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Quality Assurance | Software Testing | Qentelli PowerPoint Presentation
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Quality Assurance | Software Testing | Qentelli

Quality Assurance | Software Testing | Qentelli

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Quality Assurance | Software Testing | Qentelli

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  1. Software Testing | Quality Assurance

  2. Continuous Delivery | Quality Intelligence | Quality Assurance Qentelli was built on the philosophy of Core Engineering principles, to support Quality Driven Development through Orchestrated Engineering for higher quality applications in an agility that the modern customer demands of an enterprise. With faster releases and highest levels of Quality being the goal, our Orchestrated Engineering, which is an approach, combined by Continuous Delivery, Quality Engineering and DevOps is the Solution, and applicable to agile or traditional SDLC methodologies. Continuous delivery in Application Lifecycle is no different from a Relay race. Consider this; In a Relay Race each team member has to run the fastest, overcome obstacles, run with near zero wait times to get a Win for the team. Each Phase(Team) in the Application Development Life Cycle is similar to our relay race team member, which should be automated to eliminate wait times, ensure quality and speed within their stipulated window to ensure shorter time to market.

  3. Continuous Delivery is not an activity performed in one phase or by one of the group, Continuous Deliveryis the natural outcome when all the teams in a Project or in a Business Unit or in an Enterprise, automate all the repeatable tasks in their area, eliminate wait times and work with seamless orchestration and harmony as if they were all one team. In Continuous Delivery all the teams share common goal (similar to the Relay race);High software quality and shorter times to market.

  4. Various components in Continuous Delivery Culture are: a) Continuous Development: where development teams perform Quality Driven Development to enhance the quality and automate Unit testing at method and functional level b) Continuous Testing: where Test teams are involved early in the Application Life Cycle to purify requirements, implement bottom up approach in early phases and Business Process driven approach when the application is ready, hence ensuring more coverage and improved quality of code. In Continuous Delivery Culture, the Test teams do not wait for another team “Automation team” to come-in and automate test cases. Here the Test Team, implements automation as part of their day to day activities hence removing any lag between manual and automation testing.

  5. c) Continuous Deployment: Continuous deployment is a critical step in achieving faster time to market goal in Continuous Delivery. Continous deployment is associated with Build Automation, Automated Unit tests, Automated Smoke tests and automated deployments to Test, Stage and Prod environments. Typical pipleline, includes : a. Committing code in Software repository with in the version control system b. Build Automation server observes the change and triggers automated tests c. Once the build passes the automated tests, it is promoted to Test / Stage or Production Environment i. Continuous Deployment also includes, creating an environment with required configuration when needed

  6. d) Continuous Monitoring: To ensure the software is meeting customer requirements and the uptime in Production is 100%, it is important to build a smart intelligent solution for measuring Quality in each phase of Application Life Cycle . The automation of daily smoke tests, automated ticket generation and feedback to Development teams are some steps in Continuous Monitoring. To bring it all together, Qentelli has developed point solutions for implementing Continuous Delivery combined with Quality Intelligence for metrics & analytics to understand the trends and Predict quality. Qentelli thrives on Innovation and brings next-gen solutions such as Automated Problem Solving technique and Machine Learning Techniques, to the application engineering lifecycle.

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