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At3g17710 (A1)

Suppl Fig 1. At4g04690 (A1). SAIL_1146. At3g17710 (A1). SK20342. At3g13680 (A2). SALK_109711. At3g20710 (A2). SALK_151018. At3g24760 (A3). SALK_151494. At3g28330 (A3). SALK_043730. At1g67623 (A6). SALK_073805. At3g62230 (B5). At2g21930 (A4). SAIL_156_B04. SAIL_215_G12.

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At3g17710 (A1)

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  1. SupplFig 1 At4g04690 (A1) SAIL_1146 At3g17710 (A1) SK20342 At3g13680 (A2) SALK_109711 At3g20710 (A2) SALK_151018 At3g24760 (A3) SALK_151494 At3g28330 (A3) SALK_043730

  2. At1g67623 (A6) SALK_073805 At3g62230 (B5) At2g21930 (A4) SAIL_156_B04 SAIL_215_G12 At5g03970 (A6) At4g13960 (B7) SALK_070280 At4g38870 (A4) FLAG282G12 SAIL_1236_G10 At5g41720 (A6) SAIL_823_D11

  3. At1g53320 (TLP7- C4) SALK_092324 At1g70590 (C4) SALK_149453 At3g18720 (C5) FLAG_530C06 At4g03030 (C5) At1g47270 (TLP6- C4) SALK_121520 SALK_019494 At3g61590 (HWS- C5) At5g18680 (TLP11- C4) SALK_088349 FLAG_441G06

  4. At3g06570 (D) FLAG_190E05 At5g03000 (D) SALK_078646 At3g08810 (D) SALK_019399 Supplemental Figure 1: Insertion profiles of the selected mutants in F-box proteingenes.Blue boxes: exons. Yellowarrow boxes: FST, with the name of mutant line. Redarrows : position of the primersused for RT-PCR. At4g23960 (E) FLAG_459H10

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