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Framed Canopy Fitting Instructions PowerPoint Presentation
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Framed Canopy Fitting Instructions

Framed Canopy Fitting Instructions

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Framed Canopy Fitting Instructions

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  1. Framed CanopyFitting Instructions Contents – 6- Angled frame fixing brackets 1 x handle pack 6 x self drilling tech screws 3 keys 1x door 6 x coach screws This door is delivered with a protective film To the Frame only and should be removed now if fixing the frame to the back of the brick opening . This door is CE Marked and comes with a Europe wide 2 year warranty , the warranty is subject to conditions please see your dealer for terms . Caution Garage doors Are heavy and we recommend that this item be installed by two persons Do not allow children to assist in the installation of this product or use the product un-assisted , garage doors can inflict severe injury if not used correctly . Always ensure the door is correctly adjusted and serviced failure to do so may invalidate the warranty . This does not effect your statutory rights . Before you start !! Measure Check measure the door and frame against the brick opening to ensure the door will fit into the opening and then open when installed , Check the space required inside the garage that the door will not be impeded by anything in the garage . Tools required Cordless Drill. 8mm socket with drill attachment . 10mm socket with drill attachment . 8mm masonry drill bit Phillips screwdriver . 10mm socket 10mm ring spanner . Timber wedges for levelling Spirit level Set of Alen keys Fixings not supplied We recommend 8mm wall plugs (Rawl) Silicone sealer Light Oil (3in1)

  2. Installation This door can be fitted either between the brickwork at the front of the structural opening or behind the brickwork at the back of the structural opening . If fitting Between the structural opening at the front then fix 3 Angled frame fixing brackets per side as shown below . Bracket 1 Top . Bracket 2 Middle Bracket 3 Bottom If fitting Behind the structural opening then fix the Angled frame fixing brackets as shown below . Fix the bottom bracket as low as possible . All installation methods require the use of 1 x 8mm self drilling tech screw 1 x flat washer , drive the tech screw in using a cordless drill with a 8mm socket attachment and fix securely (careful not to over tighten the screw ) Repeat for the three brackets per side , the head of the frame is not fixed to the opening . Offer the door up to the opening (two persons required ) and wedge in to place , use a spirit level to ensure the overall satisfactory look of the installation and in particular the level of the frame head is correct . If you twist the door in installation the locking may not operate correctly . When satisfied with the door position drill an 8mm hole and bolt in the M6 50mm coach screws (rawl plug not supplied). Repeat for all brackets There is a red drum to the right at the top and a white drum to the left , the cables wrap around the drum to lift the door , you must ensure the cables are correctly located the same both sides now , they wrap from the outer to the inner part of the drum .

  3. Now pull the pin that is used to secure the tension during transport , this can be quite stiff as it holds the spring pressure , work it side to side to ease it free. Now fit the handle as shown. Fit the outer handle to the outside of the door , fit the inner lock and the moulded fixing using an Alan key and tighten (Caution !! only tighten enough to remove play from handle , over tightening can damage the outer panel ) Open the door fully and oil the side runners and the wheels / cables and top latches . If 4 point locking purchased see separate sheet and fit now . Caution !!Check the locking works correctly from the inside by closing the door and opening again , do not do this from the outside as if adjustment is required you may not be able to open the door again .Although adjusted in the factory the cables can be disturbed during transport and it is the responsibility of the installer to correct the cables as required . Adjustment – if the door is opening too slowly or too quickly increase the tension on the spring .Call 0121 749 7977 for advice .This element should only be performed by competent persons . Finish the door frame with trim as required . Locking cables and lifting cables are subject to wear and tear and should be examined regularly , tangling of cables through poor maintenance / adjustment does not constitute as a manufacturing defect. Technical helpline 01217497977

  4. Removal . To remove the door you first must replace the spring tension holder shown on page 3 . Remove side track screws and slide out the tracks , undo the spring holder bracket screws x 4 and lift the entire spring spring assembly off the locking point/ spring holder and lower the spring to the mid point of the door . Ease the door out of the opening . Every 3 months you must oil all pivot points with 3 in 1 oil , you must check tension of the door ( open the door and ensure it holds in place if it falls contact your dealer or the helpline for more advice ) Clean the paint finish and touch up any marks with the correct Ral colour stick available from your dealer . Refer to the door label for more advice .