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  1. TrailBlazer6, LLC – Startup & Profit Consultants Bookkeeping Services is operated by Orlando G., a Small Business Consultant, who is a retired U.S. Army Captain with 15 years enlisted and the last 8 years as a Logistics Officer. He is a lifetime learner with corporate America experience in the construction, distribution and logistics, marketing, and the retail industry. His passion is helping small businesses with bookkeeping and financial analysis, to growth strategies, and how to obtain operational efficiency. He and his team take different approaches depending on your business needs. A trainer approach for those people who want to learn how to do it themselves or a consultant approach, where you just want the job done so you can focus on your business. His team are professionals, and they are insured. He knows it is tough building a business and he wants to join in your journey. As an entrepreneurial-minded business leader his strengths are in problem-solving and solutions development. Visit the TrailBlazer6, LLC website at for more details or to schedule an appointment today. Now that you know about TrailBlazer6, LLC, lets learn more about Small Business Bookkeeping. Upon completion of the article, go back over to their website small business bookkeeping to contact TrailBlazer6, LLC today. Bookkeeping is a core area for all businesses, regardless of size. Whether you're a sole proprietor, partnership, LLC, or corporations, your accounting books are an essential tool for meeting your organizational goals. But if you're new to small business accounting, you may not be sure where to start. First, decide what type of small business accounting you need. Do you have a simple day-to-day bookkeeping system, or a complex set-up involving payroll and tax forms? Your accountant may suggest FreshBooks or QuickBooks, but what about invoicing, billing, and customer service? Small business accounting software can handle these areas and often more. In the early days of bookkeeping, a bookkeeper was responsible for collecting all bank statements and all vouchers and debits made against the business. However, since then accounting clerks have started handling more transactions involving cash, deposits, payments, and receipts. Now bookkeepers also take care of maintaining the bookkeeping records of the company's accounts receivable and accounts payable. An account will only be kept of what is stated in the debit and credit entries. There are many types of record keeping systems used by companies these days. For the small business, there is no room for errors in their bookkeeping. They can only get the books done once or twice a year. A bookkeeper who specializes in small businesses will be specially trained to be able to deal with this. The monthly profits and expenses have to be recorded accurately and report sent to the concerned person so that he can make the necessary amendments before they are entered in the books of the company. Small business bookkeeping system transactions may include invoices, receipts, estimates, discounts, payments, taxes, and various other types of financial transactions that occur on a daily basis in the business. Invoices may

  2. include payment to vendors, costs of goods sold, cost of service sold, installment sale, salary or wages paid to employees, purchase of assets or supplies and even lease payments. It is these invoices that become the lifeblood of the business as each invoice represents a financial transaction. This means that any error in a credit card statement or a statement of account will have a direct negative impact on the company and therefore can result in a default and bankruptcy which are not the result the company wishes to see. Contact TrailBlazer6, LLC now to talk to a professional about your small business and bookkeeping needs.