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Bears, Bears, Bears! PowerPoint Presentation
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Bears, Bears, Bears!

Bears, Bears, Bears!

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Bears, Bears, Bears!

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  1. Bears, Bears, Bears! About the Bears Bears that I have Links Where I Got My Info Contact Me Our Mission Statement

  2. About the Bears Click on the name of a bear to view more info on it #1 Bear[1997 Holiday Teddy Bear1998 Holiday Teddy Bear1999 Holiday Teddy Bear1999 Signature Bear2000 Holiday Teddy[2000 Signature Bear[2001 Holiday Teddy 2001 Signature BearAddisonAlmond America (white) America (blue)America (red) April Ariel AugustAuroraB.B. BearBillionaire BearBillionaire Bear 2Billionaire Bear 3Billionaire Bear 4BlackieBritannia BuckinghamBunga - Raya CashewCelebrateCelebrations ChampionCheeryChillyChina ChinookClassyCloverClubbyClubby IIClubby IIIClubby IVCoral CasinoCubbieCurlyCindersEggsDearestDecember Eggs IIEnglandErinEucalyptusFebruaryFerny FortuneFreiherr von SchwarzFuzzGarciaGermaniaGloryGraf von RotGroovyHaloHalo IIHauntHeroHopeHuggyIssyIssyJanuaryJulyJuneKissmeLibeartyM.C. BeanieMapleMarchMayMelMellow MillenniumMistletoeMom-eMr. Mrs. MumMungungwhaNipponiaNovemberOctoberOsitoPatriot (flag on left foot)Patriot (flag on right foot)PeacePecanPekingPierrePoopsie PopsPrincessthe bearRomanceSakuraSakura IISammyScotlandSeptember SequoiaShamrockSmoochSpangle (blue face)Spangle (red face)Spangle (white face)SpecklesSunny Teddy (brown)Teddy (cranberry)Teddy (jade)Teddy (magenta)Teddy (teal) Teddy (violet)Thank You BearThe Beginning The EndTradeeU.S.A.Unity ValentinaValentinoVandaWalesWallaceWattlie

  3. Home America Bear The America Bear was created to honor the victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks. She was produced in red, white, and blue, with the red and white bears only available on-line. Her tag reads: In memory of those who lost their lives in the National Catastrophe that took place on September 11, 2001. We mourn for them and express our deepest sympathies to their families.

  4. Holiday Teddies Home 1998 1999 2000 2001 1997 For the past five years, Ty has created a different teddy to celebrate the Holiday season. Each bear is very unique and different

  5. Home Addison Addison’s Poem His Birthday May 20, 2001 In the bleachers we see allHope we'll catch a long fly ballWhen the day is finally doneHopefully, our team has won! Addsion the baseball bear was actually given to spectators who came to the Cubs game one night at Wrigley Field. He was presented with a certificate of authenticity.

  6. Home #1 Bear Info on #1 Bear The #1 Bear was sent to Ty retailers when Ty became #1 in sales. Each Authorized dealer received one authenticated bear and that is all that was released. #1 Bear’s Poem In appreciation of selling overseveral Billion dollars during 1998and achieving the industry ranking of#1 in Gift sales, #1 in Collectable sales, #1 in Cash register area sales#1 in Markup % I present to youThis signed andNumbered Bear!

  7. Leaving her den in early springSo very hungry, she'll eat anythingNuts, fruits, berries and fishMixed together makes a great dish Home Almond Almond’s Poem Almond’s Birthday April 14, 1999

  8. Ariel Home Ariel has no birthday. She was created in Memory of Ariel Glaser, 1981-1988. Ariel died of AIDS at age 7. All profits From this bear go towards AIDS research. Ariel’s Poem May little children everywhereRemember that we'll always careAnd Ariel's dreams will all come trueBecause she'll share them all with you!

  9. The midnight sun puts on a showFor all the polar bears belowUnder ribbons of shining lightAurora hugs you and says goodnight! Home Aurora Aurora’s Poem Aurora’s Birthday February 3, 2000

  10. Home Billionaire Bears Billionaire Bear 1 B.B. 2 B.B. 3 B.B. 4 These bears were created when Ty hit $1 million dollars in sales, then 2, 3, And then 4 million in sales.

  11. This birthday Beanie was made for you Hope your wishes and dreams come trueBe happy today and tomorrow tooLet's all celebrate the whole year through! Home Birthday Bear Birthday Bear’s Poem Birthday Bear, Ironically, has No birthday.

  12. Home Blackie The Chicago Bears used Blackie as a promotion for their kid’s fan club. Blackie’s Poem Blackie’s Birthday July 15, 1994 Living in a national parkHe only played after darkThen he met his friend CubbieNow they play when it's sunny!

  13. Home Brittania This bear is often counterfeited. Two signs of a counterfeit are misplace- ment of the Ty symbol and a smaller than normal print on the tush tag. Brittania’s Poem Britannia the bear will sail the seaSo she can be with you and meShe's always sure to catch the tideAnd wear the Union Flag with pride Brittania’s Birthday December 15, 1997

  14. Home Buckingham Buckingham’s Poem Buckingham’s Birthday October 16, 2000 Buckingham the bear has a little secretHe wants to tell you and hopes you'll keep itHe's taking his friend Britannia to see Someone special for crumpets and tea!

  15. Home Bunga Raya Bunga Raya’s Poem Hibiscus, the national flowerDecorate the gathering attractively/brightlyBringing glory and peaceSymbol to our multi racial people/citizen Bunga Raya’s Birthday February 1, 2002

  16. Home Cashew Cashew’s Poem Cashew’s Birthday April 22, 2000 I like to swim and climb in trees I like to visit with the bees But what I really want to do Is be your friend and play with you!

  17. Home Celebrate Celebrate’s Poem I'm the 15th birthday bearWith a wish I'd like to shareMany more years full of funLet's keep Ty #1! Celebrate’s Birthday April 22, 2001

  18. Home USA Champion This bear has no poem or birthday. It was issued in conjunction with the World Cup Soccer Association and has an extra World Cup swing tag on It’s ear. A bear was released for each country competing in the 2002 World Cup. The one pictured is the USA Champion Bear.

  19. Home Cheery Cheery’s Poem If you're feeling sad and blueCheery wants to be with youHug him and he'll make you smileYou'll feel better in a while! Cheery’s Birthday August 18, 2000

  20. Home Chilly Chilly is the most popular of the lay down bears. He should be kept in a Case to keep him away from dust and dirt. He was not issued with a Birthday or a poem.

  21. Home China China’s Poem In the mountains you'll find meSitting near a bamboo treeYou'll laugh at such a funny sightI only dress in black and white! China’s Birthday September 4, 2000

  22. Home Chinook Chinook’s Poem From this great land I'll never roamBeloved Canada is my homeHer maple leaf I proudly wearTo show the world how much I care! Chinook’s Birthday May 24, 2000

  23. Home Cinders Cinder’s Poem I sleep in caves and in the snow A mountain life is all I know In the Spring I wake again And look around for my best friend! Cinder’s Birthday April 30, 2000

  24. Home Classy The collectors got to chose a design for a new beanie. Classy was chosen And he is known as the people’s beanie. Classy’s Poem I'm proud to be the Beanie you choseI know for sure my happiness showsThanks so much for creating meIt's great to be the People's Beanie Classy’s Birthday April 30, 2001

  25. Home Clubby Clubby’s Poem Wearing his club pin for all to seeHe's a proud member like you and meMade especially with you in mindClubby the bear is one of a kind! Clubby’s Birthday July 7, 1998

  26. Home Clubby II Clubby II’s Poem A proud club member, named Clubby IImy color is special, a purplish hueTake me along to your favorite placeCarry me in my platinum case! Clubby II’s Birthday March 9, 1999

  27. Home Clubby III Clubby III’s Poem I'm as happy as can beBecause I joined BBOCWe'll play games, have lots of funBecause this club is number 1! Clubby III’s Birthday June 30, 2000

  28. Home Clubby IV Clubby IV’s Poem Clubby IV’s Birthday August 4, 2001 Which button do you think you'll getA gold, a silver, or the whole setClubby IV has a surprise for youTy Warner autographed a few!

  29. Home Coral Casino Coral Casino’s Poem Coral Casino was a special Bear only distributed at the Coral Casino. He has no Birthday. Kissed by the suncaressed by the seaRich with beauty and memoriesForever you'll alwaysmean so much to me

  30. Home Cubbie Cubbie’s Poem Cubbie’s Birthday November 14, 1993 Cubbie used to eat crackers and honeyAnd what happened to him was funnyHe was stung by fourteen beesNow Cubbie eats broccoli and cheese

  31. Home Curly He was used by Livent Productions as their Broadway Beanie for Ragtime. He was sold with maroon, ivory, or navy ribbon with “Ragtime” stamped On the end of the ribbon. Curly’s Poem A bear so cute with hair that's CurlyYou will love and want him surelyTo this bear always be trueHe will be a friend to you! Curly’s Birthday April 12, 1996

  32. Home Dearest Dearest’s Poem A bear so cute with hair that's CurlyYou will love and want him surelyTo this bear always be trueHe will be a friend to you! Dearest’s Birthday May 8, 2000

  33. Home Eggs Egg’s Poem Decorating eggs is fun to doColoring them with pink and blueHiding them is lots of funMake sure you find every one! Egg’s Birthday April 23, 2000

  34. Home Eggs II Egg II’s Poem Egg II’s Birthday August 15, 2001 When hiding eggs around the yardYou shouldn’t make it very hardIt won’t be funny, you’ll agreeIf one of the eggs you lose is me!

  35. Home England England’s Poem England is surrounded by the seaFor many, there's no other place to beIt looks quaint and small for its sizeTraditionally, that's been its best disguise England’s Birthday October 5, 2001

  36. Home Erin Erin’s Poem Named after the beautiful Emerald IsleThis Beanie Baby will make you smile,A bit of luck, a pot of gold,Light up the faces, both young and old! Erin’s Birthday March 17, 1997

  37. Home Eucalyptus Eucalyptus’ Poem Koalas climb with grace and easeTo the top branches of the treesSleeping by day under a gentle breezeFeeding at night on two pounds of leaves! Eucalyptus’ Birthday April 28, 1999

  38. Home Clover Clover’s Poem A bit o' good luck I will bringIf you believe in such a thingFortune will follow everywhereAs long as you have friends that care! Clover’s Birthday March 17, 2001

  39. Home Ferny Ferny’s Poem I am New Zealand's cute bearThe silver fern I'm proud to wearHere you will never be far from the seaWon't you come and join me? Ferny’s Birthday February 6, 2002

  40. Home Freiherr Von Schwarz F.V.S.’s Poem F.V.S’s Birthday June 17, 2001 In the dark nightBaron von Schwarz is protecting you.The luminous morning will then comeand all your sorrows will be gone.

  41. Home Fuzz Fuzz’s Poem Look closely at this handsome bearHis texture is really quite rare.With golden highlights in his hairHe has class, style and flair! Fuzz’s Birthday July 23, 1998

  42. Garcia Home Garcia was created in honor of Jerry Garcia. Garcia’s birthday was Created by Jerry Garcia’s birth month and day and the year he died. Each Garcia is different because tie-dye fabric was used to make him. Garcia’s Poem The Beanies use to follow him aroundBecause Garcia traveled from town to townHe's pretty popular as you can seeSome even say he's legendary Garcia’s Birthday August 1, 1995

  43. Home Germania This bear was released three times because spelling errors kept popping up on his tag. Germania’s Poem Unity and Justice and FreedomIs the song of German unity.All good little girls and boysShould love this little German bear. Germania’s Birthday October 3, 1990

  44. Home Glory He is the fourth beanie to be issued wearing stars and stripes. Each bear Is unique due to the placing of the stars. Some Glory’s have been seen With no flag or an upside down flag. Glory’s Poem Wearing the flag for all to seeSymbol of freedom for you and meRed white and blue - Independence DayHappy Birthday USA! Glory’s Birthday July 4, 1997

  45. Home Graf von Rot G.V.R.’s Poem Love,Happiness,SatisfactionWishes you Graf von Rot foreverThat all people living in GermanyTake care of each other. G.V.R.’s Birthday November 9, 2001

  46. Home Groovy Groovy’s Poem Wearing colors of the rainbowMaking good friends wherever I goTake me with you, don't let me stayI need your love all night and day! Groovy’s Birthday January 10, 1999

  47. Home Halo Halo’s Poem When you sleep, I'm always hereDon't be afraid, I am nearWatching over you with lots of loveYour guardian angel from above! Halo’s Birthday August 31, 1998

  48. Home Halo II Halo II’s Poem Little angel up aboveGuard me with your special loveMake sure that you will always beBy my side and close to me! Halo II’s Birthday January 14, 2000

  49. Bears That I Have Home

  50. Links Where I Got My Info From -I got some of my graphics, some tag poems, and birthdays from here -I got some interesting facts and some tag poems from here -I got some graphics, inc. the animated bear on the opening page here I got information through electronic communication with Deborah Sawey, The administrator of this site Home I got interesting facts on beanies here