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Presentation on FSSAI Certification PowerPoint Presentation
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Presentation on FSSAI Certification

Presentation on FSSAI Certification

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Presentation on FSSAI Certification

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  1. Presentation on FSSAI Certification -By Punyam Management Services

  2. What is FSSAI? FSSAI's Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) were adopted in the context of food safety and standards. FSSAI is responsible for protecting public health and promoting through the regulation and supervision of food safety. FSSAI is made for the adoption of science-based standards for food products and their production, storage, distribution, sale and import regulate to ensure the availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption.

  3. General Requirements • Display of license/ Notices/ Certificates etc. • Knowledge of food handling practices. • Regular health status monitoring of food handlers. • Food safety messages depending on type of food being sold. • Special instructions on product (food being sold), if needed.

  4. Key Elements • Food safety management system • Risk assessment • Communication • Product recall • Penalty for unhygienic processing • Scope covers all commercial food • Packaging & labeling including nutrition • Guidelines for imported food

  5. Requirements for FSSAI License The registration bodies shall maintain and make publicly available accurate information describing its certification processes for granting, maintaining, extending, renewing, reducing, withdrawing product certification, and geographical areas in which it operates the information shall include things as follows:- suspending or

  6. • Reference to the Certification Criteria, • Procedure for obtaining Product Certification, a detailed description of the initial and continuing certification activity, including the application, initial evaluation, periodic surveillance evaluations. • An Application form; • List of documents required to be submitted along with the application. • Information about the fee for application, initial certification and continuing certification. • Documents describing the rights and duties of certified clients, and ; • Information on procedures for handling complaints and appeals.

  7. 8 Facts about FSSAI that Everyone Should Aware of it:- • FSSAI is India’s code of conduct for food companies. Approximately 90% of food products available in the market have clear FSSAI specifications that they need to meet. • It takes 60 days to get a FSSAI license and 3-6 months for product approval for a new product being launched in the market. These are those products which are not included in the exhaustive food products list. • All food products are not tested by FSSAI before giving out the license number. But they may be picked up for random sample checks at any point of time.

  8. • All food products, imported foods, packaged foods and even fresh produce, comes under the purview of FSSAI. Only 2 places where FSSAI has no control is when produce or grains are with the farmer and seafood is in the hand of the fisherman. • Compared to the previous food safety act, PFAA (Prevention of Food Adulteration Act), FSSAI is more powerful with its policing abilities. By introducing and enforcing this law, the government is trying to ensure that what you eat is as safe as it can get. • End consumer has more benefits with FSSAI laws. You can file a complaint against a food product which will get investigated and if found guilty you are eligible for compensation.

  9. • As part of FSSAI License the following things must be mentioned on packaged food labels, and you must check for them: 1. Nutritional Value 2. Shelf Life and Expiry Date 3. Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian Stamp 4. And FSSAI logo with the license number. • Your vegetable vendor can also get a FSSAI license as long as he fulfills the mandates of the law. This allows FSSAI to track your food in your hands to the first hand it came from.

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