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ANCOP Walk process PowerPoint Presentation
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ANCOP Walk process

ANCOP Walk process

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ANCOP Walk process

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  1. ANCOP Walk process

  2. 2010 ANCOP Walk Objectives • Lets walk to make a difference! • Be part of the miracle! • Please walk with us to give needy children an education and build homes for the poor. The ANCOP Walk brings together hundreds of participants across the United Sates, walking together to help the poor in the Philippines and third world countries. • Objectives: • To increase awareness of the Ancop Child Sponsorship program in providing value to child education. We intend to accomplish this through a nationwide ANCOP Walk for the Poor on Aug 28,2010. • ANCOP Walk Goal is to raise $1,000,000 to benefit 2,600 CSP beneficiaries for elementary or high school education. • Houston walk aims to raise $75,000 for the CSP.

  3. 2010 ANCOP Walk Objectives • How do we achieve our objectives? • 100% participation of the CFC community • Each member to register on-line for $15.00 (to include T-Shirts and simple refreshments) • To send solicitation letter automatically generated for you when you register – send to friends and relatives • Set a goal for yourself for this walk say $1,500. • Invite others to register and also solicit and participate in the walk.

  4. ANCOP Walk Process • ANCOP Walk process • Team Structure • Manual registration process • Online registration process • Note: All collection will be deposited to one the ANCOP National CSP Bank account for central monitoring

  5. ANCOP Walk Process 3) Friends & Family Sponsor the ANCOP Walker 1) Ancop Walker register - $15 2) Setup his or her goal i.e. $1,000 ANCOP –CFC Finance team Monitor and update registration site

  6. ANCOP Walk – Online registration Walker or Sponsors Fills out Paper Registration Form Credit Card online payment Collection automatically Deposited to ANCOP National CSP Account Finance lead Deposit and monitor all area transactions

  7. On-Line Registration Go to ANCOP Web site : Click on CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Enter your personal information requested (name, address, phone number, e-mail address, your $ goal for the walk, etc. Send the automatically generated solicitation e-mail to friends and families You may edit you profile and account information. You may view the e-mail addresses that you’ve already sent You may monitor how much donations you ‘ve received

  8. Step 1

  9. Step 2 Click here

  10. Step 3

  11. May edit your information Step 3 Step 4

  12. Send Automatically Generated E-mail to your friends and relatives so they can donate in your behalf Please sponsor me as I walk to fight poverty! Dear Mila, I am participating this year in the ANCOP Walk in Texas - Houston on August 28, 2010. The ANCOP USA Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) in its initial launch early this year has already helped sponsor over 350 poor children living in slums in the Philippines with quality education and their immediate needs. The intention of this year's Ancop Walk is to raise awarenes of the need to sponsor a child and keep these children on the road to a better future and a better life. Many kind donors from the USA now regularly sponsor these children for just $32 a month and your donations through this event will go a long, long way in giving them hope and uplifting their lives to bring them out of the mire of poverty. We ask for your generosity in helping us bring miracles to these children. I hope you will support me in this cause and sponsor me by clicking the link below. You can donate using your Credit Card or PayPal account. Donors will receive a donation tax receipt when they give $20 or more. My current fundraising goal for the ANCOP Child Sponsorship program is $1500. Please help me reach this goal. Please Click here to sponsor me and learn more about ANCOP Foundation USA and its work for the poor. If you would not like to pay online, please send us a check payable to ANCOP  and do not forget to place my name in the memo line as a solicitor so I can be  credited with your generosity.   Then send it to the following ANCOP office address:                         ANCOP FOUNDATION USA   South Central Region                    4806 Hazel Brook Court Kingwood Texas 77345  Thank you for your heartfelt response to the plight of children and the CRY of the poor. Do not send cash, please.  May God bless you and your family.  Thank you for your support!  Sincerely,   Mila

  13. For those who do not want to donate on-line, may donate through checks payable to ANCOP write your name in the check memo so you may be credited as solicitor. Download pledge form from your home page.

  14. Print Paper Pledge Form and enter all donations received, then turn over to your assigned Registrar for entering into the data base

  15. Print Paper Pledge Form and enter all donations received, then turn over to your assigned Registrar for entering into the data base

  16. ANCOP Walk - paper Registration All payments must be deposited to ANCOP National CSP Bank account Walker or Sponsors Fills out Paper Registration Form Finance lead Deposit and monitor all area transactions Registration Team Enter manually all paper forms into online site

  17. Manual Registration: Download form from ANCOP Web site and submit to Registrar

  18. You will be assigned a number

  19. ANCOP Walk Team Structure ANCOP USA National Walk Team Area – Event Chairperson Event/program & logistic Lead Registration Lead Finance Lead Event Volunteers Registration Volunteers

  20. ANCOP Walk Team Needed • Registration Process/Solicitation Mechanics • Assign Registrars per Unit – enter paper solicitation in data base • Alquiza Unit – • Gayao Unit – Marivic Marquez; Lala Arenas • Dela Cruz Unit - • Latunio Unit – • Family Ministry – • Functions of Registrars – to be trained on responsibilities via conference call • ANCOP Walk Finance – receive donations and deposit to the bank account • ANCOP Walk Overall Data Base Administrator – monitor registration and data base and report on the status • Overall ANCOP Walk Coordinator – program and logistics

  21. Program and Logistics Team Needed • Instructions/Directions/Map to be disseminated ahead of time /site visit– Martin and Mel • Set-up – • Walk Trail – Signage/Direction – Martin and Rene/Mel • Brochures/Banners – Ben and Cherry • ANCOP Booth – Ben, Enric, Danny Seria, • Manning the Booth – Cherry dela Cruz/Cherry Orteza • Sound System – A/V – Chapter Music Ministry • T-Shirt table/RegistrationTable – Mila Cacho/Nenette & Team • Medical – Tess Alquiza, Donna Duremdes/Lucy de villa • Food – Beata & Team • Program – Jun Orteza and Keith deleon • Security/Marshalls – Roger and team • Master of Ceremony – Instructions – ANCOP Walk Coordinator – Martin Marquez/Ben Daquioag • Opening Worship – Doming • Welcome and Exhortation – Bro. Jack • Warm-up dance – Flora and Suzette • Praisefest – Music Ministry • Sharers – about working with the poor – TBD