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  1. Alcohol By Pat and Corey

  2. Introduction • The effects of alcohol abuse range from a mild hang over to mass destruction. Alcohol use in moderation has little or no ill effects either for the user or those around them. But the misuse of what has become one of the world's most dangerous drugs takes a devastating toll on both the drinker and on society as a whole . • In New South Wales it is illegal to sell or supply alcohol to a persons under 18 years of age. Once young people start drinking, they are likely to become regular consumers of alcohol, and this begins the association with a variety of adverse health consequences including cirrhosis of the liver, mental illness, several types of cancer, pancreatitis and fetal growth retardation.

  3. Society's Perception • Society has a very negative perception on the mix of adolescents and alcohol. A major part of society believes the adolescents that drink are always the participants involved in dangerous or illegal activities in the community. • Another perception from society is the relaxed concept of remembering their childhood and allowing young people to do the similar acts as they undertook when they were young. • These two perceptions both have there positive and negative factors and neither are right or wrong.

  4. Prevalence, Stats and Trends • In 2008, among students aged 12-17 years, 77.2% had ever had a alcoholic drink. Students aged 12-15 years (72.3%) were significantly less likely then students aged 16-17 (89.6%) to have ever had a alcoholic drink. There is no difference between females and males. • Next page has stats on the socioeconomic disadvantage on underage adolescents buying alcohol…

  5. Risk Behaviors • There are many risk factors undertaken by adolescents drinking alcohol. That’s because of the effects of alcohol, especially on young people, doesn’t let you use the full capacity of your brain as you usually would. • Also you are likely to undergo in other dangerous and illegal activities that could have long consequences that are regrettable when sober. • Starting drinking at a young age also promotes drinking throughout your life and could become a addictive drinker and alcoholic.

  6. Increase and Decrease of Risk • The Australian government has realized that adolescents drinking is a seriously problem within society, they set up ad campaigns to try and lower the risk as well as even setting up organizations and sending them to school to talk to the teenagers about drinking and the risks factors involved. Even with these organizations there is still a large increase of risk when it comes to the social part of drinking. Adolescents drinking could be said to be as “cool” and many teenagers do it for the fact that everyone is doing, to fit in and have a good time.