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Sexual Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Sexual Education

Sexual Education

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Sexual Education

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  1. Sexual Education Farrington High School April 29, 2003

  2. Sex Education I. Anatomy and Terms II. STD’s and HIV III. Sexual Relationships IV. Contraception

  3. What do you call it? • Penis = the male organ for sexual intercourse and urination. • Vagina = the passage leading to the uterus in females.

  4. What do you consider as sex? • Intercourse • vaginal • anal • Oral • Foreplay

  5. What can happen if you have sex? • Pregnancy • Emotional issues • STDs: • Chlamydia • Gonorrhea • Genital Warts (HPV) • Herpes • HIV

  6. Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) • Sexually Transmitted Diseases or Venereal diseases: Infections transmitted mainly through sexual interactions.

  7. Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases… • Gonorrhea and Chlamydia • HIV/AIDS • Herpes • Syphilis • Genital Warts (Human Papilloma Virus)

  8. Some general symptoms of STD’s • None at all • Painful urination • Abdominal Pains • Rash • Warts • Genital/Oral/Anal Ulcers • Foul smelling discharge

  9. Can you tell if someone has an STD just by looking at them? NO!!! • although STD’s may produce physical symptoms, a person can be infected but look and feel completely normal.

  10. I have genital warts… STD’s and teens... • 1 in 4 sexually active teenagers get an STD • 1 in 4 college females has Genital Warts… 1. 2. 3. 4.

  11. When someone does have symptoms of STD’s, it may look like… a. b. Genital Warts: numerous warts on the: a) shaft of the penis b)vagina

  12. What Can STD’s look like? Syphilis: typical chancre on the penis

  13. What Can STD’s look like? Genital Herpes: ulcers on the side of the penis

  14. What Can STD’s look like? Gonorrhea: typical penile discharge

  15. What can STD’s Look Like? • Penile discharge and skin irritation typical in Chlamydia infection

  16. Although some STD’s can be treated… Delayed treatment can result in: • life threatening infection • chronic abdominal pain • Infertility and massive scarring • Others have no cure and result in: • Life long painful ulcers • life long, disfiguring warts • DEATH!

  17. Can an STD cause Cancer? • Yes, certain strains of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) cause Cervical Cancer in women. • Once infected with HPV, lesions may occur for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

  18. What does someone with HIV/AIDS look like? • They can look like anyone else…

  19. HIV(Human Immunodeficiency Virus) • HIV is the virus that causes AIDS • Half the people with HIV develop AIDS within 10 years after getting HIV. • There is no cure for HIV or AIDS.

  20. Blood Semen including “pre-cum” Vaginal fluid Breast milk Other body fluids containing blood What body fluids transmit HIV?

  21. How is HIV transmitted? • Sexual intercourse: • anal • vaginal • oral • Contaminated needles • sharing needles • tatoos/body piercing • Infected women to babies before or during birth, or through breastfeeding.

  22. Casual contact: shaking hands hugging casual kiss toilet seats drinking fountains doorknobs dishes foods pets mosquitoes or other insects You CANNOT get HIV from:

  23. What if I get infected? • Infection can take between 25 days to 6 months before it is detectable. • Early detection and treatment is important. • There is no cure, but treatment to help slow HIV down is available.

  24. What should I know about HIV testing? • It’s a blood test • Ideal time to take the test 1 - 3 months after possible infection • The test can’t tell you when you were infected • It can’t tell you if you’ll develop AIDS • Results take about 1-2 weeks • The test is free

  25. Remember…the test is Anonymous & Confidential  Don’t need to give your name or social security number  Testing is free and confidential. • Anyone over 14yrs old may have the test done without parental permission • Results are given verbally, and in person only (not over the phone).

  26. Where can I get tested for STD’s or HIV?  Diamond Head Health Clinic Ph. 733-9281 12pm-5pm walk-ins, no appointment necessary  Waianae Coast Comprehensive Ph. 696-5561 86-260 Farrington Highway Wednesdays. & Saturdays 8-11 am  Waipahu Civic Center Ph. 259-7948 Tuesday & Thursdays by appointment only

  27. Where can I find more information on SEX/STD’s/HIV? is an excellent website with a variety of information: Teenline (521-TEEN) provides recorded messages on many different topics ranging domestic abuse, pregnancy, drug abuse, and STD’s

  28. What is Abstinence? • Abstinence is the decision to not have ANY sexual intercourse • Abstinence is the only 100% effective method in preventing HIV, STD’s, and pregnancy

  29. If you decide to have sex, you must use barrier contraception every time

  30. Is Oral Sex, “Safe Sex?” • No, oral sex is associated with many of the same diseases as vaginal or anal sex.

  31. Miscellaneous facts… • Tattoos and prior blood transfusions are risk factors for hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. • Anal sex increases the risk of getting STD’s due to increased trauma to the area.

  32. I never had sex before and want to be careful… I love you Todd OK!!! Sexual Relationships and what you need to know!!! Let’s have sex!!!

  33. Don’t worry, she was clean! I had a blood transfusion Yes, but only once… Have you had sex before? Alright, I guess so… I have a tattoo What you should know if you are planning to have sex… ? ? ? ?

  34. Lisa Marie Patricia Nicholas Minnie Penelope Tom Matt Claire ? The Sexual Network ? ? Damn!!! ? ? ? ?

  35. Can I get pregnant if I have sex during my period? • YES!!!

  36. More Myths…all the stuff that’s NOT true!

  37. So…If you decide to have sex, you must use barrier contraception every time

  38. Why use Contraceptives? • Prevents unwanted pregnancy BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: • Protects us from STD’s and HIV IF USED PROPERLY

  39. So what were they thinking??? Did you know that high school students who had sex used condoms only 50-60% of the time??? REMEMBER… abstinence is the ONLY 100% method… but if you do have sex, protect yourself NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  40. Types of Contraceptives • Barrier protection • male and female condoms • diaphragm • contraceptive sponge • cervical cap • Non-barrier protection • birth control pills • spermicides

  41. What works? • Barrier-Protection • Something that physically prevents sperm from entering the cervix. • Male latex condoms are the best method for STD/HIV protection of all the different barrier contraceptives.

  42. What doesn’t work? • Non-Barrier Protection • Only protects you from getting pregnant DOES NOT PROTECT AGAINST STD/HIV!!


  44. And by the way…MASTURBATION is considered a healthy alternative to sexual intercourse!