i want to be a modern day cowboy n.
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--I want to be a modern day cowboy -- PowerPoint Presentation
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--I want to be a modern day cowboy --

--I want to be a modern day cowboy --

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--I want to be a modern day cowboy --

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  1. --I want to be a modern day cowboy -- A modern day cowboy is someone who herds By Mrs. Yuhas

  2. The True Colors of this cowboy… • SOLID GOLD • known for my dependability • highest virtue is responsibility • trusting of authority & tradition My dependablenature and desire to be responsible makes being a COWBOY an easy choice . The importanceI place on authority and tradition also points me toward a career of reigning in the cattle and tending to the farm. The next slide needs to be my Jung-Typology slide.

  3. (1) How did I find this article? I searched in GOOGLE for: how does one become a modern day cowboy. (2)You DON’T need this many quotes per slide; use this as a guide for formatting the quotes. • As a potential cowboy, one has to be ok with”…day after day, week after week spent watching a thousand furry creatures chew up a pasture while your own stomach growls…for a wage that works out to about four dollars an hour. What this arrangement guarantees is self-selection. Only those who seek out such misery will endure it” (Draper). • Most cowboys come from a long generation of cowboy families; “Their mother, Michelle, tended the family ranch near Powell, Wyoming, and needed her boys’ help” (Draper). How do I begin working toward this career? Hi – I’m a blended quote. Hi – We’re blended quotes too. First of all, “American cowboys have not vanished in the mists of legend,” and “they reside right where they have been for three centuries and counting…” (Draper). (3)This is the source I used for this slide. Let’s go look at it together & discuss. Check me out on the Works Cited Page---I’ll be the first part of the entry. (4) This is the site I used to make the in-text citation. Let’s check it out together.

  4. How did I find these sources? I searched in GOOGLE: what kind of training do you need to be a cowboy. What kind of training do I need to be a cowboy? Must be able to ride a horse Must be able to wear chaps Must not be allergic to cows, grass, air, or the wild, wild, west Must be able to sleep outdoors Must be able to “WrasSle” livestock (Port) This is paraphrased information from an online interview in article form. See me on the Works Cited page. You may have paraphrased information, but you also need at least one lead-in and/or one blend as well.

  5. Who inspires me in this field? Since I wasn’t sure how to cite a quote from a cartoon episode, I looked it up on Purdue’s online writing lab website. This is an example of a quote with a lead-in. - Yosemite Sam inspires me because of his toughness. Yosemite Sam says, “Twenty years tryin' and you missed me again, you shovel-nosed mackerel! No good bush whackin' barracuda” (“Robinson Crusoe”). This is my video source.

  6. The slide before this needs to be one about who is the foremost authority in this field. Do I still want to be a cowboy? • This confirms the part of my Gold personality that desires a connection back to tradition and respect for authority. • The responsibility and dependability required of a cowboy suits the Gold in me.

  7. Yuhas 1 Works Cited Draper, Robert. “The Enduring Cowboy.” National Geographic. Dec. 2007. Web. 25 Feb 2012. Port, Samantha. Interview with Jason Masterson. “Interview with a Real Cowboy.” Yahoo! Voices. 12 Apr 2006. Web. 25 Feb 2012. “Rabbitson Crusoe.” Dir. FrizFreleng. Perf. Mel Blanc. Warner Bros., 1956. Animated Short. 1. You need 4 REPUTABLE sources! (Hint: You also need at least 4 MLA formatted in-text citations…in your project.) 2. You need to turn this in as a Word Doc to me. 3. You need to save your project to your student drive & bring a hard copy to school. Be ready to present any day! I’ll take volunteers first!

  8. This is the presentation portion of the rubric. It’s available on THE HUB.

  9. This is the content/slide portion of the rubric. It’s also on THE HUB.