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New Recipe for Frozen Mango Cream Cake PowerPoint Presentation
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New Recipe for Frozen Mango Cream Cake

New Recipe for Frozen Mango Cream Cake

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New Recipe for Frozen Mango Cream Cake

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  1. As hot summers approach every year, people forget to enjoy their days and shut themselves in an AC room and went to different city/place. Frozen mango dices suppliersbring a chilled treat recipe for people who want to beat the summer. This dessert recipe will make kids and adults happier and summer ready. Mango fruit is a rich source of vitamin C that keeps you cool from inside and helps you to fight with heat and temperature. Ingredients (for crust) needed for this recipe: •Vegetable oil •¼ cup of salted dry roasted macadamia nuts •3 tbsp granulated sugar •¼ cup all purpose flour •1 tbsp white butter (unsalted)

  2. For mouse: •¼ cup fresh orange juice •1 sachet of gelatin (unflavored) •2 firm, ripe mango dices •½ cup granulated sugar •3 tbsp lemon juice •1 cup heavy cream •½ cup confectioners’ sugar Steps to follow: •Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Coat the 8 ring molds with cooking oil. Place on a rimmed baking sheet lined with butter paper •Crust making- Grind nuts and granulated sugar in your food processor into fine powder. Take a bowl and combine nuts and sugar mixture with flour and butter. Mix them well. Put a tablespoon of mix into each mold and press into bottom. Bake this mix for 12 minutes until it gets golden brown color. Let it cool. •Mouse making- Pour orange juice into a small pan. Add gelatin and let stand until softened. Place the pan on low flame, stir and dissolve. Remove it from the stove. •Refrigerate some mango dices. Take remaining mangoes and chop them and blend them in a processor to make a puree. Now take a blender, add puree, granulated sugar, lemon juice and mix them. Add gelatin when blender is on slow mode. Blend until all materials combine. Transfer the mix into a bowl. •Beat the heavy cream and add confectioners’ sugar and beat until soft peaks return. Now whisk 1/3 of the whipped cream into the mango mixture. •Put mouse into molds by 3 quarters full. Cover it with plastic wrap and freeze for minimum 4 hours. (Its shelf life is up to 1 week) •Eat the frozen mango cream cake at room temperature. Use frozen mango dices to garnish. This Article is Originally Published on: