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OKFMA 2014 OMES ISD Update - IT Unification PowerPoint Presentation
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OKFMA 2014 OMES ISD Update - IT Unification

OKFMA 2014 OMES ISD Update - IT Unification

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OKFMA 2014 OMES ISD Update - IT Unification

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  1. OKFMA 2014 OMES ISD Update - IT Unification

  2. New Direction ISD has embarked on an effort to shift its focus from operational efficiencies to operational excellence. This new approach is exemplified in the newly established values of partnerships with agencies, an emphasis on customer service and a drive for innovative and collaborative solutions. We believe this shift will facilitate a fundamental change in culture of ISD – a culture of adding value to every interaction with our agencies and affiliates; of quickly adapting to the needs of our partners; of providing quality, innovative and secure solutions; of ultimately transforming ISD’s role from a regulator to that of a trusted advisor for our partners. This is what is defined as the “Unification of IT” as opposed to merely the “Consolidation of IT”. 2

  3. ISD Evolution AKA the “Pivot” IT Unification “As far as customers are concerned you are the company. This is not a burden, but the core of your job. You hold in your hands the power to keep customers coming back – perhaps even to make or break the company.” Unknown “After an incident is prioritized, the response and resolve times are tracked against the defined service levels found online at Response time is defined as the time between a case being logged (either by a customer via the self service system or when a member of the Service Desk staff enters the case into the OMES ISD system) and when an OMES ISD technician takes ownership of the case via the CRM system. Resolve time is calculated as the time from the case being created until the issue is resolved and the case closed out in the CRM system.” 2014 SLA “On July 1 2011 all appropriated and un-appropriated state agencies shall be required to use the following information technology services and systems operated and maintained by the Office of State Finance for all agency functions.” HB 1304 Trusted Advisor Partner Contractor 3 Regulatory

  4. What is IT Unification? • “A Shift in Focus from IT Operational Efficiencies to IT Operational Excellence” • What is Important? • Partnerships with Agencies • Emphasis on Customer Service • Drive for Innovative and Collaborative Solutions 4

  5. Unification Approach • OMES ISD Should: • Add value to every interaction with our agencies and affiliates • Quickly adapt to the needs of our partners • Provide quality, innovative and secure solutions • Communicate meaningfully with our partners • This will allow us to ultimately transform ISD’s role from a regulator to that of a trusted advisor for our partners. 5

  6. Unification/Consolidation • Consolidation is a sub-set of Unification. • Unification: • Consolidation – Migration of an Agency’s IT Infrastructure and Shared Services to the State Standards • Integration – Using an Agency’s Existing Solutions to Compliment the State Standards for that Agency • Incorporation – Using an Agency’s Existing Solutions to Replace the State Standards for All Agencies 6

  7. ISD Vision We are one, unified state IT resource – promoting collaboration, innovation, and operational excellence while striving to provide quality services and become trusted advisorsthrough strategic alliances and by contributing to the development of a more effective government for our citizens. 7

  8. ISD Mission/Values • To partner with Oklahoma State Agencies and Affiliates to deliver quality, cost-effective and secure information technology services. • Values: • Drive Business Innovation Through Technology • Promote Collaboration Across State Entities • Utilize All Government Resources Effectively and Efficiently 8

  9. Contact Information Executive Team: Interim Chief Information Officer Bo Reese - (405) 522-8855 Interim Chief Operations and Accountability Officer Matt Singleton - (405) 521-4804 Chief Financial Officer Ray Hankins - (405) 521-6583 Chief Security Officer Mark Gower - (405) 522-4531 Deputy General Counsel Robin Rives - (405) 522-0122 9