the profession of business district management n.
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The Profession of Business District Management PowerPoint Presentation
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The Profession of Business District Management

The Profession of Business District Management

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The Profession of Business District Management

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  1. The Profession ofBusiness District Management Professional Certification Program Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, USA - 2012 Dr. Seth A. Grossman, Ph.D. , BDEMCP Administrator 973-493-4251

  2. What does professionalization entail…..? For the Individual:For the Field: - knowledge and skills - standards of - qualifications competence and - code of conduct measurement - recognised status - theory, concepts, and principals - recognised status

  3. Current Status of the Field • The adhoc nature of practitioners entering the field of business district management. • The lack of research regarding the management & impacts of managed business districts. • Ambiguous professional status of practioners. • The absence of performance criteria.

  4. -RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, NEWARK,NJ-BUSINESS DISTRICT EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATION PROGRAM TWO FORMATS • A Four-Module Online Course. • An Online – Onsite Course: 1st and 4th Modules are online, 2nd and 3rd Modules are conducted in an onsite three-day workshop - Multidisciplinary & Interdisciplinary -

  5. The Profession of Business District Management Defines the Profession of Business District Management DEFINITION:An expertise within public administration that requires a manager to bring together public-private: interests, technology, and processes in a sustainable partnership.

  6. PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP*Context of the Profession* Definition:A contractual agreement between public and private actors to accomplish common objectives and purpose. • Through this agreement, risks, the skills, assets, and accountabilities of each sector (public and private) are shared in delivering a service or facility for the use of the general public. • “PPP” Management:A multisectoral expertise that bridges business, government, and community development technologies and skills to solve (BIDs: business) development problems in public arenas.

  7. Managed Business Districts (BIDs): Formal PPPs Formal subgovernmental PPPs, established on the local level to promote revitalization, economic, business & community development. A community-based self-help mechanism

  8. KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS • Public-Private Partnership Management. • Public Entrepreneurship & Social Capital. • Cooperative Commercial Retail Management (malls) – Malls with and w/o Walls. • Asset -Based Management. • Comprehensive Community Development. • Destination Management/ Marketing. • Performance Management – process and measurements.

  9. PUBLIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP Definition:The generation, design, and implementation of innovative ideas in the public realm that profoundly elaborates a public organization. • Builds upon the assets of the community. • Emphasizes organization and management to achieve a community vision. • Utilizes cooperative commercial development technologies. • Builds on comprehensive community development strategies. • Unites multisectoral stakeholders.

  10. SOCIAL CAPITAL Definition: Value derived from the social, cultural, and expressive assets of the community. • Attained through an organized social network that achieves community goals and maintains community assets. • A system that manages community agreements, promises, and commitments for improvement. • The primacy of goodwill, trust, and the strength of social networks.

  11. COOPERATIVE COMMERCIAL RETAIL MANAGEMENT Definition: A collective and community approach to managing common economic needs, assets and value. • Professional management as an added value. • Service oriented: Service as the competitive edge. • Market oriented – Focused on the customer. • Destination Marketing.

  12. ASSET-BASED DEVELOPMENT Definition: A integrative process of identifying, planning, and implementing the sustainable growth and development of a common and shared quality of life. • Strategic rather than only tactical – Process rather than project oriented. Long range rather than only short range. • Merges public and private interests and technologies. • Asset Rather Than Needs Oriented Management.

  13. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT • #1-Manage partnership agreements. • An inclusive process – must measure from different stakeholder perspectives. • - How do we measure success Performance Measurement & Evaluation? - Determine appropriate things to measure. • Connecting promises to current results. • Link budget to performance needs.

  14. Publicization - Privatization Different Perspectives • Publicization - Where private citizens/ corporations assume public accountabilities & services. • Privatization– Where the private sector provides public services. S. A. Grossman (2010)

  15. Promise and Performance of Public-Private Partnerships • Risk-Reduction & Enhancement of the Performance Environment:Allows both sectors to take risks in more than one sector at a time. Risks are reduced by the expertise and authority of each sector to achieve enhancements in: • Quality of Life(QOL) • Return on Investment(ROI) • Organization & Management Capability(OMC)

  16. THREE ASPECTS OF PPP PERFORMANCE: Partnership Evaluation A THREE (3) SIDED EVALUATION:1)Public, 2) Private, and, 3) PPP management. • Quality of Life (QOL) – Public -– Community Development. • Return on Investment(ROI) – Private -- Economic & Business Development. • Organizational and Management Capability(OMC) –- of the PPP. Synergy.

  17. CONCLUSION • Recognizing the Multidisciplinary/ Multisectoral Profession of Business District Management. • Establishing & Maintaining Standards. • Preparing for the Future: Global- Local. • Partners: International Downtown Association, Institute of Place Management, International Cities & Town Centers Society, Pennsylvania Downtown Assoc., New Jersey Managed Districts Association • Certification Program Information.

  18. BUSINESS DISTRICT EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATION PROGRAM Seth A. Grossman, Ph.D.Director, Institute of Business District ManagementSchool of Public Affairs & AdministrationRutgers, The State University of New Jersey111 Washington StreetNewark, NJ 07012