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Biz2Credit - Improving Capital Access for NJ Businesses PowerPoint Presentation
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Biz2Credit - Improving Capital Access for NJ Businesses

Biz2Credit - Improving Capital Access for NJ Businesses

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Biz2Credit - Improving Capital Access for NJ Businesses

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  1. Connecting Smart People to Smart Choices Improving capital access for NJ businesses April 27, 2009 Biz2Credit, LLC 20 W. 22nd Street, Suite 706 New York, NY 10010

  2. Proposal Contents • Who We Are • Overview • Financial knowledge gap • Loan engine overview • Partner community • Benefits • Overview • For the lender • For the borrower • Next Steps

  3. Who We Are: Company Overview How People Use Biz2Credit “Biz2Credit is a secure, customizable environment for small businesses to manage essential business activities. Proprietary technology allows them to access analytical tools, transact credit transactions, and engage professional and commercial services.” At a Glance • Founded in 2007 • Providing education, credit fulfillment, and networking services to 25,000 small business owners internationally • Established alliances with 30 national & international organizations • Launched national minority and women business owner study with over 20 chambers of commerce’s, business associations & ethnic media • Selected by KPMG as one of the 100 hottest emerging private companies in the US • Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine Fall 2008 issue as top funding source for businesses In the works • Expanding Proprietary Credit Technology in India Capital Access Multiple Credit Options Financial Product Comparison Document Management System Resource Center Financing Guides Latest Industry Trends Operation & Expansion Advice Community Exchange Businesses Buy/Sell Opportunities Service Providers Listings Worldwide User Rating System

  4. Small businesses are largely underserved and disconnected in both developing and developed economies • Fractured Credit System • Most small business owners do not know how to use, obtain or select the best type of financing to grow their enterprise. This is true in even the most sophisticated credit environments. • Credit accountability is low. Lenders are unable to effectively promote valuable financing products and communicate with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on a mass scale. • Business loan brokers are not equipped to effectively educate entrepreneurs or stay up to date on the latest available financing options • Little awareness of available resources • Low internet penetration creates barrier for aid organizations to create awareness on assistance programs available to SMEs • There is no go-to resource for SMEs looking to gather information on best practices and policies on how to set up and grow their company • Aversion to banking and large financing institutions • General mistrust of banks and large financial institutions stems from money lending institutions

  5. Biz2Credit’s technology provides an unprecedented level of transparency and access in the credit market Credit Access • Comprehensive & Customized- Proprietary Decision Making engine matches entrepreneurs with the loan products based on an analysis & dual filtration of the following criteria: • Business’s capital structure • Borrower’s creditworthiness • Entrepreneur’s preferences • Lender’s prequalification criteria • Resourceful- Business owners are matched with up to 4 financing options that they prequalify for, ranked by their preferences. Users can view loan product details including the type, rates, term, required documentation and lenders contact information. • One step further - Lenders man the system to share documents and communicate with business owners to process application • Secure - Document Vault provides users with the ability to manage financial docs and share with lenders We provide entrepreneurs with more than just informed decisions…

  6. Biz2Credit Partner Community: Lenders Media & Organizations Service Providers

  7. Solution: Platform to Empower Small Business Owners & Connect Lenders • For the Lender: • Streamline small business financing requests and segment campaign criteria by any of the following variables: Business Profile: Industry, Location (down to city level), Years in Operation, Self-reported credit score, Annual Business Revenue, Use of Funds, LTV, Loan Amount, DSR, Collateral Characteristics • Expand outreach mechanism for new clients and improve existing service levels • New! Biz2Credit will integrate personal credit rating data to further qualify borrowing requests and verify self-reported data • For the business owner: • Helping to serve well-established businesses and the entrepreneurs that often fall into the cracks of larger organizations and lenders • Strengthen online service offerings and growth tools for SMEs • Supply virtual file storage facility to aid document collection process • Extend value-add services to small business owners: • Credit education material • B2B networking tools to grow business revenue

  8. For the Lender: Deepen penetration into small business community • Receive highly qualified borrowers by customized parameters from Biz2Credit: Segment campaign criteria by any of the following variables: • Business Profile: Industry, Location, Years in Operation, Self-reported credit score, Annual Business Revenue, Use of Funds, LTV, Loan Amount, DSR • Collateral Characteristics of Real-Estate, Equipment, Accounts Receivables, Inventory • New! Biz2Credit will integrate TransUnion’s personal credit ratings to verify self-reported data • One institution’s ‘unbankable’ is another institution’s ‘bankable’: Take advantage of Biz2Credit’s national and well-established lender network to service external requests that don’t meet your lending standards • Build client relationships and maintain service levels with small businesses in your community by helping them procure financing Without Biz2Credit Bank With Biz2Credit D&B Lender Bank NAWBO Media

  9. For the Lender: Enhance small business clientele service offerings & build scalable product introduction platform • Cut down on processing time with a secure document storage tool • Provide a document sharing and storage facility to your small business clients to improve document management on a secure SSL enabled environment. • Improve operational efficiency. Share loan application materials to more than one user at a time. • Introduce new products or modify qualification criteria bank wide & boost service levels • Product offerings introduced on a real-time basis • Suggestion tool to assist relationship managers in selecting Unity bank products to assist the particular needs of small business owner • Monitor the service levels and product penetration • Map progress of loan applications • Generate reports on product or user performance Without Biz2Credit Unity With Biz2Credit D&B Lender Unity NAWBO Media

  10. For the Businesses & Service Providers: A lender platform to acquire & manage small business financing • Financing resources and tools that drive growth and efficiency • Businesses and Business service providers can leverage Biz2Credit’s lender agnostic position • Scope the market for the best available financing options based on the business’s financials, credit worthiness of the individual and the lender’s prequalification standards • Explore loan products from a range of financial institutions – Certified Development Corporations, Micro lenders, Banks, SBA intermediaries, etc. • Quickly and easily access financing options for your business or your client’s business • Service financing requests from multiple small business owners from one account • Track progress of financing requests at multiple lending institutions through one dashboard • Organize business plans and documents with free virtual file storage facility to aid in document collection and transmission process • Additional value-add for business or business community • Credit education material • B2B networking tools to grow business reach and foster community development

  11. Next Steps • ( 1- 2 weeks) Join Biz2Credit’s credit platform! • Notify NJ SCORE counselors & SBA lenders of available resources • Conduct short system training sessions with counselors • Organize meeting with pilot group of community SBA lenders • Track and perform impact analysis of loan disbursement status • (1 - 2 months) Get involved in Biz2Credit’s knowledge initiatives • Educate: Provide credit education material to your members • Learn: Participate in Biz2Credit’s national study of small businesses to better understand the current pain points of entrepreneurship.