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The Tongue

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The Tongue

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  1. The Tongue

  2. Can you say the following phrases 5 times fast? • Unique New York. • Three free throws • Knapsack straps

  3. What is the tongue? • Bone • Tissue • Muscle • Skin C - MUSCLE

  4. Our tongue as a muscle: • Although we often call our tongue a muscle, that is only partly true. • Our tongue is a group of muscles that run in all different directions. • That is what makes us able to move our tongue in so many different positions.

  5. How does the tongue work? There are four different muscles in your tongue that help it move. All four of the muscles are striated skeletal muscles. Together, the four allow you to change the shape of your tongue, curling up the sides or pushing the middle up against the roof of your mouth

  6. How does our tongue stay in our mouth? There are three muscles that connect the tongue to the inside of your mouth. The tongue is very interesting because it is only connected on one side unlike most other muscles.

  7. Strong or Weak?? Do you think your tongue is strong or weak? You tongue is actually one of the strongest muscles in your body!

  8. Is our tongue important? Our tongue is very important! It allows us to: Taste Talk -and it helps in the process of digestion by chewing and swallowing our food.

  9. How does our tongue taste things? • The little bumps on your tongue are called papillae. • Papillae are what contains your taste buds. • Your taste buds allow you to taste different things. • There are five different groups of taste buds. • They are all located at different spots on your tongue.

  10. What are the five different tastes that our taste buds detect? Sweet Sour Lemon Candy, Juice, Corn Salty Pretzels, Chips Bitter Umami Meaty, Savory, Mushroom

  11. Can you do this? When you get home, ask your parents if they can do this. If they can do this, I bet you can. Why do you think that is?

  12. See how far you can stick out your tongue. • Did you know that the average length of your tongue is 4 inches!

  13. The End!