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Business Plan for Startup PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Plan for Startup

Business Plan for Startup

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Business Plan for Startup

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  1. APRIL 24, 2020 BUSINESS PLAN Swarit Advisors Pvt Ltd

  2. Swarit Advisors Pvt Ltd WHAT IS A BUSINESS PLAN A business plan is a detailed, written description of your future business. A plan written today is the strategic source for the smooth & secured functioning of business in the future. It's not essential for a business plan to be always prolonged, detailed, and formal document; it can also be a short and brief action plan depending upon nature, size, and other requirements as per different cases.

  3. ONE-PAGE BUSINESS PLAN LEAN - BUSINESS PLAN EXTERNAL BUSINESS PLAN TYPES OF BUSINESS PLANS It is the quick summary of the entire business on one single page. lean business plans are a detailed plan compared to a one-page plan. these are the formal documents prepared for the outsiders.

  4. ONE-PAGE BUSINESS PLAN Business vision & mission are explained in concise and to the point details. These forms of a business plan are a great source of information for outsiders such as customers, investors, etc. The simple format of these business plans is just great for the start-ups who just want to sketch up the entire business service in minimal words.

  5. LEAN BUSINESS PLAN They hold the financial information of the company along with the vision & mission of the business. Lean business plans are used internally by the management as a tool for making a successful businessplans for growth & development. These plans skip the details about the overview & history of the company.

  6. EXTERNAL BUSINESS PLAN These business plans are prepared for attracting the investors to fund a business, and these documents are used extensively as supporting documents in the loan application. A formal business plan is the extended version of the lean business plan.

  7. 75 DEFINE THE PURPOSE OF THE COMPANY 50 25 Business existence will be for no reason if it has no objectives or goals to accomplish. Jot down the needs of the business, potential users of its services, and the reason for doing the business. 0 2020 2021 2022 2023

  8. PREPARE THE STRATEGY After establishing the competitive advantages of the business, it has to prepare the best strategy for achieving the targets it has set up to accomplish. Competitive advantage is the features and benefits the product or service your business provides over & above that of the competitor.

  9. WORKFORCE Design the amount of workforce that will be required by your business. Get the god idea of the number of people required along with the skills that are needed to get the enterprise running.

  10. NOTE DOWN THE PRACTICAL ISSUES Handling the practical issues is different from that of preparing plans on paper. An entrepreneur, as a god leader, shall organize the workforce. Handle the employees’ benefits entitlement, such as pension, salary, bonus, and other amenities.

  11. 40 SALES AND MARKETING EFFORTS 30 20 make all the contacts for sales & marketing and advertising the product of the company. Reach the target customers through marketing campaigns. In simple terms, these efforts are strategies to attract customers. 10 0 2020 2021 2022 2023 2025

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