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  2. What is an Anticipated Endowment plan • Anticipated Endowment policies cover the risk for a specified period. • During the term of the policy survival benefits are paid at regular intervals to provide liquidity. • At the end of the term accumulated bonus for the complete term is paid.

  3. What is an Anticipated Endowment Plan? • Bonuses are also calculated on the full sum assured, irrespective of payouts made. • Generally, shorter policy terms are not available – because policy cash build up can be hampered due to payouts.


  5. CashGain • It is a participating (with profits) money back plan • Choice of 4 terms – 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. • Cash benefits payable every 1/5th year of the selected term. • A total of 4 Cash Benefits payable - whatever be the term, plus the maturity benefit. The number of payouts = 5, including maturity benefit. • Most companies offer only 4 payouts.

  6. CashGain 75% of Sum Assured paid out as 4 Cash Benefits. 50% of Sum Assured paid with bonuses as maturity value. A total of 125% of Sum Assured (Guaranteed) + bonuses is thus paid out. Despite Cash benefits at regular intervals, the life cover is uniform.

  7. CashGain • Note: The total payouts are 125% of the Sum Assured. This is a guaranteed payment, a USP. Most companies pay only 100% of the Sum Assured.

  8. CashGain • The maturity benefit would include reversionary bonuses and a possible terminal bonus.

  9. Product Packaging • The customer has the following additional benefits: • Family Income Benefit (FIB) • Comprehensive Accident Protection (CAP) • No other money back product offers the Family Income Benefit – A USP.

  10. Family Income Benefit (FIB) What is the FIB? • It is a sustained regular income for the family – 1% of the Sum Assured payable per month (12% of the Sum Assured per annum) • It is payable on Death/Accidental Permanent Total Disability of the Life Assured. All future premiums are waived in case of disability • It is payable till the end of the policy term, or for a minimum of 10 years, whichever is higher • Benefit available under regular as well as limited payment terms.

  11. Family Income Benefit (FIB) In case of Death and TPD WoP kicks in for TPD FIB payment cannot exceed calculated Age 70 FIB NA in case of TPD after age 65 FIB payable till the end of TERM Or for 10 years, whichever is higher 18 50 65 70 can be bought between Age 18 and Age 50

  12. Family Income Benefit (FIB) If Sum Assured=10L Avail of a great benefit at a nominal extra premium.

  13. CAP Comprehensive Accident Protection (CAP) – This benefit provides comprehensive cover in case of an accident. It comprises of: • Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) • Accidental Permanent Total/Partial Disability Benefit (APT/PD) • Waiver of Premium Benefit (WOP)

  14. Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) • In case of accidental death, the benefits payable are: • Basic SA + Accrued Bonuses + ADB SA Increase your risk protection at a very minimal cost

  15. Accidental Permanent T/P Disability In case of Total Disability – 100% of SA In case of Partial Disability – 50% of SA

  16. Waiver Of Premium (WOP) We cover disability…An accident may lead to permanent total disability, limiting ones ability to earn. All future premiums will be waived off while keeping the valuable life insurance cover alive if the client becomes totally and permanently disabled due to accident We provide full insurance coverage for all benefits, except Hospital Cash Benefit (if selected).

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