unit 3 romantic and gothic literature n.
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Unit #3 Romantic and Gothic Literature PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit #3 Romantic and Gothic Literature

Unit #3 Romantic and Gothic Literature

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Unit #3 Romantic and Gothic Literature

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  1. Unit #3 Romantic and Gothic Literature

  2. Romanticism A movement away from thinking and reasoning, instead the writing focuses on feelings and gut instincts.

  3. The writing of this time period was typically haunting short fiction and the “romance” novel. Romanticism

  4. Romantic Characteristics Spiritual elements are always present (God, Devil, etc.)

  5. Romantic Characteristics Supernatural is present

  6. Romantic Characteristics • If you are rich and powerful, then you had to do something bad to get there. • Money corrupts • Institutions are evil. i.e. banks, schools, etc.

  7. Romantic Characteristics It is either good or evil. No gray area.

  8. Washington Irving The first internationally famous American author. Took a lot of folktales from around the world and adapted them so that they were “American.”

  9. Washington Irving Pseudonym – a false name, or a pen name. Washington Irving had several of them.

  10. Washington Irving’s Pseudonyms DiedrickKnickerbocker Geoffrey Crayon JohnathonOldstyle

  11. He wrote: Rip Van Winkle – the story of a man who falls asleep for 20 years and wakes up after the American Revolution. Rip Van Winkle

  12. The Devil and Tom Walker He wrote: The Devil and Tom Walker Faust Legend – a story in which a character sells their soul for earthy benefit.

  13. He Wrote: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – The tale of the headless horseman.

  14. Author of Moby Dick (1850) A book about Captain Ahab’s quest to destroy the white sperm whale that took his leg.

  15. Moby Dick It’s about more than just a whale. It is controversial because of Ahab’s war against God and issues of homosexuality and sex in general.

  16. Gothic Literature

  17. Gothic Literature Characteristics Remote and desolate settings

  18. I like Castles.

  19. Gothic Literature Characteristics Characters are in either physical or psychological pain.

  20. If I won the lottery, I’d buy this castle.

  21. Gothic Literature Characteristics Violent acts occur

  22. This castle is in New York. My wife doesn’t know it yet, but we are going to visit it someday. If I have to, I’ll convince Jacie it is a good idea, then we’ll have to go.

  23. Edgar Alan Poe Wrote about altered mental states and the dark side of human nature.

  24. Edgar Alan Poe The inventor of the detective story.

  25. Edgar Alan Poe Wrote numerous psychological thrillers.

  26. Edgar Alan Poe Poe believed that short stories should work to create a certain unique or “single effect.”

  27. Edgar Alan Poe Single effect – Every character, incident, and detail works to create one unique effect in a story.

  28. I wouldn’t buy a castle that looks this depressing, unless I got a great deal.

  29. Did You Know??? Al Gore created the internet so he could look at castles anytime he wanted? You cannot possibly understand how badly I want to live in this castle.