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  1. DISC Introduction to the

  2. Introduction to the disc objectives • The “what” and “why” of the DISC • The DISC Graph • Personal and professional uses for the DISC • A tool you can use immediately

  3. Introduction to the disc What we’ll cover • Strengths and weaknesses • Work characteristics • Value to the team

  4. Introduction to the disc Keep in mind… • Everyone has a DISC • It’s not right or wrong…it just is

  5. Introduction to the disc The Disc is not

  6. Introduction to the disc The Disc is • Observable behavior • How we act and communicate • Universal: Regardless of age, gender, country, culture, industry, organization, or position

  7. Introduction to the disc Using the disc • Hiring • Job placement • Job benchmarking • Training • Coaching • Team building • Increasing sales • Improving relationships

  8. Introduction to the disc Mindset for the disc • It’s information for application • It’s an explanation, not an excuse • It’s a tool to be leveraged • It’s a culture for success

  9. Introduction to the disc The value of the disc • Know your DISC • Identify someone else’s DISC • Adjust your style to their style

  10. Introduction to the disc The disc report • 23-24 pages • General characteristics • Value to organization • Checklist for communicating • Don’ts on communicating • Communication tips • Ideal environment • Perceptions • Descriptors • Natural & adapted style • Keys to motivating • Keys to managing • Areas for improvement • Professional and personal action plan • Graph • Wheel

  11. Introduction to the disc Fast & Aggressive Thinking/Task Oriented Relationships/People Oriented Steady & Cautious

  12. Introduction to the disc Anger I can do it! Challenge/Bottom Line Their time wasted/being taken advantage of Direct, decisive, high ego strength, problem-solver, risk-taker, self-starter Bottom-line organizer, places high value on time, challenges the status quo, innovative Oversteps authority, argumentative attitude, dislikes routine, attempts too much at once Fast/Cold

  13. Introduction to the disc Optimism You can do it! Flattery and recognition Rejection Enthusiastic, trusting, optimistic, persuasive, talkative, impulsive, emotional Creative problem-solver, great encourager, motivates others to achieve, positive sense of humor, negotiates conflicts, peace maker More concerned with popularity than tangible results, inattentive to detail, overuses gestures and facial expressions, tends to listen only when it’s convenient Fast/Hot

  14. Introduction to the disc Slow/Warm Resists change, takes a long time to adjust to change, holds a grudge, sensitive to criticism, difficulty establishing priorities Reliable and dependable, loyal team worker, compliant towards authority, good listener, patient and empathetic, good at reconciling conflicts Good listener, team player, possessive, steady, predictable, understanding, friendly Change Benefits Now that I understand I will do it Hides emotions

  15. Introduction to the disc Slow/Cool Needs clear-cut boundaries for actions/relationships, bound by procedures and methods, gets bogged down in details, prefers not to verbalize feelings, will give in rather than argue Perspective: “The anchor of reality”, conscientious and even tempered, thorough in all activities, defines situation: gathers, criticizes, and tests information Accurate, analytical, conscientious, careful, fact-finder, precise, high standards, systematic Criticism Getting it right - correctness I will do it right no matter how long it takes Fear/avoids risk

  16. Introduction to the disc Approach to Team Direction of others through directness Mark Cuban D

  17. Introduction to the disc Value to the Team I Interaction with others Robin Williams

  18. Introduction to the disc Value to the Team S Service to the goals of others Mr. Rogers

  19. Introduction to the disc Value to the Team Self-direction through compliance Spock C

  20. Introduction to the disc Ideal Team Environment • Freedom of controls, supervision, and details • Evaluation based on results, not process or method • An innovative and futuristic oriented environment • A forum for them to express their ideas and view points Mark Cuban D

  21. Introduction to the disc Ideal Team Environment I • Assignments with a high degree of people contact • Tasks involving motivating groups and establishing a network of contacts • Democratic supervisor with whom they can associate • Freedom of movement • Multi-changing work tasks Robin Williams

  22. Introduction to the disc Ideal Team Environment S • Jobs for which standards and methods are established • Where long standing relationships can be or are developed • Personal attention and recognition for tasks completed and well done • Stable and predictable environment • Allows time for change • Where people can be dealt with on a personal, intimate basis Mr. Rogers

  23. Introduction to the disc Ideal Team Environment • Where critical thinking is needed and rewarded • Assignments can be followed through to completion • Technical, task-oriented work, specialized areas • Noise and people are at a minimum • Close relationships with small group of people • Where quality and or standards are important Spock C

  24. Introduction to the disc Words that don’t work • In my opinion • Follow directions Mark Cuban D

  25. Introduction to the disc Words that don’t work I • Same for everyone • Requires study • Theoretically Robin Williams

  26. Introduction to the disc Words that don’t work S • Substantial change • Innovative • Play to win Mr. Rogers

  27. Introduction to the disc Words that don’t work • Clever • Educated guess • Experimental Spock C

  28. Introduction to the disc 3 Conflicts with DISC • Me-You • Me-Job • Me-Me (DS, and IC)

  29. Introduction to the disc The DISC Graph Who you need to be at work Who you are Energy Line More Intense Less Intense

  30. Introduction to the disc The DISC Graph • Looking at this graph… • What are the strengths and weaknesses? • What role on the team would be best? • What words won’t work? • What else is important to know?

  31. Introduction to the disc The DISC wheel Task Oriented CCompliance D Dominance Internal Focus External Focus Steadiness S Influencer I People Oriented

  32. Introduction to the disc review • Everyone has a DISC • It’s not right or wrong…it just is • The value of the DISC as a tool is when: • You know your style • You can identify someone else’s style • You can adjust your style to meet someone else’s style

  33. Introduction to the disc Reading your disc report • Highlight what stands out to you • Put a “T” next to the things you agree with • Put a “F” next to the things you disagree with • Put a line through the things you think are wrong • Change a word if there’s a better one to describe you • Write down examples, people, and experiences as they come to mind • Let you spouse or a close friend read your edits and get their input

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