formal expository informational writing notes n.
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Formal/ Expository/ Informational Writing Notes PowerPoint Presentation
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Formal/ Expository/ Informational Writing Notes

Formal/ Expository/ Informational Writing Notes

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Formal/ Expository/ Informational Writing Notes

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  1. Formal/ Expository/ Informational Writing Notes

  2. Purpose: Share Information Carefully read and answer prompt. Stay on topic Be sure to complete all parts of the prompt

  3. The Basics For A Paragraph Thesis (1 sentence, 1st sentence) Details (4-8 sentences) Conclusion (1-2 sentences)

  4. The Basics For An Essay Thesis (Last sentence of first paragraph) Details (3-4 paragraphs) Conclusion (1 paragraph)

  5. Great Thesis First sentence in a single paragraph; in intro in an essay Completely answer prompt in one sentence State title and author of applicable works

  6. Stick to the Facts Be sure to answer the prompt and stay on topic Cover specific details Include key terms from our studies

  7. Stay Formal No 1st or 2nd person: I, you, we, our, me, us No “I believe,” “I think,” No “Ha ha,” “lolz”

  8. Conclusion Don’t just restate the thesis State the importance of the information. How does this connect to something bigger?

  9. Edit Carefully look over your writing one sentence at a time. Revising is how you get better at writing! Look for spelling, fragments, run-ons Don’t trust Word to do it all for you!

  10. Cite Your Quotes! At the end of your piece of writing, you should have a works cited. Use the full citation here. can help you with the format. In the text, follow your quotes with a parenthetical citation. The first thing in parentheses is whatever is first in the full citation. (Usually the author’s last name, but sometime the title if there is no author.) Follow that with a page number if there is one.

  11. Example Upper respiratory disease is “the number one health ailment abandoned pets are subject to” (Homans, 4). Works Cited Homans, John. "The Rise of Dog Identity Politics; Dogs are increasingly rootless souls, country bumpkins in city apartments. But is a vegan pup still an animal?" New York 1 Feb. 2010. General Reference Center Gold. Web. 14 Mar. 2010.