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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering. By: Nick Strickland. Field Description.

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Mechanical Engineering

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  1. Mechanical Engineering By: Nick Strickland

  2. Field Description Mechanical engineering is an engineering principle that designs, manufactures, and maintains mechanical systems. Mechanical engineers work with almost everything mechanical. The discipline is very broad and mechanical engineers can be found doing a lot of jobs.

  3. Areas of Specialization • Fluid Mechanics • Machine Design and Solid Mechanics • Materials Engineering and Processing • Welding and Joining Specialization • Automation and Control • Thermal Engineering

  4. Job Prospects There are many job prospects for a mechanical engineer. They can work in all kinds of fields of technology and in main industries. Aeronautical, agricultural, automobile, chemical, and power plants need mechanical engineers to maintain their machinery along with other sectors of buisness

  5. Where This Type of Engineer Might Work Mechanical Engineers are found every where. They can work from the bottom of the ocean to outer space.

  6. Expected Salary Ranges • Less than one year of experience-$53,933 • 1-4 years of experience-$56,223 • 5-9 years of experience-$67,203 • 10-19 years of experience-$74,447 • 20 years or more of experience-$85,269

  7. Duties and Responsibilities Mechanical Engineers design, manufacture and maintain mechanical systems. Their job is to keep these systems running and working properly along with designing new mechanical systems.

  8. College Preparation Needed/High School Courses Needed Students should take as much math and science in high school as possible. There are also some computer designing classes and drafting classes that students can take over the summer to prepare. There is also a college preparation curriculum posted by Ohio State. • 4 units of college prep English • (4) 3 units of college prep math • (3) 2 units each of college prep science, social science, and the same foreign language • 1 unit of a visual or performing art • 1 additional unit of the above courses Students exceeding the minimum curriculum in math, natural resources, or foreign language will be given additional consideration.

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