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Coal Seam Gas Safety Forum PowerPoint Presentation
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Coal Seam Gas Safety Forum

Coal Seam Gas Safety Forum

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Coal Seam Gas Safety Forum

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  1. Coal Seam Gas Safety Forum Drill Rig Walk Way Incident

  2. Introduction • Company Overview • Description of Incident • Lessons Learnt • Questions?

  3. Major Drilling • Major Drilling Pty Ltd is part of the Major Drilling International Inc. - A Canadian based company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange with drilling operations throughout the world. • We are one of the few drilling contractors that work throughout Australia, providing a full range of drilling services in both the mineral and coal industry. We have three areas of operation: Mineral surface, Mineral underground and Energy- which includes all of our coal related drilling. • We have infrastructure in Kalgoorlie, Townsville, Moranbah, Mt Isa and head office in Brisbane. We utilise infrastructure and support from these locations to support our drilling operations. • We have a modern fleet of UDR drill rigs and auxiliary equipment providing a full range of drilling services.

  4. Incident Overview • Location- Drilling Area at Moranbah • Two supervisors went to move a drill rig to another site during day shift. • To be able to move rig they had to fold up side walk way • In the process of doing this the walk way fell down crushing two toes of one of the supervisors

  5. Description of Incident • Task was to move drill rig which required the walkway to be folded up

  6. Description of Incident • Folding up and securing of Walkway

  7. Description of Incident • Access route taken to climb onto the rig to secure walkway

  8. Description of Incident • While attempting to lock the walkway in position the supervisor overbalanced and grabbed hold of the unsecured walkway which then added additional weight and was unable to be supported by one person

  9. Description of Incident • Supervisor then fell backwards pulling the walkway with him. His right foot was jammed between the walkway and the side rail of the Rig (causing the crush injury to two toes).

  10. Description of Incident

  11. Description of Incident • As per operators manual by drill crew

  12. Lessons Learnt – Equipment • That we continue to improve older equipment with the new features that new equipment has – pro active, time, budget, design issues. • Where do manufacturers fit into working with clients to improve older equipment? – retro fitting items. • More detailed equipment audit tool for new equipment – manual issues, risk associated with improving one area, but developing another problem. • No signage highlighting pinch and crush points • Continual process of improvement of both new and existing equipment.

  13. Lessons Learnt – Systems • Failure of a take five process - although a visual take five process was conducted it was not documented. By not following a thorough take 5 process the risks were not properly identified. • It is possible for some of your very experienced people to get overlooked. In this case the supervisor had 20 years experience and had drilled on all our rig types- but not all had been the latest model. • Level of skill of people performing task due to infrequency of performing this task. • Incorrect decision to pin at cabin end of carrier first, should have been pinned at drill deck end • Culture – the biggest challenge of all – large and diverse client base and continual improvement.

  14. Lessons Learnt • Emergency Services in small towns- utilise a coordinated approach e.g. ERP practise drills • Questions?