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Slotted Nut and Castle Nut PowerPoint Presentation
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Slotted Nut and Castle Nut

Slotted Nut and Castle Nut

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Slotted Nut and Castle Nut

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  1. Welcome To Rachna Fasteners Rachna Fasteners started its operation eight years back serving domestic Indian market in power and construction sector with increased infrastructure and fully equipped testing laboratory step was taken for export . Since then there has been no looking back. Over the years Rachna Fasteners achieved sale figure of over 90% export sales in year 2012-13 as compare to 24% of export sales in year 2008-09. After approval of ISO 9001 2008, certification for BSEN 15048 part-I & II for CE approved fasteners was achieved in year 2010-11. Apart from packing heat treatment, special focus has been given to material identification traceability starting from mill heat number till final dispatch.

  2. Products

  3. CE Approved Fasteners As Per EN-15048 Part-1 and 2 CE Approved Fasteners As Per EN-15048 Part-1 and 2

  4. Hex Head Screws / Bolts Hex Head Screws & Bolts Hex Head Screws & Bolts We are highly competitive in hex type bolts and set screws, We offer hex head screw up to M24 in cold forging and up to 52mm in hot forging,We have various conventional and 4 station bolt master for this purpose,We offer hex head screws in grade 4.6,4.8,5.6,5.8,6.8,8.8,&10.9Low carbon & medium carbon steel is used till grade 6.8 and high quality Alloy steel is used for 8.8 grades and above, Various Finish offered are self colour Blackened, BZP, HDG, Dacromet, Geomet and PTFE coating, Our in-house plating plants ensure maximum corrosion resistance with no hazardous material involved, BZP(Cr3 and Cr6) are offered in high quality Trivalent Finish both in White and yellow plating.

  5. Cup Square Mushroom Head Screws Cup Squares or carriage bolts are generally offered to DIN 603 standard, However they are some times fully threaded as per customer requirements, Even head diameter and Neck beneath can be adjusted according to customer requirements, Cup squares are forged using high speed national bolt formers to get accurate and sharp edged neck with proper round head,Cup squares are offered starting from range M6 to M24,with grades 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 5.8, 6.8, 8.8, and 10.9.

  6. Crash Barrier Fasteners Crash Barrier Fasteners Crash Barrier Fasteners At Rachna Fasteners we specialize in all types are crash barrier fasteners for every type of market, We produce Nib Bolt to DIN 607, Round Head Oval neck bolt or Thin hex head screws. These fasteners are generally required Hot dip galvanized finish and electroplated in some cases, these fasteners like other our products are offered in all Mild steel and high tensile range, All assembled parts are free moving by hand yet providing best fit for male and female threading.

  7. Eye Bolts Eye Bolts are manufactured according to DIN 444, DIN 580 and also according to customer requirements, Different types of Eye Bolts are Manufactured Starting from M6 TO M64 Eye bolt are manufactured both in Mild steel and High Tensile Bolt. Eye Bolts Eye Bolts

  8. Other Forged Items There are various our Forged Components Fasteners that are manufactured on daily basis as per customer special requirements. These are general and specific purpose fasteners like T head bolts, saddle bolts, cap screw bolts, grub screws, roofing screws. Due to limitation on space, concentration has been given to very general and most common fasteners, However we guarantee best prices and quality on any kind of cold/hot forged fasteners that you may require. Other Forged Items Other Forged Items

  9. Square Head Bolts & BS 7419 Square Bolts Square bolts are manufactured to DIN 480 and NFE 27341 (Head oversized)Square square drop down holding bolts commonly known as square squrae bolts are manufactured according to BS 7419, These bolts are start from range M16 and go up M33, these bolts are manufactured using hot and cold forging depending up on length and diameter.

  10. Nuts We have a small facility producing nuts, nuts are produced through cold and hot forging facility,Nuts are available in grade 4,5,6,8 and 10, Finishes offered are Blackened ,BZP , Hot dip galvanized, Dacromet , Geomet and PTFE. These above shown nuts are part of our most produced items, These are available in thread 6H, over tapped and 6az. Various Standard followed for production are DIN, ISO, ASTM, BS, NF. Nuts Nuts

  11. Threaded Bars / U-Bolts / L-Bolts Threaded bars are manufactured starting from Diameter M6 to M100 and their corresponding Inch sizes, Threaded bars are available up to 6 meter in length, Grades option for threaded bars is 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 5.8, 6.8, 8.8, However currently 8.8 threaded bars are available up to 1 meter length only, Threaded bars are available in BZP and HDG. Tube packaging also available. U-Bolts / L-Bolts

  12. Washers / Sheet Metal Components Washers are produced through long range of power presses available in our own press shop, most common standard for our washer production are DIN 125 A, NFE Standard, DIN 9021, BS 4320 & Champhered washers like DIN 125 B are also produced in our press shop. Washers manufactured are of Minimum 100 HV hardness, moreover 140 HV washers are also manufactured, Heavy Tempered Washers are readily available in all sizes, Along with washers all types of sheet metal components like all types of bushes, fish plates, hangers and all other components possible through power and hydraulic presses can be manufactured. Finishes offered are same as other fasteners Self colour, Blackened, Hot Dip Galvanized, Geomet, Dacromet and PTFE.

  13. Contact Us Mobile: +91- 98140 47000 Tel: +91-161-5049570+91-161-5011690 Email Fax: +91-161-4639570 Works & Corporate Office:RACHNA FASTENERSNo. 671, Industrial Area - BLudhiana - 141003Punjab ( INDIA ) Website: