dishwashing machines verses hand washing n.
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Dishwashing Machines verses hand washing PowerPoint Presentation
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Dishwashing Machines verses hand washing

Dishwashing Machines verses hand washing

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Dishwashing Machines verses hand washing

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  1. Dishwashing Machines verses hand washing Gemma Jones

  2. Introduction I am going to look at the positive and negative effects between manual hand washing dishes and dishwashing machines through; • Cost • Energy • Time

  3. Water usage On average a person will use 123 gallons of water a day. This is through, • Showering • Brushing our teeth • Shaving • Washing dishes • And flushing the toilet.

  4. Hot Water dishwashing Machines Hot water dishwashers are said to be more effective than hand washing because: • They only use a limited amount of water • There is no chance of your dishes breaking • The dish water is heated inside the dish washer • It only heats the amount of water needed • It will Save you time, just load and set timer then you can leave it till it finishes • The dishwasher can control how much water it uses.

  5. Hot water dishwashing Machines • The machine only uses 9-10 gallons of water. One- sixth of the water we use hand washing dishes • It is a lot quicker than hand washing • More hygienic than hand washing

  6. Steam Dishwashing Machines However Steam dishwashing machines are said to be more efficient than hot water dishwashing machines. This is because: • Washing dishes with steam helps the machine consume less energy, therefore saving you money on you energy bills • Huge amounts of steam can be produced from little amounts of water • Steam is better at cleaning than hot water.

  7. Cost • We use around £2 billion a year on electricity by using dishwashers, tumble dryers and washing machines • Dishwashers do around 246 cycles per year. • This produces 8 million tonnes of co2 each year which is the equivalent of 2.5 million cars.

  8. Hand washing Dishes There are not many benefits to hand washing. Some facts are: • On average a person will spend around 50 minutes a day on hand washing dishes, making it time consuming. • you use around 20 gallons of water • Not very Hygienic

  9. Solution • Replacing old dishwashing machines with new Energy saving recommended ones • This will save around 20% less energy • Will save you around £12 per year on energy bills and around 48kg of co2. • Wait for a full load or use economy cycle (if there is one)

  10. Conclusion • Using an energy saving dishwashing machine will save you around 230 hours a year compared to when you wash dishes manually. • energy saving dishwashing machines will save you around £12 a month on energy bills • On average a dishwashing machine saves around 11 gallons of water less than hand washing dishes • And will also save around 48kg of co2 that enters our economic system each year using an energy saving dishwasher. Taking all factors into consideration it is clear that dishwashing machines are better all round than manually hand washing dishes. Thank You