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Volcano Art Prize (VAP) made easy PowerPoint Presentation
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Volcano Art Prize (VAP) made easy

Volcano Art Prize (VAP) made easy

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Volcano Art Prize (VAP) made easy

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  1. Volcano Art Prize (VAP) made easy How to create a winner! Powerpoint for classroom or home viewing

  2. What are the 44 prizes? • The entry which gets the most Facebook “LIKES” wins the People’s Choice prize: $500 cash! and is printed on the front cover of the Lead Safe World Calendar for the next year’s competition For example, Patti Peplinski won VAP 2013 People’s Choice Award, so her photo of herself as a clown teaching school children about lead-safety won a place on the front cover of Lead-Safe World CALENDAR 2015.

  3. What are the 44 prizes? {cont’d} • 13 entries chosen by the VAP judge win a place in the next year’s Calendar, plus 5 copies of the Calendar they’re in; For example, VAP 2013 WinnerAlice Ju’s “Casualty” appears in the 2014 Calendar/Catalogue. Alice’s Lead-safety message:Stay smart - live longer - protect your offspring - work lead-safe. Materials: non-toxic watercolour on acid-free paper. Note: For some entries (like this one), the art materials ARE the lead safety message

  4. 30 entries chosen by the VAP judge win a Pictureproducts mug (ceramic or thermal plastic) printed with their own graphic.

  5. Why is it called Volcano Art Prize? Because every entry in VAP is about lead-safety. Lead naturally occurs in volcanic ash but other lead pollution is man-made. Once humans become aware of the damage lead does to all living organisms, we’ll make sure we create a lead-safe future. Then the only source of lead in air will be volcanoes.

  6. Can I enter an artwork I did, or a photo I took for some other reason? Yes, entries do not have to be made for VAP. Once you know even one thing about lead- safety, you can look through your artworks and photos and figure out a good Title and Message to go with each Entry. Example: Artist Noela Whitton had done this painting of sunflowers so she searched for a lead-safety message about sunflowers for her VAP entry: Lead-safety message: My grandson Alex grew sunflowers which removed some lead from the garden soil - but we didn't let him eat the seeds or compost the plants! Materials: Non-toxic watercolours.

  7. Where are you most likely to find lead in your home or yard – so you can photograph it or create an artwork about it? • You can’t see lead when it’s in dust or soil or paint so the following drawing by Anne Roberts has red rings to show you the most likely places where you’ll find lead in your home environment, especially if you live in an older home or have a • rainwater tank or vegetable • garden. Lead hides in: • Window sill dust; • Garden soil; • Rainwater (in the tank); • Toys – especially old • toys or untested toys • from China; • Floor dust

  8. What’s the easiest way for a child to learn the basics of lead-safety and get ideas for their entry? Read A Factsheet For Schoolkids From Professor Knowlead About Lead, at or Watch the half-hour online Lead Safe Blitz VIDEO at or just watch Part 10 of the VIDEO (at and illustrate the chorus of the Lead Safe Rap, by the kids at Argenton Public School in the NSW Hunter Health region."We've gotta wash our hands,We've gotta mop our floors,We've gotta stop that lead dustFrom getting indoorsWe've gotta wash, mop,And stop that lead dust!"

  9. Let the public know about pollution For example: Liam Hutchinson, Age: 10 years, found out that the biggest cause of lead pollution in air and soil and dust is from the time when leaded petrol was used in motor vehicles, so he painted this old car with the Lead-safetymessage: Let the public know about pollution.

  10. Examples of great images with excellent lead-safety messages: Artist/Photographer: Hugh O’Brien Title: Playground in Shadow of Lead Smelter, Mt Isa, Queensland, Australia. Lead-safety message: Check the wind direction before playing in this park. Materials/Description of Work: Photo of Family Fun Park, Mount Isa.

  11. Important information about VAP submission criteria • All entries must be in landscape orientation. • The entry fee for adults in OECD countries is $10 but for everyone else entry is free. • Multiple entries are permitted for each artist. • Entries can be short films, eg see • Children are welcome to seek help with their lead safety message, photographing their artwork, file-naming and uploading their entry. Great examples {cont’d} Artist/Photographer: Gabriel Anderson Title: These backyard vegies are organic and lead-free. Are yours? Lead-Safety Message: These backyard vegies are organic and lead-free. Are yours? Materials/Description of Work: Photo. Filename: Anderson, Gabriel Backyard Vegies.jpg

  12. Great examples {No. 1} Lead-Safety Message: Lead in home-grown eggs from urban areas tends to be higher than in commercial eggs; as soil lead increases, the concentration of lead in eggs tends to increase. Test your soil for lead with a LEAD Group DIY-sampling lab analysis kit. Materials/Description of Work: Photo. Filename: Grace, Emily Backyard Chickens.jpg Artist/Photographer: Dr Emily Grace Title: Backyard Chickens.

  13. Great examples {No. 2} Artist/Photographer: Claire O’Brien Title: Fido. Lead-safety message: Man’s best friend deserves to be lead-free too. Lead level test kits available from The LEAD Group. Materials/Description of Work: Oil colours on canvas. Filename: O’Brien, Claire Fido.jpg

  14. Great examples {No. 3} Artist: Elizabeth O'Brien Title: Citrus cuts lead poster. Lead Safety Message: Citrus peel is the best source of Pectin & the juice is Vitamin C rich. Description of Work/Materials: created in Phoster iPad app, from iPhone photo. Note: Foods which are used to fight lead poisoning are very beautiful, look good in photos and are easy to draw. Check out lead-detox / nutrient-rich foods in the photos at: ; and

  15. Great examples {No. 4} Artist/Photographer: Kari McKern Title: Selfie@Sixty Lead-safety message: Lead raises mortality from all causes, Vitamin D has the opposite effect. Good health involves tracking these metrics. Materials/Description of Work: Photo. Note: selfies taken with the front camera of smart phones or tablets are usually too small. Use the back camera for 1-3MB images as required in VAP.

  16. Great examples {No. 5} Artist/Photographer: Philippa Bolton Title: Our children heading for a lead-free society. Lead-Safety Message: The most important lead test at any age, is a blood lead test - ask your doctor. Materials/Description of Work: Photoshop Collage.

  17. Could my entry be published or printed elsewhere? Yes, it could end up on a T-shirt or on TV, in newspapers, magazines, on or or other websites. Wherever lead-awareness is being raised, your entry could make you famous.