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The Underworld

The Underworld

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The Underworld

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  1. The Underworld By Emerson, Jayden, Max and Jonathon Click here

  2. welcome Welcome to my slideshow to my slideshow. This is going to be the best story in your life ( not really). In this story you are going to click were it says click here. So I hope you are ready because you are going to pee your pants. You get to choose were you want to go by clicking click here.

  3. In the dark You wake up in pitch black darkness and you see your clothes ripped and your hands split. You stuff your hands into your pocket and feel round rough objects. You pull one out and you notice it’s a coin with a dark skull imprinted on it. You stand up and start walking forward and you start to see tiny glimpse of light. You start running because you are kind of nervous. The light gets bigger when you get closer. You see an image in front of you. You stop to a halt and see a 10 ft rusty gate in front of you. You look to the left and see someone wearing a hood. You assume it’s an old man because of his wrinkly cheeks and greenish yellow teeth in his mouth. He starts to talk to you, he says, “you must give me tree drachmas to pass, or die and come back”. He gives a little chuckle. The gate is so rusty it opens just enough for you to break though. options 1. Click here to Pay the guy 2.Click here to Burst though the gate

  4. pay up You shove your hand into your pocket and take out three drachmas. The old man fiercely grabs them out of your hand and says welcome to the underworld. He leads you though the open gate and takes you to a river with a boat on it. The river looks clear except for these white floating things that appear to be under water. You ask the old man what the white things are. He tells you that we are at the river of souls. You say mmmmmmmm ok. The river looks safe enough to go for a swim. options 1.Click here to Take a swim in the river of souls 2.Click here to Go on the boat

  5. The crevasse You choose to brake though the gate but as your running you notice there's about 50 guards chasing after you. You see a little crevasse between two rocks and it looks like you can fit into it. As your running through the crevasse the floor starts to crack underneath you and al of a sudden the floor falls out beneath you. You crash in a river the water is glowing red. You get out because you think the water is toxic. so then you hide behind a boulder before the guards see if your died or alive. They pop there heads though the hole. They don’t see you so they decide to move on. You see two passages one has a small red glow and one has what looks like a small fire. OPTIONS • 2.Click here to go to the right with the big red glow 1. Click here to Go to the left with the small fire

  6. The lava lake You go to the right with the red glow. It’s a lake. You pick up a stick and chuck it in the lake, and the sick burns up. You notice the boat is hovering so you think it is safe. Options: here to Get in the boat 2. Click here to turn around and go back to the red river

  7. The cave You choose to go left and you see a tiny burning flame. You run up thinking it’s a street light when you get all the way there you found what looks like a camp fire right next to it see a sword step into a rock. options 1. Click here to Keep walking forward though the cave. 2. Click here to Pull the sword out of the rock

  8. The boat You realize that taking a dip would be a little dangerous and decide to get on the boat. The old man walks on and grabs an oar and paddles you across the river. About 10 of time less boring minutes you eventually see a island. Once you get to the island you hop off the boat. You see what looks like a small house. You walk up and pull the handle but its locked. Next to the doors are what look like hedges but inside were what people dead people. options 1. Click here toWalk over the wall 2. Look around

  9. The river of souls You choose to go for a swim in the river of souls. You dip your feet in the water and you realize that the water is about 33 degrees. You take your feet out and jump into the water and start swimming. You go out 30 yards and realize that you can not touch the bottom. You think it is safe to keep on swimming but you think it is better to go back options 1. Go back 2. Keep swimming

  10. Keep going gYou keep walking forward and the light from the camp fire behind is out of distance so you are in complete darkness. You walk forward and run into a wall. options 1. Click here to Go to the river 2. Click here to Go to the camp fire

  11. Your about to grab the sword when the fire behind you bursts into flames. Then a image of a fire demon pops up and you rip the sword out of the rock. You feel lots of power and the fire demon says “come with me””w-wh-were are you taking me?”he shoots a fireball at the rocky wall and a portal pops up you say” I'm not going in there "yes you are he screams. And throws you in the portal. You hear chants” king king king "and a thousand maybe a million warriors kneeling in respect….. Click here

  12. Keep swimming You choose to keep on swimming and its getting deeper and deeper. You go all the way out to the middle. You start to feel something pulling your leg. You start to scream and you start to get pulled under water. You hold your breathe but you only have a little bit left. All of a sudden you can not hold your breathe any more. Your heart slowly stops and your breath is stolen and you die. Click here

  13. Worried You choose to swim back to shore and you see something in the water. You don’t know what it is but it is scary. You start to swim faster and faster. You start to feel it grabbing your arm. Now you are terrified. You go under water to see what it is and you see a soul. You start to swim up and it grabs you again. But you heart stops and boom you are dead. Click here

  14. Going home You decide to look around. You walk all around the small island but there's still no way in so you decide to go back on the boat and go back to the beginning. Where you started you see a ladder you walk up it and return to Hollywood. click here

  15. The hedge you choose to walk over the hedge and the growling gets louder. When you jump off from the edge of the hedge you start to see a giant paw slowly step out of the shadows. you start to smell the scent of blood. Then the head of a giant hound pokes out. It opens up its mouth you see rows of giant dagger sharp teeth gleaming in the moonlight. All of a sudden it jumps in the air and lands 2ft in front of you. you try to escape but the people in the hedges keep throwing you to the ground then the hound slams into you the last thing you see is a mouth mauling your face. Click here

  16. Get in the boat you get in the boat and the boat starts hovering across the lake. All of a sudden the lake starts bubbling and huge geyser start shooting out of the water and one starts to rumble underneath the boat. Then it shoots the boat up and you fly out and you land with half of your body in the lake and you very slowly and painfully die. Click here


  18. Credits All our pictures were from mougefile or Microsoft PowerPoint. My thanks go to lorenmichel and Adlana for there amazing story the nameless forest click here to read it. Next click here to re- read our story and choose a different path.