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Unwind Analysis Essay PowerPoint Presentation
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Unwind Analysis Essay

Unwind Analysis Essay

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Unwind Analysis Essay

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  1. Unwind Analysis Essay Character Significance

  2. Why? • What is a literary analysis essay? • Analyze (break down, describe) the novel we read to understand it better • Can analyze theme, symbols, character, plot, etc. • Why are we writing one? • Better prepare you for English 1 Essentials • Literary analysis on: The Pact, “Romeo and Juliet,” To Kill a Mockingbird

  3. Steps • 1: Pick which character in Unwind you think is the most significant or important • Who has the most impact on what happens in the story? • Who has the most impact on unwinding? • 2: 1: Identify the significance of your character • What message does your character send to the reader? • What lessons do you learn from the character? • 3: State the character’s significance in your thesis statement • Author’s name • Title (UNDERLINED) • EXAMPLE: In Neal Shusterman’sUnwind, Connor is the most significant character. • Adapted from

  4. Steps (cont’d) • Step 4: Reasons • Write down 2 reasons why your thesis is true, without discussing specific plot events • Each claim will represent one body paragraph • Step 5: Support • Find 1 quote for each reason • Write the quote down with a page number on your outline • Remember! One claim with evidence (quote) is your support of your thesis!

  5. Graphic organizer Thesis Statement: Reason 1: Reason 2: Support (Quote): Support (Quote):

  6. Important things to remember • Your thesis statement is the LAST sentence in your introduction (see outline) • Do NOT use words like I, me, we, you, your, our, etc. • Your citation (author’s name and page number) ALWAYS follows this format: • EX: “Connor tries desperately to unfry his brain” (Shusterman 63). • You MUST include a works cited (we will go over how to do this)

  7. example • In Neal Shusterman’sUnwind, Pastor Dan is the most significant character. • Reason 1: Pastor Dan encourages Lev to run away from his tithing at the beginning of the book; if he hadn’t done that, Lev would never have met Connor and changed his mind about unwinding. • Quote: “Run, Lev! Run! Run as fast and as far as you can” (Shuterman 37). • Elaboration: Lev’s journey, both with Risa and Connor and CyFi is crucial to the development of events in Unwind; if Pastor Dan had not told him to run away, Lev would have been unwound and changed the way the story unfolded. • Reason 2: Because Pastor Dan has always taught Lev to do the right thing, in the end, Lev decides not to detonate himself and ends up saving Risa and Connor. • Quote: “He holds his hands up before him. And he cannot bring them together” (Shusterman 310). • Elaboration: Pastor Dan’s words were always in the back of Lev’s mind; he knew he could never detonate himself and risk hurting his friends and innocent people. Because Lev did not blow himself up, Risa and Connor were saved, and they will continue to help keep kids from being unwound.

  8. Let’s brainstorm!

  9. Works cited • You WILL have to use a works cited! • Any time you include words that aren’t yours (QUOTES!) you need to have a works cited! •