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Rally Towels

Rally Towels

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Rally Towels

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  1. With our expertise and award winning customer service department, we will design and track your custom towels order from beginning to end so that you are sure to get the absolute best finished product at the lowest price. No order is too large or too small for our firm. We work with a broad range of clients ranging from small athletic booster clubs to big organizations such as the NBA, NFL, NCAA, MLB in addition to many Fortune 500 Companies. “Rally Towels strives to support you and your promotional needs while providing a high quality product and exceptional customer service. With a variety of styles, materials, and printing options, fully customizable Rally Towels provide a durable, valuable, and detail oriented way to support your team or business.” 20507 Belshaw Ave Carson, CA 90746 Website: Phone: (888) 725-5986 Email:

  2. Types of Towels Rally Towels Rally Towels can bring excitement to any event, whether it be a sports event or a company gathering. Promote your activity with a customized set of rally towels which your participants can bring home to remember you! Golf Towels Golf Towels are an ideal souvenir for spectators to commemorate an event. They serve innumerable purposes, but most importantly, they are fun, long-lasting promoting objects for your golfer or your business. Customize your Golf Towels for an array of events, athletes, or simply promotional purposes. Hand & Gym Towels Bring your personalized Hand & Gym Towel to the gym to improve your workout experience! Or if you own a gym, use our services to promote your business by implementing your gym name and logo on our towels for an awesome, new way to advertise.

  3. Dye Sublimated Towels With the Dye Sublimation Transfer Process, you can print high quality digital images on a huge variety of towels made of any material that is treated or coated or made of polyester. High resolution digital images are ideal for a more aesthetically appealing towel. Beach Towels Make your beach trip more enjoyable when you can proudly display your personalized Beach Towel made by Rally Towels. With an assortment of sizes from which to choose, our Beach Towels are accommodating to your demands. Reactive Dye Towels There are no color limitations with Reactive Dye! Permanently bonded color images are provided by the reaction between the reactive dye and the cloth material. The reaction occurs upon heat activation of the printed ink image. The advantage to reactive dye printing is that it can leave a soft bright finish on a dark fabric.

  4. Velour Rally Towels Velour Rally Towels are perfect for incorporating fun into any event. These quality towels will make your event-goers want to participate in the rally, making your gathering a better, more exciting environment for everyone! Velour rally towels, size 15″ x 18″, printable section 10″ x 14″, decorated with a custom design. Lightning Rally Towels We’re excited to offer the Lightning Rally Towel, an amazing new promotional towel that fans will really take a shine to. LED lights in the hem of the towel, available in a variety of colors, make the Lightning Rally Towel perfect for any nighttime or indoor event. Wedding Towels We can personalize wedding towels with your logo, your colors, and your favorite slogan. We tailor the towels specifically to your needs because we strive to guarantee customer satisfaction.

  5. Spirit Towels Spirit Towels are perfect for events during which team spirit is key to success! We can create a set of quality, decorative towels that you design. Customize your Spirit Towels we try our best to translate your vision into our quality towels, and we will work closely with you to guarantee this Basketball Towels Rally Towels has produced rally towels for professional sports teams around the country, including some in the NBA. Rally Towels can crate custom basketball rally towels for your team, we will fill your order with the same high caliber products, whether your team plays in the NBA, the NCAA, or any other league. Football Towels Rally towels are generally considered good luck charms by football fans as well, and they can even bring bad luck down on any team or individual who disrespects or defaces them. We offer superior quality towels in thirteen vibrant colors and our proprietary screen printing process lets us print beautiful, sharp designs and logos with amazing speed for quick turnaround times.

  6. Cooling Towels Most everyone is familiar with using a towel to dry off, whether it’s after a shower, a dip in the pool, or vigorous exercise that has left you sweaty. But our new cooling towels hope to convince people that it’s a good idea to use a towel to get wet, too! The towel is washable and reusable, just rewet the towel when it begins to dry out. Yoga Towels Yoga is not only a great way to stay in shape, but it’s also extremely relaxing. Like any workout, though, there are certain steps everyone should take to limber up and get the most out of their exercise. Yoga clothes and gear is also fun to shop for, and we at Rally Towels can contribute with our new yoga towels! In March of 1997, Rally Towels was born. The concept was to take the strengths of our towel manufacturing business and merge them together with the screen printing process. Rally Towels , was a company experiencing growth at an rapid speed, with an innovative product line of Rally Towels, Golf, Fitness, Beach towels, Basketball Towels, Football Towels, and many more superior products with high quality and exceptional international custom manufacturing capabilities. We are the #1 Custom Towel producer in the United States, we have been trusted by many sports organizations around the world and many fortune 500 companies.