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Technology in Health and Physical education PowerPoint Presentation
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Technology in Health and Physical education

Technology in Health and Physical education

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Technology in Health and Physical education

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  1. Technology in Health and Physical education By, Rob Barrett

  2. Why Technology is Needed • Creates success • Students today are familiar with technology. • Fun = more learning • Interacting with class and teacher more.

  3. Technology Needed for Success • Smart Board • Driving simulators • Combination Locks • Stop Watches • Pedometers

  4. Smart Board The Smart Board 885ix is something that is highly important for the students better learning in the classroom. This also increases opportunities for the students to interact with the class. The Smart Board is something that can make learning fun and when you make something fun it makes for better learning.

  5. Driving Simulators Driving simulators is a fun way for students to learn the rules and regulations of driving before getting behind an actual wheel. The driving simulator g25 is a great way for students to learn and get comfortable with a wheel and driving situations that can help in the future and to make them safer drivers.

  6. Combination Locks • The Master 1850 combination lock can be used in Physical Education class so that students can lock their belongings without having to worry about other students mistaking it for their things. • The students can use it to store clothes for physical education class so they do not have to bring clothes every day.

  7. Stop Watches • Stop watches will be used by every student. • Students should be used to using these so that if a teacher hands them out to get a partner and time each other in a race or how fast they can do something they would be able to do so.

  8. Pedometers Pedometers can be a great investment and tool for students to see how much they have moved during their physical education lesson. As with something like a heart rate monitor, the students can set personal targets and do not have to be embarrassed about it because it is their personal pedometer.

  9. Do What You Can Technology in the physical Education or Health Education setting can only help the students that partake in the class. Why not help them along and make it easier for them by providing them with tools to guide them to success and provide the opportunity to make it a successful program.

  10. Conclusion • Teachers can only do so much to help students to success. • To help the teachers and to help the students provide the school with the needed technology to create success across the district.