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  1. G-STEM APPLICANT WORKSHOP G-STEM Awareness Week Fall 2013

  2. G-STEM Applicant Process

  3. STEP ONE: DISCOVER G-STEM Tip #1 Tip #4 Tip #5 Tip #2 Tip #3

  4. Discover G-STEM #1 DISCOVER G-STEM What does G-STEM stand for? Enhancing Global Research and Education in STEM at Spelman College and its Mission Prepare African American women within the STEM disciplines to be globally engaged upon graduation G-STEM PROVIDES SPELMAN STEM MAJORS FUNDING AND MENTORSHIP (Spelman & Foreign) This program is designed to encourage STEM majors to become Scientists who conduct research

  5. Discover G-STEM #2 Review Your G-STEM Bookmark Now please take out your bookmark

  6. Discover G-STEM #2 Review Your G-STEM Bookmark • Do you have proof of your US citizenship? Copy of valid US passport • Will you have a 3.0 gpa by February 1? Copy of unofficial transcript • Sophomores and Juniors Only Freshmen (not enough credits) and Seniors (cannot fulfill Research Day requirement) • STEM majors only; no Psychology • Know the G-STEM Application Deadline: FEBRUARY 1st This is the FINAL deadline for the OFFICIAL (not preliminary) Application for Summer2014 and Fall 2014 • Does G-STEM provide 11K in funding? (1) Subject to final approval from the Department of Education Title III Office in Washington, D.C. (2) Calculated as additional financial aid (3) Reduced by any outside scholarships received from other sources

  7. Discover G-STEM #3 Attend G-STEM Events • G-STEM Awareness Week Roundtables with Scholars Have you spoken to a G-STEM Scholar yet? • Have you met with the G-STEM Program Manager Available Monday – Friday 2-4pm; SC 342 • October 18th Preliminary Application Workshop Do you intend to submit your G-STEM Preliminary Application at this workshop? If no, why not? • Have you signed up for the October 25th Workshop? This is the workshop where you should submit your OFFICIAL application to G-STEM

  8. Discover G-STEM #4 G-STEM FUNDING & Scholar Application Deposit • Up to 11K in funding $7000* in program fees $4,000* for completion G-STEM Scientific Report upon return (1) Subject to final approval from the Department of Education Title III Office in Washington, D.C. (2) Calculated as additional financial aid (3) Reduced by any outside scholarships received from other sources • There is a $200-$500 G-STEM Program acceptance deposit This deposit is paid upon saying “Yes I would like to be a G-STEM Scholar” by returning the G-STEM acceptance letter by the deadline G-STEM is a National Science Foundation and U.S. Department of Education funded grant and subject to their stipulations

  9. Discover G-STEM #5 G-STEM Applicant Responsibilities Prior to Acceptance into the G-STEM Program • Understand the G-STEM Program • Know the differences between Study Abroad and Research Only opportunities • Adhere to all guidelines regarding the completion of the G-STEM Preliminary Application and Official G-STEM Application • Recognize that there are several sets of application processes happening simultaneously: (1) G-STEM and (2) the institution or study abroad provider and/or (3) Spelman Study Abroad Office and (4) external funding sources • Each has its only guidelines, requirements and DEADLINES • Communicate with and respond to the G-STEM office • Attend all mandatory sessions including participation in: (1) STS 100, (2) National Science Foundation Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training (3) G-STEM Language & Culture Orientations If you chose to apply to G-STEM, are selected and you accept the G-STEM offer by returning the acceptance letter with the deposit, you must not drop out later

  10. Discover G-STEM #5 Understanding Research Abroad OpportunitiesThere are TWO types Research Only Study Abroad Study abroad opportunities on the flyer has research and cultural activities ie. CIEE, SIT, IES You may not apply to more than 1 study abroad program You must apply to your study abroad program through Spelman Study Abroad office You must also follow the guidelines, orientation, etc. of the Spelman Study Abroad Office Typically has a 2.7 minimum gparequirement but G-STEMs is 3.0 • Designed to provide students with primarily research only (laboratory based) experiences. • You will wake up and go to a lab Mon-Fri as you would a job. • You may work with the host institution to secure local housing and/or have home-stay accommodations. • Spelman provides the 4K stipend prior to travel as a loan that you pay back upon receipt of your stipend upon return & completion of paper

  11. STEP TWO: • 2-STEP • G-STEM APPLICATION Tip #2 Tip #1

  12. 2-STEP Application #1 Select a Summer 2014 Research Abroad Opportunity Now please take out your Summer 2014 Research Abroad Opportunities flyer

  13. 2-STEP Application #1 Summer 2014 Research Abroad Opportunity Special Notes • If you select #1, #3, #4, #5, #9, #10 or #11 you must apply by emailing G-STEM via email at by February 1: (1) CV or resume, (2) personal statement and (3) transcript. Final decision on acceptance to these programs will be made by program contact in conjunction with the research institute. • #5 has a 3.3 minimum GPA requirement • If you select one from #1-10 you will receive a $4K stipend advance (loan) prior to departure to support you abroad but must sign over your $4K stipend from Title III upon receipt in Nov/Dec 2014. • These types of opportunities are for highly independent and resources students looking for top notch research abroad opportunities.

  14. 2-STEP Application #2 Steps to Complete G-STEM Preliminary Application STEP ONE: Go to the G-STEM Blog STEP TWO: Select G-STEM Preliminary Application Link STEP THREE: Complete G-STEM Preliminary Application STEP FOUR: Forward to your Department Chair for approval STEP FIVE: Alert your Department Chair to approve (their discretion) your preliminary application & follow-up whether or not it has been done BEFORE the next workshop October 25th YOU CANNOT MOVE FORWARD WITH THE OFFICIAL G-STEM APPLICATION WITHOUT YOUR DEPARTMENT CHAIR APPROVAL

  15. 2-STEP Application #2 Steps to Complete OFFICIAL G-STEM Application STEP ONE: Receive Department Chair Approval of the G-STEM Preliminary Application to proceed STEP TWO: Receive an email from the G-STEM Program Manager with the link to the “official” G-STEM Application link STEP THREE: Complete the G-STEM Application and select two STEM faculty recommenders STEP FOUR: Alert your STEM faculty recommenders complete the online recommendation form

  16. 2-STEP Application #2 OFFICIAL G-STEM Application Special Notes for October 25th workshop Begin to draft tentative answers to the following while you wait for approval from your Department Chairs. Be sure to bring to the Workshop on October 25th. • Previous Research Experience: • Name of researcher, name of research project, length of time in lab, and any publications or presentation of research • Previous International Experience: • Foreign Travel, International or global courses or activities • Answer: In about 150 words why you want to conduct research abroad, and what you expect to gain (professionally, personally, academically) from it. • Statement of Purpose: In about 1000 words (1) why you are pursuing undergraduate research abroad(2) information about any previous research experiences you have had, and (3) what types of research experiences you are hoping to gain while abroad (discuss the labs or opportunities that are available to you, if you know them), (4) long term goals, and (5) how will your undergraduate research experience help you reach them.


  18. 2-STEP Application #2 PRE-ACCEPTANCE ACTIVITIES What You Need To Know • G-STEM applications are reviewed and selected by the G-STEM Internal Advisory Committee • You will be Selected, Waitlisted or Denied • If you are Selected and you accept by returning your G-STEM acceptance letter, your application for funding must be approved by the U.S. Department of Education. This determination will not be known until approximately April. • If you are Selected and your Accept, you are expected to follow-through with your commitment because preparation are made prior to your approval • You will have mandatory meetings and trainings prior to this approval: (1) STS 100, (2) National Science Foundation Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training (3) G-STEM Language & Culture Orientations • Proof a valid U.S. passport is required. If you do not have one, please apply ASAP • You must exercise patience with the process as many offices and institutions are involved in providing G-STEM Scholars outstanding research abroad opportunities.

  19. Summer 2013 Summer 2012 Summer 2013