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Little House on the Prairie Novel Exploration

Little House on the Prairie Novel Exploration

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Little House on the Prairie Novel Exploration

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  1. Little House on the Prairie Novel Exploration Mrs. M. Jones’ 4th Grade Class Greenway Park Elementary January 2012

  2. Let’s Meet the Author:Laura Ingalls Wilder Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957) Laura was born in a log cabin in the “Big Woods” of Wisconsin. She traveled with her family to the vast prairie of Kansas, and to the plains of Minnesota in a covered wagon. During their journeys they faced many hardships and dangers. Laura grew up to become a teacher and author of books of her memories of life on the American frontier. She wanted others to experience her growth from a pioneer girl to a teacher and wife of a farmer. She wrote a series of books entitled: “Little House” which tell of a strong family working together in the face of hardship.

  3. Whole Class Chapter 1: “Going West” pgs.1-15Theme: Home & Family Author’s Purpose: Entertain Sum-It-Up!: In chapter 1, we are introduced to the main characters of the novel, the Ingalls’ family. There is Ma & Pa Ingalls and the their 3 daughters, Mary, Laura, and baby Carrie and also their dog, Jack. The family were leaving their home in the Big Woods of Wisconsin to move out west to Indian country of Kansas. The family packed up everything they owned and left behind everything & everyone they knew for a “new” to live in the vastland beyond. We think this chapter is sort of sad and scary, because the Ingalls are leaving behind everything and don’t know what to expect on the long journey to their new home. We have all felt this way when we’ve move to a new home before.

  4. In Chapter 2 the Ingalls Family will face the dangers of crossing the creek! In these days most people were heading west. Mainly to gain more land for farming. One of these families were Ma and Pa Ingalls and there three daughters Mary, Laura and Carrie. They were headed west crossing the creek to Kansas. But this was no ordinary creek, this was the rushing creek to Kansas. While crossing the creek horses clutchedin fear. This chapter has a lot of risk-taking actions considering that most people & animals die on the voyageacross the creek. I have felt this way before when I had to take a dangerous risk to save someone! “Crossing the Creek” By: IcinaChapter 2 Pages: 16-27Theme: Courage

  5. The Ingalls family had to stop and camp because their journey to the indianterritory would be a long , long time. They had to stop and sleep to let the horses settle and get more energy for the next day so they could travel. The Ingalls had to put up with bad situations like having wolves in the wilderness all around them. It is was terrifying thing to do but they had to do it so they could get to were they needed to go. Camp On The High PrairieCh.3 Pgs.28-37By: Hannah Colon

  6. Prairie DayChapter 4 By: Sasha In chapter 4 Laura and Mary woke up on a warm sunny day. We smelled coffee and bacon. We heard pancakes sizzling, so we scrambled out of bed. When we went outside to play we heard birds chirping, it was wonderful! When we were done eating, we washed the dishes while Ma made the beds in the wagon. We put the clean dishes in the box, and then went exploring. We were chasing gophers, I ran and ran, but could not catch one. So instead of chasing a gopher we had to pick flowers and weeds for Ma. Our little petticoats were whiter than snow. I was really happy. The feeling of this chapter was happiness and family. When we were in the wagon I heard a mockingbird sing for a little while. One time in Russia we went exploring in the woods; just like Laura and Mary did in this chapter.

  7. The House On the PrairieAlex Ruggiero chapter 5 pg:52-70 In this chapter Mary, Laura, Pa, and Ma just got to the prairie. Pa has already started unpacking then building our house. Pa is building a stable to go along with the house because we need some where to keep Pet and Patty. Pa had to make a couple trips to the creek bottom to pick up logs. It’s hard for us at this time. I think we will all like the house. I think we would be like everybody else so once we move in we will be fine.I got to see the Verdigris River, it was really cool. I’m liking the house on the prairie. Even though it was a long a trip to get here. I hated crossing the creek, Pa had to lead the horses. I'm so glad that’s over, “whew!!!” Ireally liked the vast woods of Wisconsin. The Indians are good people so far, they are minding their business and not bothering us. I have felt like this before because I have had experience moving before.

  8. “Moving in” Chapter 6 pgs.71- 79 azariahstewart Theme: pioneers life on the frontier. This chapter is about apioneergirl moving into a little house on the prairie. Matells them to grab all the stuff out of the wagon since they were moving in the house. As soon as they dumped everything on the groundLauraand Mary went inside the house. Pa and Mawas right behind them looking in the house. At night Laura drowsily heard wolves howling, now they were not sure if they were safe. Pa , Ma , Laura, and Mary were happy because they could move into the house . I can relate to this chapter like when I had to move to a different house.

  9. “The Wolf Pack” Chapter 7 pgs.88-99 By: Ciarah Woodham In chapter 7, they told us that Pawent to go hunt for some meat and when he was coming back a pack of wolves surrounded him like they were cattle trying to graze. I bet the wolves were saying to each other “Should we eat him or the horse?” I remember a time when I felt like Pa it was when I went to the zoo and all the cages were open, there was no fence, just a rope tied and connected to logs. A lion was staring at me and growling. The theme of this story is that Pa was surrounded by wolves while he was hunting. Pa was scared and frightened. Luckily, Pa made it out alive! I think this chapter was saying to me “What if that happened to my dad if I was alive during that time?” I would scared and frightened too!

  10. “Two Stout Doors” Chapter 8 pgs. 99-106Destiny Taylor • This chapter is about a pioneer girl trying to make doors for the house and the barn where the ponies live. Pa asks Laura if she wanted to help. Pa has to make the doors out of wood and he has to make the door knob out of a string. It took him a long time to make them, but they were able to get them done. Any time you wanted to open the door, all you had to do was pull the string. Pet and Patty prickled, or wiggled their ears they were so happy! Now they were safe! Everyone's mood was happy because the doors were fixed and they were now safe. Ma told Pa that making both doors was too much, but Pa said it’s just what they needed. I can relate to this chapter like when I helped my dad fix the windows that got broken at our house. Theme : Pioneers & Life on the frontier.

  11. Laura and Mary were out gathering items needed for Pa to continue the house. They were traveling in the wagon observing animals grazing. They saw flowers like larkspur. The joy of singing songs from the birds were in the air. The excitement of looking for Indians was on Laura’s mind. The girls played in the creek, but could not wade in the water past their ankles. Minnows were nibbling on Mary and Laura’s ankles. This gave them a funny, squiggling feeling. At home mud and brick had been stacked and Pa had completed the chimney. We gazed at the mantle after the fireplace was completed. Ma placed her china doll on the mantle. I think this chapter was very happy because now they can stay warm. I have a fireplace just like Laura. Chapter 9 Fire on the Hearth pg 107-119By: JakaylaMelton

  12. “a roof and a floor” theme: nature chapter 10 pages120-131 by: Aniyah g. In this chapter Pa is going to build a roof and floor. Mr.Edwards helps him by lending him nails. Laura and Mary went exploring since all of the chores were done. Pa was finishing the house and everything was nice and warm inside. When Pa was finished they thought he did a splendid job! Pa was hauling logs over and over again. The characters in this story are the Ingalls family and Mr.Edwards. This chapter was risk taking because Pa was building and he had to work carefully. It was dangerous for pa to go on the roof. I went exploring just like Laura and Mary did.

  13. “Indians in the House” Chapter 11 by: Laura Bermudez This chapter is about two Indians coming to the Ingalls house and they point at things so that Ma can cook it for them. Ma hurried as fast as she could and got the cornbread and made it. They ate it all up until the last crumb. They were rumpling the cornbread. Then they got up and went to where the tobacco was and stole all of it and left. They did all of this while Pa was gone hunting. Jack was so sullen. The characters in this chapter are Mary, Laura, Pa, Ma, Jack and the Indians. I think the Indians were being mean by stealing all the tobacco and just coming in and eating when they weren’t invited, because Pa had just gone to Independence to get the things that they need and they come and steal it. Some strangers go to other people’s house, just like the Indians came to the Ingalls house .

  14. Fresh Water to Drink(Chapter 12 Pages 147-161)By: Cindy Giorlando The main idea of this chapter is that Mr. Scott helpedPamake a well.Pa told Mr. Scott that if he went down the well without a candle it could be dangerous because there wasn’t good oxygen. Mr. Scott did not believe him, so he went down the well without the candle and he almost died because he didn’t listen. It was a terrifying moment because we didn’t know what was going to happen to him. Laura and Mary were scared. The good thing was that Mr. Scott got out of the well safe and sound, but with the help of Ma and Pa. Although he had some scratches he was still fine. Mr. Scott thanked Pa and Ma for saving him. Baby Carrie wasn’t there at that moment because she was sleeping. We were also thankful for Mr. Scott’s help in making the well. Mr. Scott toldPa he thought it was foolishto have died if he went down the well without a candle, but he said he was wrong to think that. We were happy too because we got to drink water from the well. If this had ever happened to me or my family I would to be terrified because we don’t know if they would be saved or not. For me this chapter was interesting and risk taking . My grandpa once fell in the well and I was screaming for help because I was terrified.

  15. Texas Longhorns Anthony Rodriguez (Ch.13) Pgs.162-171 The main idea of this chapter is that Pa finds some cowboys and wants to join their group. The cowboys let him in the group on one condition he has to help them make their cattle to sleep. In return they will give him a big piece of meat, a cow, and it’s baby calf. He started hanging out with them for a few days and while he has gone Ma, Laura, Marry, and even Jack were lonely while Pa was gone. When he returned they had a big dinner that night. They were in great joy because they had a great dinner and Carrieloved the milk she had drink. The cowboys even let Pa keep his brimmed hat he wore when he was with them.The theme of this chapter is Pioneers and life on the frontier. I think this chapter is exiting and surprising.

  16. In this chapter, there is an Indian sleeping in his tent. Pa, Mary, & Laura went to see the Indian’s camp out. They found beads “a vastnumberof beads.” They came home late , because they did not know what time it was & they were so happy. Laura didn’t want to give her beads to Carrie. Mary did give her beads to Carrie. So Laura said “ Carrie can have mine.” Ma had already started making hercalico blanketwhen Pa, Mary, Laura & Jack left the house. They were happy & they showed some courage by going to the Indian camp. I too didn’t want to give my baby sister something just like Laura did with the beads. I finally gave it to her and we both were happy. “INDIAN CAMP”CHAPTER 14 pg.172-181 By- ROBERT DODRILL

  17. Fever ’n’ Ague By Bode Pg.182~198 Ch.15 Theme : Sickness/Friendship Mood : I think that this chapter is surprising that the whole family all got sick at the same time! That can be very rare! I’m scared something bad will happen! Berries! Berries! Berries are growing and the Ingalls are eating. But all the sudden their backs were aching and they were getting hot and cold. Mosquitoes had been around causing malaria. A doctor and the Scott’s came over and said that watermelons had caused this but Pa didn’t believe them and ate a watermelon lusciously . I also get sick and need a doctor with medicine. I felt scared while reading this chapter that something bad would happen. It didn’t, the problem was fixed! Characters: Laura, Mary, Carrie, Pa, Ma, Mr. and Mrs. Scott, Mr. Tan, and Jack.

  18. Justin little Fire in the chimneyChapter 16 pg. 199-207 Theme: Bravery, quick thinking , risk-taking Tone / Mood: Heart stopping , keeps you wondering…. This chapter is about Pa leaving to town. Laura heard a little crackling in the chimney. Ma discontinued her singing. Baby Carrie was in Mary's hands . The chimney is on fire! Ma seized a long pole and struck at the roaring fire, and burning sticks fell around her. Laura grabbed the back of the rocking chair. Mary and baby Carrie came sliding across the floor. Very quickly Laura picked up the burning stick and flung it into the fireplace just as Ma came in. “That’s a good girl!” Ma said. Pa soon came home and was talking about tobacco, Quinine. My grand ma told me that a lady’s house Caught on fire and she had a lot of stuff So the firefighters couldn’t get to her.

  19. “Pa Goes To Town “ Chapter 17 208-225 By: Tiarra Theme: Family & Home Mood / Tones: They feel very scared without Pa for 4 days. This chapter is about Mary ,Laura , Pa, Ma, and Jack the dog. They are about to split up for about 4 days. So when they all stepped outside quivering in the cold waiting for Pa to leave. They felt very scared without Pa for protection. They didn’t have anyone to protect them because Jack is sad because Pa didn’t take him. But they do have Mr.Edwards. He comes sometimes and helps them with stuff around the house. But every time he comes, Jack grins savagely and attacks. They hope he doesn’t get too aggressive. I have felt this way before when my dad left us for more then 4 days. I have also pulled up a bucket full of water when I went to Colonial Village, just like Ma did for the clothes.

  20. The Tall Indian By CHAD Pgs.226~237 CH.18 Theme: Courage Mood: The mood is fearful. All people do not behave in the same way. Everyday the Indians would pass by like the Ingalls house wasn’t there at all. They always rode by on ponies without a saddle or bridle. An Indian came in the house today. Pa and the Indian ate dinner and smoked together. Then the Indian left the house. Pa said that he was a good Indian. Later while Pa went hunting two Indians came and took all the cornbread, Pa’s tobacco pouch, and almost took Pa’s fur’s. I think it is very fearful because two mean, cruel Indians came. I can connect with this chapter because I have met a stranger before. I was a little nervous because I didn’t know him.

  21. Chapter 19 Mr. Edwards Meets Santa Claus!!! By: Jasmine Donohue Pages: 238-252 Theme: HOME and FAMILY In this chapter it is Christmas time for the Ingalls. On Christmas Eve Pa and Ma invite Mr. Edwards to their Christmas dinner at their house. He says no because the river that separates their houses is too deep. Later in the night he comes and brings gifts for the girls; Mary and Laura. Laura opened her gifts anxiously, but Mary opened hers slowly. They both got a penny, candy and a tin cup. Mr. Edwards said that Santa Claus gave them the gifts. The girls said that this was the best Christmas that they have ever had because they never have had so many gifts! The prices of everything has changed, because if I got a penny back then I would be happy because then I could buy anything like a candy bar. Now, I can’t buy anything with a penny because a candy bar now cost a $1.00. I would be so mad!

  22. “A Scream in the Night” Theme: CourageChapter 20 pg. 253-262 Tone/mood : Nervous & Scared This chapter is about Pa , Ma , Mary and Laura hearing some one screaming and mournfully sobbing .Pa went to go see what it was. It was coming from the Scotts then he went to go see what was wrong . When he got there the noise stopped it was quiet, then he ran back home because he had saw a panther the one he had hunted it for days when it got warmer. This chapter was scary, because screaming means danger. I was nervous about what was going to happen to the Scotts. I’ve heard someone screaming before. It was in the middle of the night . It was my sister. She was scared of dark, because she was three . She woke everyone up! Jamie McIver

  23. Chapter 21 “Indian Jamboree” by NICHOLAS M. Pages 263-274 In this chapter, Pa has been gone for a very long time. Laura & Mary were playing hopscotch so when Pa comes back they’ll see him. When he comes home Ma told the girls to come in the house. The girls heard a noise; it was the Indians. They were making a chopping sound with their mouths. Pa came back with food in the wagon and when Laura heard the wagon she jumped up and down because she was happy to see Pa. She jumped into his arms hugged him, she was so relieved he was home. This chapter has a theme of home & family. Pa told Laura & Mary the Indians were having a jamboree, which was a celebration or party. I have had past celebrations like jamborees for my birthday or other family events.

  24. Chapter 22 “Prairie Fire” By: Taylor Pgs. 274-286 In chapter 22, I experienced that in this chapter Caroline,(ma)Charles,(pa),Mary, baby Carrie ,Laura and the animals are in a fire. When the sky was dark the Ingalls family noticed that there was a fire. It wasn’t in the house, but it was close to the house. Then Charles got sacks of water for him and Caroline to throw at the fire. Then they got blankets and waved them up and down at the fire. While doing that Laura started quivering, because she was scared that her parents would get burnt by the fire. Finally the fire had stopped. When Laura’s parents were done Caroline wasstaggering, from what she was doing, but she said she was ok. I think Caroline and Charles had courage to put out the fire. I also think this connects to when there was a fire in my house.

  25. Chapter 23: INDIAN WAR-CRY BY ZARIA.S pages 286-301 In this chapter the uneasy Indians decide to kill the white settlers. But the Osages didn’t agree to that idea, so there was savage yelling and drums and terror all night long for many days. No one got any sleep. Laura woke up screaming in the middle of the night. No one was happy until the war – cry was over. One Osage Indian told Pa about the shouting, he said there was a argument about the settlers. Because a Osage stop them from deciding to kill white settlers. Pa was glad, maybe Indians were not that bad after all. I was scared that the Ingalls might get killed . Some wars or arguments affect all of us in many ways.

  26. Indian Ride Away is mostly about Indians coming to close to Laura’s house. Everybody gets scared and when Laura see’s the Indian babies. She says that she wants one certain Indian baby that she thinks is the cutest one of all! Suddenly the Osage chief yells out war cries! Jack did not like it at all, so he growled savagely. Laura, Ma, Mary, and Pa were very brave because there were so many Indians and the Ingalls did not know what the Indians would do. So Jack is a good guard dog so if Indians came too close to the Ingalls house it is most likely that he would get mad. Laura, Ma, Mary, and Pa did not know what they were doing , so it turned out that they stayed up all day watching the long line of Indians go by. Even when the Ingalls went in for dinner they still watched the Indians go by. The Ingalls family wonders curiously “were they good Indians or bad Indians?” I feel like this chapter is more of being scared and brave at the same time. I have felt like this before because I have been scared at doing something, but turns out I do it anyway. Morgan Pressley Indian Ride Away Ch.24 pg.302-311 Theme: Courage

  27. " Soldiers"Chapter 25 Pages: 312-322Theme: Home & Family In this chapter, the Ingalls were quietly plowing and planting vegetables in their garden. Suddenly, Pa yelled because the soldiers from Fort Washington were coming to move them out of Indian Territory. The soldiers sent orders to the families to leave the settlement. Pa disagreed with the government orders and decided to move his family to Independence on his own terms. This made the Ingalls feel disappointed that they had to leave their “Little House on the Prairie” after all of their hard work, dedication, & effort. We have felt like this when we were forced to do something that we felt was unfair to us.

  28. “Going Out” Chapter 26 Pages: 322-335Theme: Memories Finally time had arrived for the Ingalls to move from their “Little House” on the prairie. Pa, Ma, and the girls packed everything they needed for the trip south to Independence. Ma was careful to pack their clothes in carpetbags for the trip. As they moved down the trail, Laura looked back at the little house with memories of her family’s time there. On the road they encountered another family moving south. They were leaving the prairie headed to a better life; but they would still miss their home on the prairie. I think this chapter was sad, because I don’t think the family really wanted to leave their “Little House on the Prairie.”

  29. Reader Opinions About the Novel…. Bode: “I thought this was an interesting novel to learn about the past.” Zaria: “this novel was heart -pounding and each chapter was exciting!” Aniyah: “Ithought this book was risk taking, because the family had to go through a lot of trouble.” Jakayla: “I really liked this book, because it makes learning about the past fun.” Justin: “this book is very touching, because it has so many things that people experience in life.” Jasmine: “This book made me feel surprise and sad at the same time, because I would never think this would happen in the real life.” Anthony: “I think this was a fun-loving and entertaining book, because there were so many things that you didn’t expect and some of the events were fun.” Morgan: “I thought that this book had a lot of adventure and it made me want to keep reading.” Alex: “This book made it fun to learn from the past.” Laura: “I think this book is a very mysterious book, because a the end of the chapter there is a question mark and then you have to read on to find the answer.” Cindy: “I think this book is interesting, because all the chapters are full of interesting facts about the past.” Tiarra: “I think this book was very good, because it gives me a heads up about the past that’s different from the future.” Nicholas: “I think this book is intriguing, because in chapters it showed different emotions of the different characters.”