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Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System. ISM 6128 Fall 2003. Matt Grover Nancy Watson Brian Trent Elaine King. Project Summary.

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Inventory Management System

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  1. Inventory Management System ISM 6128 Fall 2003 Matt Grover Nancy Watson Brian Trent Elaine King

  2. Project Summary The Network Services group maintains an inventory of all equipment that is either in stock or deployed in the field as well as data relevant to the equipment such as model information, location information, and maintenance information. The existing system is comprised of multiple spreadsheets that are used to track different types of equipment separately.

  3. Problem/Opportunity The current system is difficult to manage, not easily searchable, hard to maintain, and the information is spread across multiple sources. Multiple groups have need to access this information but the present system makes it difficult to do so. The goal is to provide a central location for the data and to provide an organized method for different entities to be able to access and modify this data.

  4. System Users & Uses Inventory Managers- Will use the system to enter new items into inventory and to query current status and location information. Network Engineers- Will use it to check on available stock, locate deployed equipment, and modify inventory information. Infrastructure Engineers- Will use it to check UPS stock levels, verify UPS deployments, and update UPS data. Management- Will use the system to monitor inventory levels and pretend they know what is going on.

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