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Building Academic Speaking Skills

Building Academic Speaking Skills. ATHS G.10 Units.5 & 7. Speaking Exam. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. Part 1: Focus. Giving information of a factual , personal kind . Responding to questions about: present circumstances past experience Future plans.

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Building Academic Speaking Skills

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  1. Building Academic Speaking Skills ATHS G.10 Units.5 & 7 Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  2. Speaking Exam Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  3. Part 1:Focus • Giving information of a factual, personalkind. • Responding to questions about: • presentcircumstances • pastexperience • Future plans Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  4. Part 1: Important tip Always extend your answer! Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  5. Part 1:Example • Questions: • Hometown • Describe the town or city whereyoucurrently live? • What are youenjoyingmost about the place whereyou live? • Whatkinds of activities do most people do in their free time in yourhometown? Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  6. Part 1: Example Q: Where do you come from? A1: I come from RAK. A2: I come from RAK. It’s a small town, but very quiet and peaceful. I’ve lived here all my life. Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  7. Part 1:Familiar Topics • Questions: • School • Whatwas the first impression of ATHS? Didit come true? • How do you come to ATHS? How long doesittake? • What do youlikemost about ATHS? • Whatisyourfavouritesubject? Why? Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  8. Part 1:Familiar Topics • Questions: • Hobbies • What’syourfavourite hobby/sport? • How do youspendyour free time? • How much of TV do youwatcheveryday? • Has TV helpedyou to improveyour English? Why? Why not? Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  9. Part 1:Familiar Topics • Questions: • Food • What’syourfavouritefood? • Where do youeatit? • Do youenjoyeating out? Why (not)? • Whatisyourfavourite restaurant? Why Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  10. Part 1:Familiar Topics • Questions: • Holidays • Where do youlike to spendyourholidays? • Where are youspendingyournextholiday? • Whoisgoingwithyou on yournextholiday? Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  11. Part 1:Familiar Topics • Questions: • Friends • How often do you go out withfriends? • Where do you and yourfriendsusually go? Why? • Do youprefer to go go out withyourfriends, or invite them over to your house? Why? Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  12. Part 1:Familiar Topics • Questions: • Libraries • How often do you go to the libraryatschool? • Do youeverstudyat the library? Why /Why not? • Whatis the last book youread? Didyoulikeit? Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  13. Part 2: Role Play People in stressful situations & Techniques to manage Stress Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  14. Part 2: Role Play - Focus • Use functionallanguage to: • make and respond to suggestions • discuss alternatives • negotiate agreement Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  15. Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  16. Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  17. Part 2: Important Tip Use cause and Effectlinkers Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  18. Part 3 • Picture related to Green Chemistry • Talk about for about 1 minute. Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  19. Describe pictures and manage discourse • Use appropriate vocabulary • name all objects • include illustrative detail such as colours, people’s clothes, time of day, weather etc. Focus Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  20. Part 3: Important Tip Make a coherent & cohesive speech Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  21. Example – Part 3 Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  22. Example – Part 3 Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  23. Example – Part 3 Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  24. Example – Part 3 Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  25. Example – Part 3 Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  26. Example – Part 3 Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

  27. Pair Activity Speaking Practice Yasmeen/ ATHS-RAK

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