. • In the private treaty, he promises to recognize Texan independence with the Rio Grande as the boundary.

  12. TEXAN INDEPENDENCE • After the Texas Revolution ended at San Jacinto, Texas gains its independence from Mexico. • Sam Houston becomes first President of Texas and Mirabeau Lamar is Vice President • Texas adopts the Constitution of 1836… • TO BE CONTINUED…….