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Infinite Campus Parent Portal PowerPoint Presentation
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Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

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Infinite Campus Parent Portal

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  1. Everything You Wanted to Know and More! Infinite Campus Parent Portal

  2. Why the new system? Our old student database called SASI was discontinued as of July because there is no longer software support for this particular product. Another thing really important is we have to have a system where all information is stored in one location. And with Infinite Campus this robust, more productive system allows us to access that information from a web-based environment. The new system Infinite Campus replaces Edline, the gradebook This was not a choice, but a necessity to make sure we have a system that is capable of managing such a large district to keep track of student information and academic progress. Why the new system? • Our old student database (SASI) is discontinued. • It is really important to have a place to keep all student information in one place. • The new system, Infinite Campus, replaces Edline, the gradebook (Easy Grade Pro), and SASI. • This was not a choice, but necessary to daily operations.

  3. Access to Your Child’s… • Grades (This system replaces Edline.) • Assignments • Attendance (This system replaces Edline.) • Behavior • Teacher Comments • Test Scores • School Announcements (This system replaces Edline, but we will still use Connect Ed)

  4. The Family Calendar

  5. To Do List (All the Assignments in One Place)

  6. Elementary School Grade Book

  7. Middle School Grade Book

  8. High School Grade Book

  9. Who will have access? • Every parent with students in K -12thgrade will have a login. • Parents: Every parent who has legal rights under the law to view education records will have their own portal login. You will be able to see all of your children under one login and password! • Students: Each student will have a login to view his/her own information. This login is different than the parent login.

  10. Portal Logon Page • How will I get my username and password? • Campus Portal Activation keys will be distributed by your child’s school • How will I get training? • School sites will have training courses in the Fall • Online tutorials

  11. Where will I be able to access the Parent Portal? • You will be able to access the Infinite Campus Parent Portal from any computer that has internet access…. • Home, Libraries, Employee Lounges, At Work, Boys and Girls Club. • Coming Soon….Computer access for parents at every school!!

  12. When will I be able to access the Portal? • Estimated date for Middle School and High School is mid- to late September • Estimated date for Elementary School is after first term in the beginning of November • We have to be sure that the information you see is about your child and not someone else’s child so these dates are flexible.

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