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  1. Lean MAST Tools for Integrating Lean Projects

  2. Lean MAST Overview • Lean MAST provides the roadmap for the transformation from a work order based production system to a production system that utilizes lean manufacturing techniques. The Lean MAST roadmap has resulted with many successful lean transformations.

  3. Lean MAST Road Map • Leadership Module • Focuses on management and its role in the transition of Lean Manufacturing. • Engineering Module • Software modeling that establishes an engineered solution for Lean Manufacturing. • Transition Module • A step-by-step procedure for the conversion from a work order base production system to a Lean Manufacturing operation. • Continuous Improvement Module • Provides techniques needed in the day-to-day operation of Lean Manufacturing.

  4. Flow Route • Modeling begins with the flow route feature for each product. Centers are designated in the column and precise time is recorded for each product.

  5. Cost Data • The cost data feature calculates actual cost per product and adjust for efficiency and capital cost.

  6. Part Details • The production includes hours per day and number of days, along with production volume for each product. Each product is assigned to an inventory class for Kanban configuration.

  7. Layout • The layout feature imports CAD drawing of the factory floor. Each work center located with a point and click interface.

  8. Workcenter Details • The Workcenter feature is used to define labor teams and assign the teams to the stations/flow centers, set the number of stations/machines in each flow center, and set up time and workcenter designation

  9. Visual Route • The visual route is a graph of product flow through the factory.

  10. Capacity • The capacity screen shows target production rate and corresponding labor and work center utilization. It also estimates inventory and flow time for each inventory class used for setting Kanban sizes.

  11. Simulation • The simulation is a simulated event analysis of the factory flow operations.

  12. Benefits of Lean MAST • Lean MAST provides objective analysis in finding the “best solution” for lean applications. The “best solution” includes a combination of machines, operators, inventory, and processes that work with lean manufacturing. • The use of Lean MAST leads to consensus. Having the project team “on the same page” is essential for a successful transformation.

  13. Target Users/Applications • Lean MAST is designed as a tool for Black Belt professionals and project managers responsible for implementing Lean Manufacturing. • No training is required to use this software. • Lean MAST is the tool for getting your lean sigma project started!

  14. Lean MAST Educating and Integrating Lean Project Members

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