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BUFA Celebration PowerPoint Presentation
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BUFA Celebration

BUFA Celebration

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BUFA Celebration

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  1. BUFA Celebration May 2, 2013

  2. Honouring BUFA Committee Members BUFA Members Working for You!

  3. BUFA Executive Committee 2012-2013 • Linda Rose-Krasnor, President • Hilary Findlay, Vice President • Hans Skott-Myhre, Past President • Jonah Butovsky, Treasurer • David Whitehead, Grievance Officer • Joe Norris, Health & Safety Officer • Nancy DeCourville, Secretary • Michelle Webber, OCUFA Director • Jonathan Younker, Communications Officer • Debra Harwood, Non-tenured Faculty Rep • Tim Ribaric, Professional Librarian Rep • Sandra Felton, Member-at-large • BozidarMitrovic, Member-at-large

  4. BUFA Executive Committee-Elect 2013-2014 • Linda Rose-Krasnor, President • Hilary Findlay, Vice President • Hans Skott-Myhre, Past President • Sandra Felton, Treasurer • David Whitehead, Grievance Officer • Jonathan Neufeld, Health & Safety Officer • Coral Mitchell, Secretary • Jonah Butovsky, OCUFA Director • Larry Savage, Communications Officer • Kimberly Maich, Non-tenured Faculty Rep • Heather Whipple, Professional Librarian Rep • Kathy Belicki, Member-at-large • BozidarMitrovic, Member-at-large

  5. Assistant Grievance Officer Assistant Health & Safety Officer Charles Burton Lisa Barrow

  6. Academic and Professional Awards • Joe Engemann • Sandra Peters Congratulations are extended to FeliceMartinello(ECON) who has been awarded the 2013 Lorimer Award by the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA).  According to the OCUFA website, "The Lorimer Award is established in honour of Joyce and Doug Lorimer of the Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty Association and is instituted to honour and recognize outstanding contributions to improving the terms and conditions of employment of Ontario university faculty through bargaining." 

  7. Representatives on St. Catharines and District Labour Council Jonah Butovsky

  8. CAUT Defence Fund Trustee: • Joe Engemann • Jonah Butovsky Alternate: • Mohammed Dore

  9. Jeffery Atkinson • Calvin Hayes • Marcie Jacklin • Kelly Lockwood • FeliceMartinello Collective Agreement

  10. Jonathan Younker Editor, Employment Equity Advisor • DolanaMogadime

  11. Evaluation of Academic Administrators Denise Armstrong Michael Kompf Joyce Mgombelo

  12. Grievance Panel Neta Gordon Linda Rose- Krasnor Larry Savage Vera Woloshyn Jonathan Younker • David Whitehead (GO) • Charles Burton (AGO) • Ric Brown • Maureen Connolly • Hilary Findlay

  13. Hiring Advice Dorothy Griffiths Diane Mack Frances Owen Richard Parker Gaynor Spencer Jonathan Younker • Colleen Beard • David Crandles • Heather Gordon • Carolyn Hafer • HedyMcGarrell

  14. Occupational Health and Safety Joe Norris Lisa Barrow Hilary Brown

  15. Pensions John Sivell Louis Culumovic Lawrence He ZisimosKoustas David Vivian Robert Welch David Whitehead

  16. Public Relations Jonathan Younker Joe Kushner Tim Ribaric Michelle Webber

  17. Social Justice Elizabeth Sauer Margot Francis Leanne Taylor Jennifer Thiessen Tony Ward

  18. Status of Women Nancy Cook Ana Isla Christie Miliken Mary-Beth Raddon The BUFA Executive approved an annual donation of $6000 to the Rosalind Blauer Centre for Child Care. Thanks very much for the background work done by the BUFA Status of Women Committee, which provided strong rational for a BUFA contribution to the Centre.

  19. Tenure, Promotion and Annual Report Advice Panel Maureen Connolly MichaelKompf BozidarMitrovic

  20. Observers on Senate Committee’s Brian Roy Coral Mitchell Erin Sharpe Jeannette Sloniowski Julie Stevens Karin Di Bella Linda Rose-Krasnor Marian Bredin Patricia Debly Peter Landey Tim Ribaric

  21. Representatives on University Committees Diane Dupont Harris Loewen Joe Kushner Joe Norris Thank You!

  22. Joint BUFA/University Administration Committees Administration of the Agreement Linda Rose Krasnor David Whitehead Benefits and LTD Advisory Paul Hamilton Mohammed Dore Jan Frijters Provisions of Ergonomic Work Stations Zopito Marini VladWojcik Employment Equity Review DolanaMogadime Timetabling Fanny Dolansky Kenneth Klassen Jonathan Radue Workload Task Force Jeffrey Atkinson Coral Mitchell Thank You!

  23. Academic Leaves: Tony DiPetta Tom Farrell Suzie Lane Linda Lowry HamanthaHerath Philip Mackintosh Miriam Richards Employment Equity: RaafatRoubi Francine McCarthy Tom O’Neil Rebecca Raby Ana Sanchez Francine Vachon DolanaMogadime Jointly Appointed BUFA/University Committees

  24. Tenure and Promotion Appeals: Allan Adkin Martin Kusy Linda Lowry Hedy McGarrell Michael O’Sullivan Adonis Skandalis Michelle Webber Research Board: Renee Bedard Tony Bogaert HemanthaHerath David Hughes Robert Nickel Tony Ward Jointly Appointed BUFA/University Committees

  25. Applied Health:Tony BogaertLynn McClearyJae PattersonJulie StevensDavid Crandles (External)Larry Savage (Observer) Business:Carmen CullenDiane MillerPascale Lapointe-AntunesJohn WalkerCatherine Nash (External)Craig Hyatt (Observer) Education:Sheila BennettDoug KarrowCoral MitchellMary-Louise VanDerleeKenneth Klassen(External)Linda Rose-Krasnor (Observer) Jointly Appointed Tenure & Promotion Faculty

  26. Humanities:Jean BridgeCorradoFedericiIrene BlayerFanny DolanskyDebra McLauchlin(External)Craig Hyatt (Observer) Math & Science:Robert CarloneDaniel McCarthyBeatrice Ombuki-BermanMaureen ReedykLynn Rempel(External)Karin Di Bella (Observer) Social Sciences:Stefan BrudzynskiDawn ZingaBohdanNebesioNicholas Baxter-MooreSusan Spearey(External)Francine McCarthy (Observer) Jointly Appointed Tenure & Promotion Faculty

  27. 2012-2013 BUFA Committee Members 125 BUFA Members Filling 168 Positions

  28. Celebrating BUFA’s 15th Anniversary

  29. Celebrating BUFA’s 15th Anniversary

  30. Brock Common Front 2012-2013 Solidarity Events

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