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Pencil in hand In command

Drawing. Pencil in hand In command Lines connect makes an effect Shapes form Shades of gray Magically appearing, Making what’s mine It’s so divine. By Becca S.

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Pencil in hand In command

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  1. Drawing Pencil in hand In command Lines connect makes an effect Shapes form Shades of gray Magically appearing, Making what’s mine It’s so divine By Becca S.

  2. Crowd stands still With a chill In the night what a sight Booommm!!!! Ball flying In the air Standing ovation Leaving nobody in their chair As my ball goes in With the help of the wind We win We win Terrell

  3. Toot, toot soothing sound I found Sounds great hands in tune As I create Red-faced From blowing Air Don’t Care People stare Fingers moving I’m grooving By Ryann

  4. Ball swings around Makes a sound Flies in the air Referee says, “It’s fair!” It’s 3-2 Eyes ON US like GLUE Soccer Star comes in Makes us try to win Ball goes in WE WIN! By Niko

  5. Soccer full ofblockersin the way How do I score They say dribblein the middleBut it’s not easyI’m trying feet are flyingWorking harduntil one dayit will click and I will become First Pick as I make The ball Go in And we Will WIN!!! Jaspreet

  6. Up to bat crouch down bending gripping eyeing the ball Coming fast Blast!! smashed the ball into last week crowd standing cheering Roaring Cause I am Scoring Homerun By Chris E

  7. Kicking, passing, moving, grooving Fast as we can To the goal Ball gets passed Spot light shining my foot connects racing sprinting Dribbling to the net An inch away I shoot a swift kick goes in and I win! By Bayur

  8. Capture the Flag Pick your side Don’t cross the line Don’t get caught Behind the line Grab their flag Get ready to run Before they Tag you or You’ll be done By: Gerard

  9. I’m feeling lazy like a daisy I’m sitting on the couch in my pouch I score a goal I’m on a roll I have my win in my “pin” Jamie

  10. Getting the water to paint can’t wait. Find my brush No rush Many colors on the palette Getting paper Ready to paint Feeling great Colors splattering Flattering Dipping my brush Taking my time Creating painting By: Ava

  11. Back pedaling On my man Dashing, sprinting, Racing Not time Wasting Down the field Ball is up in the sky With the catch In my hands I return slipping, sliding, colliding Sprinting, racing anticipating goal line in sight To my delight feet dancing , prancing with happiness as I step in WE WIN!!! Shane B.

  12. World blurring by When I swirl People cheering Good feeling going through my body Nobody gonna stop me I love it I’m rockin it I’m shocking It I go With the flow I know Fo-sho Like whoa I show I’m a lil PRO By Joey

  13. I’m feeling creative, Anywhere, Anytime, drawing a mime writing the time, Images in my head come out On paper, making it nice for a favor. I like to draw a face on a bean, Or some plants being mean Warren By Warren

  14. Going fast dashing Down the road On dry grass Getting bumpy On the ground As I pound With my wheels Squeaks Squeals Feeling grand Touched the pole With my hand Hit a bump Swerving Up Then down Until I reach My street What a fleet Shayer

  15. Ball’s in air What a scare Crowd stands still Feel a chill Getting ready heartsteady In position with ambition Opponent too late crushed her fate SAVE We get the victory we crave By, Ashley

  16. Shooting • hoops • Dunk • In the • trunk • Fans yelling • Oooh and Aaah • People • scream • I wake up • Just a • Dream • By Amish

  17. Crowd watches. Stepping on stage feeling like I’m in a cage Mind dizzy. Palms sweating think I’m forgetting Anticipating waiting for my heart to settle down Suddenly feels fine As Istarts singing The world is mine Crowdroars Heart swells With pride. What a Great RIDE By: Hannah

  18. By: Chris S. Got the ball The catcher’s call A four-seam fastball I wind up Crowd’s standing up The ball flies Ump cries….. “Strike three your out!”

  19. By Antonio Up and down the field I go Where's the ball I don’t know Slip and slide All the time kick the ball In the air ball is flying Kids are lying On the ground Being fouled Kick the ball Try again Score a goal Victory for ALL

  20. Got my part Feeling good Gotta wait for the date Coming soon I can’t wait Feeling great Until the date Then I shake Hard to think Feel the heat But I know I can’t be BEAT By Ben

  21. Feeling happy to draw my picture My paintbrush moving In a rush to make a fuss Water spilling heart filling Tables dripping Everything slipping But by mistake I just Took part In making A work of Art By Alesha

  22. Score tied hard kick rolling quick Ball in air almost there I stare towards the goal in the net ball is in WE WIN AFTER ALL By Christine

  23. Being sucked into the words, Hearing things I’ve never heard. Soaring in the air AN alien, a Yeerk, Over there Rachel morphs into a grizzly While Marco goes buggy Mom calls me downstairs The spell is broken Anya

  24. Bottom of ninth • game tied • Two outs • aside • batter’s up • with pride • Crowd on • the edge • of their • seats • Popcorn • peanuts • having a • feast • Pitch is • delivered • in the air • It connects • with the bat • and flies • in the sky • as I run • around the bases • HOMERUN

  25. Going on the bar feeling like a star Holding them tight. Jumping high Flipping over Landing perfectly on the mat I glance at judges going wild like a child 10 10 10 I glow Like a hero Jenna

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