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Facilities Plan

Facilities Plan

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Facilities Plan

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  1. Facilities Plan FRIT 7136 By: Debra Wingate Fall 2008 Dr. Linda Sears LCHS

  2. Table of Contents School Data Media Center Introduction Floor Plan Existing Library Photo Tour Facilities Use Information Student Survey Teacher Survey Remodeled Floor Plan Improvements Conclusion

  3. Welcome to LCHS Home of the Blue Tide Located in Ludowici, Georgia Built in 1997 - A 28,000 square building located on 7 acres of cleared land -All brick structure -The new building was to replace the former high school due to the increase in student population LCHS is the only high school in Long County Student Population of 600 Administration and Teachers -One Principal -One Assistant Principal -55 Teachers

  4. LCHS Media Center -It has approximately 1,200 square feet of usable space. -The space is a large open area with tables and computers. -The floor covering is carpet. -Book shelves are located on each wall and near the entrance/exit of the building. -There is an office for the media specialist and the assistant. -It has a workroom with a laminating machine, table, cabinets, and a sink. -There are two storage closets for technology equipment and resources. -The media center’s book collection consists of about 8,000 books. -The media center has a projection screen for group sessions. -The media center has digital cameras, projection screens, overhead projectors, televisions, DVD players, and listening centers for teachers.

  5. Existing Floor Plan

  6. Photo Tour • Entrance to the Media Center • Entrance from outside the building

  7. Entrance to and Exit from Media Center This is the entrance from the hallway across from the office. Professional magazines for teachers are located on each wall near the entrance.

  8. Circulation Desk The circulation desk is in front of the media center for easy access. The copier is located behind the circulation desk . The office of the media specialist and the assistant is also located in this area.

  9. Book Cart and Return The students are to return books in the cart as they enter the library. The book return area is located in front of the circulation desk.

  10. Reading Area and Smart Board This area is used for students while reading or studying. This area is open to accommodate an entire class. The Smart Board is available for group activities.

  11. Book Collections Here are more tables for reading and a view of the book collections in the media center. The book collections are organized by genres.

  12. Computer Work Stations There are 12 computers for the students to access information. The computers are located in the center of media center and in front of the circulation desk.

  13. Assistant and Teacher Workroom This area houses the laminating machine, table, a sink, microwave, and cabinet space for the teachers and the media specialist assistant. The assistant is responsible for all laminating. • This area is approximately 300 square feet and is used primarily by the media specialist’s assistant .

  14. Work Station for Teachers This area is used by teachers and to the right you will see two more computers for students to use.

  15. Periodicals and Resources This area consists of periodicals and resources that are only used in the media center. Also, this is near the entrance/exit to outside of the building.

  16. Storage The media specialist uses this area to store technology components and media resources. This room is used for storing professional magazines , media resources, and some equipment.

  17. Facilities Use Information -Media Center hours are from 7:30-3:30, Monday through Friday -The media center has a flexible schedule. -Serves grades 4-12, which is a total of 1500 students. -Teachers are required to sign-up weekly for whole class visits and they must remain with their class for the duration of the visit. -Outside groups and/or organizations are allowed to use the facility with prior approval from the principal and the Long County Board of Education. -The media specialist collaborates mostly with the teachers via email due to the vast number of teachers from grades 4 through 12.

  18. Facility Use Information Cont. -Teachers are allowed to check-out unlimited amounts of resources, but are encouraged to return them in a timely manner. -All teachers are required to return materials before the inventory is completed at the end of the year. -Teachers are only allowed to check-out periodicals, reference materials, and equipment. -High school students are allowed to visit the media center freely before and after school. -Middle school students must have a pass if not accompanied by their teacher. -Students are only allowed to check-out 1 book. -Students are charged 5 cents each day for overdue books. Students are also required to pay for lost or damaged books. -Students are charged 10 cents for copies. -Periodicals and reference materials are utilized only in the media center by students. Policies and Procedures

  19. Student requests for improvements: -A new cozy reading center -A book drop box outside the media center for quick return -Book Amnesty Day for each nine weeks/semester , instead of once a school year -Open the library from 7:00-4:00 each day -Reduce copy fees from 10 cents to 5 cents -To be able to check-out 2 to 3 books -Add study carrels Student Survey ResultsThe student survey consisted of 140 students, in which 5 were special ed.

  20. -Display media center sign at the entrance from the hallway so visitors will know where the library is located -Area for whole group presentations -Add a location station for students to access information -Add a listening center -Introduction to the media center at the beginning of each school year for students, including: access to resources in the media center, how to locate information, policies, and procedures for the media center. -Add security aisle to secure resources in the media center. Teacher Survey ResultsThe teacher survey consisted of 1 media specialist, 1 parapro., and 8 teachers.

  21. Revised Floor Plan

  22. Improvements A new book return cart will be installed outside the media center for easy access for students. $1,500.00 ValueStarTM offers an attractive design, with soft rounded corners on the front, that blends with any décor. The top opening lid allows easy access when unloading and features Kingsley’s new drop cushion depressible bag system. Books and media are received into a heavy-duty canvas bag that cushions the materials and provides quieter operation. The bag expands as materials are deposited and a spring-loaded mechanism rises as materials are removed. An extra wide 18” x 3-1/4” depository opening accepts big books and reference materials with ease. Top opening with lock. Four heavy-duty 4” casters (all swivel and lock) allow for easy portability from the collection area to the circulation desk. Great for placement in halls. Standard Finish is beige hammertone textured powder coat finish with blue wording that reads “Return Library Books Here” or “Return Audio Visual Here.” 47”H x 20”W x 20”D. Wt. 95 lbs. • - 72k

  23. Improvements The sofa and chair will provide the students with a cozy reading area to promote use of the media center. 5000 Series Lounge Sofa Item: 94-0334-  Price:   $994.95· 5000 Series offers the warmth and strength of a solid oak frame. Radius designed arms and cushions to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Rubber glides protect floors from scratches . 32 in. H x 68 3/4 in. W x 31 in. D - 72k - • Since 1921, this manufacturer has designed high quality seating for demanding, high-use environments • 5000 Series offers the warmth and strength of a solid oak frame • Radius designed arms and cushions to create a warm and inviting atmosphere • Rubber glides protect floors from scratches • 32 in. H x 26 in. W x 31 in. D • 5000 Series Lounge Chair • Item:  94-0332- • Price :   $484.95

  24. Improvements Best-Rite Double Carrel Item:  94-0342-  Price :   $144.95 Quality library & school supplies at great prices. We reserve the right to correct errors in descriptions or pricing. www.thelibrarystore.comEmail: customerservice@thelibrarystore.comPhone:1-800-548-7204Fax: 1-800-320-7706 • The double carrels will provide students with an area without distractions. It will also be used as listening center and a location station.

  25. Improvements Ketec Classic Single Aisle Item:  13-0045-  Price :   $1988.95 Your best value for securing your library from theft Wireless technology allow you to set up your security system anywhere in your library Compatible with Checkpoint and most Radio Frequency security systems The same security tags can be used with magnetic and non-magnetic materials All Ketek systems are designed for self installation Install using a base-plate for portable installations or supplied hardware for fixed installations System is user friendly, provides nearly maintenance free operation 36 in. W with 2 pedestals Quality library & school supplies at great prices. We reserve the right to correct errors in descriptions or pricing. www.thelibrarystore.comEmail: customerservice@thelibrarystore.comPhone:1-800-548-7204Fax: 1-800-320-7706 • The new security aisles will be placed at the entrance of the media center.

  26. Improvements Combo desk package  916.00  No    $2,800.00 Design your own sit-down or standing-height circulation desk with modular components from Ironwood! Sit-down units are 29"H or 32"H; stand-up units are 39"H Constructed of 1"-thick, 45-lb. furniture board with thermalfused melamine surfaces 3mm PVC edge banding Leveling glides Work surface grommets provide convenient wire management • The new circulation desk will give the media specialist a better view of the students in the media center.

  27. Improvements A sign for the media center will be painted at the entrance in the hallway for easier access. $300.00 Kadee’sKorner Highway 84 Ludowici, Ga 31316 • The sign will create a more appealing appearance for the media center.

  28. Conclusion The improvements will help enhance the environment of the media center. I hope to make the media center a place that fosters reading and a place that has full access to information and learning resources.