wilson wellbeing services enterprise workshop 29 november 2018 n.
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Wilson Wellbeing Services Enterprise Workshop 29 November 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Wilson Wellbeing Services Enterprise Workshop 29 November 2018

Wilson Wellbeing Services Enterprise Workshop 29 November 2018

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Wilson Wellbeing Services Enterprise Workshop 29 November 2018

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  1. Wilson Wellbeing ServicesEnterprise Workshop 29 November 2018 Wellbeing Services at the Wilson CREATING A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE 29 November 2018


  3. Welcome and Introductions • Khadiru Mahdi(MVSC) • Diana Sterck(Merton Chamber of Commerce) • Sue Tappenden(Co-Facilitator) • Mike Robinson(Co-Facilitator) • Community members

  4. Aims of today’s workshop • Consider proposal for a Social Enterprise to coordinate Wilson wellbeing services • Develop understanding about the purpose and responsibilities of a Social Enterprise organisation as a Wilson stakeholder; • Discuss the options and appropriate legal structure for the Social Enterprise organisation; • Discuss the process and timing of formation of a Social Enterprise organisation; • Discuss proposals for membership of a organisation’s governing body; • Consider next steps.

  5. Who is involved in the Wilson? The vision for the health and wellbeing campus is shared by: • NHS Merton Clinical Commissioning Group • London Borough of Merton They are working closely with partners including: • NHS Property Services (who own the site) • Community Health Partnerships (Public Sector Developer) • Merton Voluntary Services Council • East Merton residents.

  6. Vision • A place where people go to stay healthy • Flexible space for resources and activities – a community destination, not just a health centre • A new model of care where health and wellbeing services fully integrate.

  7. Updates • East Merton Model of Health & Wellbeing • Health & Wellbeing Campus - Estimated opening 2022 • Planned health services • Planned wellbeing services • Plans for some wellbeing services in advance e.g. building on existing voluntary sector services.

  8. The Social Enterprise organisation Purpose • To be a community-led Wilson stakeholder; • To deliver the responsibilities below; • To be a future-proof, sustainable organisation.

  9. The Social Enterprise organisation Responsibilities • To coordinate the delivery of the Wilson wellbeing services, including setting priorities; • To facilitate the development of the Wilson wellbeing services; • To represent the community on the Wilson Programme Board; • To secure external funding to support Wilson wellbeing.

  10. What is it not The Social Enterprise organisation • NOT a commissioner of health services; • NOT a landlord; • NOT a profit-distributing/commercial organisation.

  11. The Social Enterprise Legal Forms • Community Interest Company (CIC) • Social Enterprise (not for profit limited by guarantee) • Charity - 4 main types: - charitable incorporated organisation (CIO)  - charitable company (limited by guarantee)  - unincorporated association  • trust. • A trading company/enterprise owned by an existing charity.

  12. Initial actions and activities • Engage with the community to update previously described wellbeing assets and needs; • Work with stakeholders to deliver appropriate new wellbeing activities ahead of the Campus opening; • Establish the Wilson wellbeing “brand” through coordination and collaboration with existing local providers; • Appoint a representative to serve on the Wilson Programme Board; • Develop appropriate Business Plan/funding proposals for the above.

  13. Ongoing actions and activities • Consider the relationship between the Social Enterprise and proposals for a Community Café on site; • Develop and implement a process for assigning the use of time and space for activities; • Ensure the ongoing development of the Wilson wellbeing brand; • Develop links with local community organisations to ensure it sits within the heart of the community; • Be an active member of the Wilson Leadership Team.

  14. Responsibilities of theDirectors/Trustees • Communication and engagement with the community and other stakeholders • Good governance and strategic direction of the Social Enterprise, in line with the vision of the Wilson Health & Wellbeing Campus • Sound business planning and ensuring financially stability and sustainability • Effective coordination and facilitation of wellbeing services • Supervising staff, consultants and volunteers • Reporting to regulatory bodies e.g. Companies House.

  15. Process, timing and formation • January 2019: • Meeting of the Steering Group to propose: • The name • Procedures to form the organisation • Procedures to appoint Directors/Trustees; • February 2019: Proposal signed-off by Wilson Programme Board, including funding for start-up • April 2019: • Appointment of Board of Trustees • Develop a Communications and engagement strategy • Business Planning • Launch.

  16. Proposed future roles • Steering Group Members • Founding Directors/Trustees • Figurehead/Community Ambassador/Chair

  17. Group Work 1Questions • Your thoughts about the legal nature of the Organisation? • Your ideas for a name of the Enterprise Organisation? • Your suggestions for the Steering Group/ Directors/ Trustees? • Who wants to put themselves forward to serve on the Steering Group?

  18. Group Work 2Questions • Who do you consider key partners for the Organisation? • Funding opportunities for the wellbeing activities and services? • What would you consider the key success factors for the Enterprise Organisation in Year 1?

  19. Next steps • Circulate a write-up from today’s discussions and outcomes; • Set up a communication network for interested community members; • Call a meeting of the Steering Group to start work setting up the Enterprise Organisation. • Produce a proposal for the February Programme Board;