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Famous Mathematicians

Famous Mathematicians

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Famous Mathematicians

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  1. Famous Mathematicians 4th Quarter Project Mrs. Wiltshire

  2. Famous Mathematicians • Introduction • Task • Process • Resources • Evaluation

  3. Introduction MainMenu • Many people have dedicated their lives to the study of mathematics. Our society, as we know it, has been touched by the contributions of these people. In order to appreciate mathematics, we need to understand how mathematics affects our lives. • You have been selected to help Mrs. Wiltshire select a mathematician worthy of recognition. She would like to dedicate a bulletin board to honor the mathematician who has had the greatest affect on our lives.

  4. Task MainMenu • Choose (4) four mathematicians from Mrs. Wiltshire’s list and create index cards for each. • Research biographical information on each one. • Choose one mathematician who has had the greatest affect on your life. Create a 5 minute presentation to present your findings. • Your presentation should convince Mrs. Wiltshire and your classmates why we should dedicate a bulletin board to honor “your mathematician.”

  5. Process MainMenu Choose 4 mathematicians from Mrs. Wiltshire’s list. Do not select a name not on the list without Mrs. Wiltshire’s approval. Research the (4) mathematicians and find the required information. Use 3 x 5 index cards to write the info for each of the mathematicians you chose. The following information must be present. Front of the CardBack of Card - Mathematicians name - Mathematicians name - Mathematician’s picture - Date of Birth - Your own personal logo - Place of birth (City, State, country) - Date of death (if deceased) - Contribution to mathematics - Explain how contribution affects your life

  6. Sir Isaac Newton • Front of the Card • Mathematicians name • Mathematician’s picture • Your own personal logo Go Back

  7. Sir Isaac Newton Born: 4 January 1643 Birthplace: Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England Died: 20 March 1727 (bladder stone)Newton helped define the laws of gravity and planetary motion. He laid the foundations for differential and integral calculus, several years before its independent discovery by Leibniz. Newton also made contributions to other areas of mathematics, having derived the binomial theorem in its entirety. Newton changed the way people understood the universe. Without them we would be wondering what is motion, gravity and light is and what its there for. • Back of Card • Mathematicians name • Date of Birth • Birth Place (City,State, Country) • Date of Death (if deceased) • Contribution to Mathematics • Explain how their contribution • affects your life Go Back

  8. Choose Four Mathematicians • Nicolaus Copernicus - Galileo Galilei • Leonardo Da Vinci - Sophie Germain • Sophie Kovalevskaya - Leonhard Euler • Percy Spencer - Aristotle • Hypatia - Charles Babbage • Edward Kasner - James Sylvester • John Napier - Nathan Jacobson • Albert Einstein - NielsHenrick Abel • Blaise Pascal - M.C. Escher • Grace Hopper - Pythagoras • Carl Friedrich Gauss - Archimedes • René Descartes - Aristarchus of Samos • Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz - Euclid

  9. Resources MainMenu Use the Following Websites for Research • Indexes of Biographies • History of Mathematic Topics • Biographies of Famous Women Mathematicians • Quotation Server

  10. Evaluation MainMenu Trading Cards Will Be Graded 0n: • Timeliness of Final Results • Biographical Information • Description of Mathematical Contribution • Completeness of Project • Neatness and Accuracy • Documentation of Sources • Presentation of Mathematician

  11. Objectives Low Performance Average Exemplary Performance Timeliness of Final Results 2 Points Index card does not contain all the required information or is inaccurate and was not completed on time. 4 Points Index card is missing some information or is not submitted on time. 5 Points Index card was completed on time with all information included. Biographical Information 2 Points Index card does not contain any biographical information about the mathematician. 4 Points Index card contains very limited information about the mathematician. 5 Points Index card gives biographical information about the mathematician including birthplace, life span, and major contributions. Mathematical Formula and/or Definition 2 Points Index card does not contain mathematical contribution. 4 Points Index card gives mathematical contribution. 5 Points Index card gives mathematical contribution and examples of problems that use the specified formulas or definitions. Completeness of Project 2 Points Research was completed but sources were not cited 4 Points Research and trading card were completed. 5 Points Research and table were completed. Students transferred the information to create a trading card. Sources are all cited on research table. Neatness and Accuracy 2 Points Index g card is messy or inaccurate. 4 Points Index card has inaccuracies or is difficult to read 5 Points Index g card is neat, organized, and easy to read. Evaluation MainMenu

  12. TheEnd Go to Main Menu