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School Bus Driver Training

School Bus Driver Training. Unit A The School Bus Driver: Role, Responsibilities, and Requirements. Objectives. At the end of this session school bus operators will be able to: Describe their role and responsibilities Recognize that their appearance and behavior affect community attitudes

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School Bus Driver Training

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  1. School Bus Driver Training Unit A The School Bus Driver: Role, Responsibilities, and Requirements

  2. Objectives • At the end of this session school bus operators will be able to: • Describe their role and responsibilities • Recognize that their appearance and behavior affect community attitudes • Demonstrate positive and supportive attitudes and habits • Know their responsibilities to their supervisor, fellow employees, and the school district • Understand the process for becoming a school bus operator in Pennsylvania

  3. Introduction • Competent school bus drivers are essential! • School bus drivers have specific • Roles • Responsibilities • Becoming a school bus driver has certain • Requirements

  4. Roles, Responsibilities, Requirements • Role as a driver • Responsibilities as a driver • What do I need to do to become a School Bus driver in PA?

  5. Role as a Driver • Attitude • You are important • You are responsible • You are a member of the Safety Team

  6. Attitude Stay positive Recognize your moods Be prepared to make allowances for the poor attitudes of others Always be mentally alert

  7. You are Important Professional Part of the educational system Representative of the school system Influence

  8. You are Responsible Safely transport students You control your driving You control your attitude

  9. You are a Member of the Safety Team Safety starts with you You are transporting students in buses on public roadways You are a key member of the safety team that works with the students each day

  10. Responsibilities as a Driver High standard of conduct Driving technique Passengers Public relations Appropriate dress Supervisor and fellow employees Relationship to Transportation Director

  11. High Standard of Conduct Standard of conduct is high Your conduct cannot be open to criticism You are a role model to students You are a representative of the school district

  12. Driving Technique Driver attitude Knowledge Skill

  13. Passengers The conduct of passengers depends upon the driver Express an interest in your student passengers Show that rules are about safety Be fair Communication is businesslike, yet friendly

  14. Public Relations You influence public opinion about the school district You represent the school district to parents Consider all enforcement officers as part of the safety team Show pride in your work Respect co-workers

  15. Appropriate Dress The school bus driver should be identified as a professional Dress to instill respect Wear appropriate shoes for driving

  16. Supervisor and Fellow Employees • Your supervisor is a member of your safety team • Cooperation is essential to transportation safety • Communicate • Report • Comply • Assist

  17. Transportation Director • Your advisor • Your partner • Their typical responsibilities include: • Assigning drivers to buses • Establishing bus routes, stops, and turnarounds • Assigning passengers to buses • Ensuring buses are safe to operate • Appointing monitors/aids as needed • Understand your working relationship and cultivate it!

  18. What Do I Need to Do to Become a School Bus Driver in PA? First Step - Initial requirements Second Step - Knowledge Test Authorization and School Bus Learner’s Permit Third Step – Training and skills testing requirements Health and safety requirements Driver recertification

  19. First Step – Initial Requirements Apply for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Knowledge Test Authorization/Learner’s Permit

  20. Second Step – Knowledge Test Authorization and Learner’s Permit • If your documents are in order, and • You have no license suspensions, then • You are issued • a CDL knowledge test authorization, and • school bus learner’s permit.

  21. Third Step – Training and Skills Testing Requirements • The School Bus Driver Training Course • Skills examination: Three parts • Safety inspection • Basic skill test • On-road driving test

  22. The School Bus Driver Training Course • 20 hours of instruction • 14 hours of classroom instruction • 6 hours of in-bus training • In-bus training must be one-on-one with a certified instructor

  23. The School Bus Driver Training Course • There are two ways to complete the training: • Complete the full 20 hours of instruction, then attempt to pass the skills examination • Complete 10 hours of instruction (7 classroom, 3 in-bus) and attempt to pass the skills examination • If successful, complete the remaining 10 hours of instruction within 120 days • A Certificate of Completion Card will then be issued, keep it! You will need it for your skills exam.

  24. The School Bus Driver Training Course • Documentation for skills test: • Valid driver’s license • Valid PA CDL learner’s permit • Valid Physical Examination Certificate (DL-742) • Valid Certificate of Completion Card (DL-713) • Current bus registration • Proof of financial responsibility for bus • Valid driver’s license for driver accompanying you

  25. The Skills Examination Will be Administered in Three Parts First part – safety inspection Second part – basic skills test Third part – on-road driving test

  26. The Skills Examination Three attempts on a valid learner’s permit One attempt a day Failure of a portion requires retesting for just that portion Three failed attempts requires a new learner’s permit and all training requirements

  27. The Skills Examination • Successfully completing the skills examination: • Passing result credited to your driving record • If all minimum requirements are met, you will receive a CDL with “S” and “P” endorsements • You will receive a school bus endorsement card (valid for approximately one year) • If you successfully complete the skills examination with only 10 hours of training: • You have 120 days to complete the remaining 10 hours of training

  28. Health and Safety Requirements General Drug and alcohol testing for school bus drivers

  29. Health and Safety Requirements: General • To establish fitness you must: • Comply with PA Department of Health and local regulations for communicable diseases • Clean criminal history record • Clean child abuse history record • Limited traffic violations or crashes recorded • Drug-free and Alcohol-free when driving

  30. Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers • Required by Federal government • Drug testing by urine sample for: • Marijuana • Cocaine • Opiates • Amphetamines • Phencyclidine • Alcohol testing by breath analysis

  31. Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers • Federal government requires: • Pre-employment testing • Random testing • Post-crash testing • Reasonable suspicion testing • Local policy dictates: • Return-to-duty testing • Follow-up testing • State law requires testing after ALL Reportable crashes involving a school bus.

  32. Driver Recertification Recertification Process in General Annual physical examination Change of information on license

  33. Driver Recertification General • PA law requires recertification every 4 years • 10 hours of instruction • 7 hours classroom instruction • 3 hours in-bus instruction • “S” endorsement skills and knowledge exam • To be completed no more than 12 months prior to expiration date of school bus endorsement card

  34. Annual Physical Examination Annual requirement Examination by a health care provider School bus endorsement card will not be renewed without physical exam

  35. Change of Information on License • New camera card or photo license issued when: • Adding or deleting an endorsement • Removing a restriction • Upgrading class of license • When changing name or address on CDL or school bus endorsement card, submit form DL-80CD with appropriate fee

  36. Key Resource… http://www.dmv.state.pa.us/centers/SchoolBusCenter.shtml

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