diversity in driver training n.
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Diversity in Driver Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Diversity in Driver Training

Diversity in Driver Training

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Diversity in Driver Training

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  1. Diversityin Driver Training Wendy Forbes Driver Training Ohio Department of Public Safety

  2. Safe Environment • The Ohio Department of Public Safety feels strongly that the driver training environment needs to be a safe place for the student to learn and the instructor to teach. • Complaints will be taken seriously and may result in an investigation.

  3. Diversity in Driver Training • Our differences are strengths,not weaknesses. • Differences include: gender, race,culture, age, religion, sexual orientationand physical and mental abilities. • Also includes workplace relationships suchas management/non-management,headquarters/field office, techies/non-techiesand employees with families/single employees.

  4. Diversity in Driver Training • Changes over the past several years: • Having more women in the workforce • Working with people with disabilities underthe Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) • Utilizing the skills and talents of an aging workforce

  5. Diversity in Driver Training • The U.S. population is changing from a “melting pot” into a “salad bowl.” • We need the skills to work in and adapt to a changing world and workforce. • There is no single perspective, interpretation, standpoint or reality. • There are many bodies of knowledge and ways of knowing about the world.

  6. Diversity in Driver Training • We each have unique and special qualities. • Some like their eggs scrambled, some like them sunny-side up and some like them poached. • Diversity is not about becoming like one another. • It is about recognizing, valuing and respecting differences.

  7. Diversity in Driver Training • Contributions are worthwhile from everyone. • Each of us is unique with a variety of cultural and biological distinctions. • Diversity makes the world a special place. By valuing each human life and each of our differences, we make the world stronger and a better place in which to live and work.

  8. Diversity in Driver Training Important skills to maintain in a diverse setting: • Listening • Respect • Openness • Language • Communication

  9. Diversity in Driver Training • Avoid generalized language. Try to be sensitive to how what you say may be interpreted. • Be sensitive to others. If you offend someone, apologize immediately if you know about it. • Listen more – people like people who listen to them and appreciate those who do.

  10. Diversity in Driver Training • Humor – don’t forget to consider how off-the-wall comments or jokes hurt others. • Gestures in one culture may mean a different thing inanother culture.(Example: the “okay sign”)