nouns and determiners n.
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Nouns and determiners

Nouns and determiners

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Nouns and determiners

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  1. Nouns and determiners Noun – word that names people, object, place or thing. Determiner – small word in front. a/ the/ this/ my/ his….

  2. Masculine and feminine • All French nouns are either masculine or feminine. The determiner can help you work out if the noun is (m) or (f) Use l’ in front of words that start with a vowel or a silent “h” e.g. l’hôtel l’armoire

  3. The pen (m) A church (f) Some books (pl) The table (f) A pen (m) The children (pl) An owl The owl Le stylo Une église Des livres La table Un stylo Les enfants Un hibou L’hibou DECIDE! Which determiner should you use?

  4. HINT! Sometimes you have to go with gut instinct, but there are some clues as to a noun’s gender when you look at the ENDING! Feminine Endings

  5. Masculine Endings

  6. Plurals of nouns • Most French nouns add –s to make them plural, just as in English: • Le copain → les copains

  7. Some nouns do not follow this regular pattern… • If they end in –s, -x, or –z they usually stay the same. Le bras → les bras Le prix → les prix Le nez → les nez

  8. Nouns ending in – eau, or –eu add X Un château → des châteaux Un jeu→ des jeux

  9. Nouns ending in –al usually change to –aux Un animal→ des animaux

  10. A few nouns change completely Un oeil → des yeux

  11. When to use this, that, these and those… • When you want to refer to a specific noun or thing you might want to say.. • This coat • That pair of shoes • Those earrings • These people

  12. We must know the gender of the thing we are talking about.. *Cet is used before masculine singular words that begin with a vowel or a silent “h”

  13. These shoes That girl That shop Those ideas This bread That hotel These chairs Those computers Ces chaussures Cette fille Ce magasin Ces idées Ce pain Cet hôtel Ces chaises Ces ordinateurs À toi…decide the gender then which determiner to use…

  14. To distinguish more clearly between this and that and these and those, add – ci or –là after the noun • J’aime cette chemise-ci mais je n’aime pas cette chemise-là • I like this shirt here but I don’t like that shirt there.