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The Future of Video-Marketing: Interactive-Videos PowerPoint Presentation
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The Future of Video-Marketing: Interactive-Videos

The Future of Video-Marketing: Interactive-Videos

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The Future of Video-Marketing: Interactive-Videos

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  1. The Future of Video-Marketing: Interactive-Videos The digital space is crowded with innumerable videos. Most of them look the same. But these special kind of videos are getting all the attention. They are interactive videos

  2. Introduction Interactive video is a type of digital video that supports user interaction. These videos are played as normal video files, but include selectable areas or "hotspots" that perform an action when you click on them.

  3. Why You Should Choose It Interactive videos facilitate user interactions through clicks, swipes, touch etc. But there is more to it. Interactive videos are making waves because now videos have become engaging like never before.Imagine that you are watching a video of your favorite celebrity. Now you find yourself drooling over the dress, sunglasses or shoes that your heartthrob is flaunting.

  4. Usage of Interactive-Videos 1.Lead Generation The generation of prospects is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects in someone who has indicated interest in the product or service of your company.

  5. 2.Branding Brands are all the ways in which you establish an image of your company in the eyes of your customers.A brand is a name, term, design, symbol of your company or product.

  6. 3. improved engagement Engagement is way of approach to the customers to give values, trust, goals and services of a product or company.

  7. 4. Reduce Cost and Time Interactive videos are cost and time effective, with the introductory of interactive learning online tools, you can teach a class anytime from anywhere, which saves travel time

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