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Causes Of Outdoor Air Pollution PowerPoint Presentation
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Causes Of Outdoor Air Pollution

Causes Of Outdoor Air Pollution

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Causes Of Outdoor Air Pollution

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  1. There are many health effects from exposure to particulate matter. Numerous studies have showed associations between exposure to particles and increased hospital admissions as well as death from heart or lung diseases. To learn more about the air quality index.

  2. Ozone in the upper atmosphere protects us by filtering out damaging ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Effects from exposure to ozone are Irritation and inflammation of eyes, nose, throat and lower airways: coughing, sore and scratchy throat or uncomfortable feeling in chest, not able to breathe as deeply or vigorously as you normally would. It can be Increased susceptibility to respiratory infections.

  3. Outdoors, nitrogen dioxide contributes to the formation of ground-level ozone (O3) as well as particulate matter pollution. Nitrogen dioxide is a respiratory irritant and has a variety of adverse health effects on the respiratory system. It can be Increased susceptibility to lung infections in people with asthma, Worsened symptoms of asthma – more frequent asthma attacks and Airway inflammation in healthy people.

  4. Carbon monoxide can cause harmful health effects by reducing the amount of oxygen reaching the body’s organs (like the heart and brain) and tissues. At extremely high levels, carbon monoxide can cause death (carbon monoxide poisoning). Chest pain in people with coronary heart disease and Potentially serious health effects on unborn babies when exposed to high levels.

  5. Sulphur dioxide irritates the lining of the nose, throat and lungs and may worsen existing respiratory illness especially asthma. It has also been found to exacerbate cardiovascular diseases.

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