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Process Safety Management for Operations PowerPoint Presentation
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Process Safety Management for Operations

Process Safety Management for Operations

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Process Safety Management for Operations

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  1. Process Safety Management for Operations

  2. PSM Training Standards framework Training standard framework has been developed by a PSM Expert Panel led by industry and comprising: Skills / Training Bodies HSE Plant Operators NSAPI Union Representative A 3-tier training package designed to embed Process Safety throughout the organisation: Process Safety Leadership Process Safety Management Foundations Process Safety Management for Operations For senior executives and board members of hazardous facilities For managers, supervisors, designers, safety personnel, and senior contract employees, Aimed at all levels of staff throughout an organisation from board level to operational staff Leadership of companies is the starting point – Operations and Maintenance play a vital role in delivering Process Safety

  3. PSM Project Board and Expert Panel members

  4. PSM Project Board and Expert Panel members

  5. The PSM Training Standards Developed in partnership with industry, trade associations, unions and HSE to enable sites to integrate their Process safety systems into the training Module 1 – Process Safety Management Understand the meaning and importance of process safety management Understand the hazards, risks and consequences associated with hazardous substances and processes Module 2 – Hazards Risks and Consequences and relating these to our plant Understand the hazards, consequences and safeguards in the specific process or plant you operate or maintain Module 3 – Role of Operations and Maintenance in Process Safety Keeping the process safe – the role of operations (operator & maintenance) in ensuring effective process safety Module 4 – Emergency Response Planning Emergency planning and the need for effective measures to limit the consequences of process incidents 7 key learning outcomes Module 5 – Learning from Incidents Understand the role of operations in applying learning from incidents and near misses Delivered through 6 Modules Understand the concept of continual improvement in process safety performance and operations’ role in this Module 6 – Concept of Continual Improvement

  6. PSMO Materials Development Training material developed to meet the requirements of the PSMO training standard Pack includes: PowerPoint Presentation Developed as six primary modules with circa two hours delivery per module Trainer Notes Brings in a mix of videos and workshop exercises, combining tutor and site experts input to expand and aid learning Delegate Books Compiled into a comprehensive package for delivery by company Licensed Trainersor Academy Accredited trainers Trainer Information Pack

  7. PowerPoint Presentation Main PowerPoint Presentation Forms the backbone of the course Range of animation and videos encouraging interactive participation with delegates Correlates directly with the delegate handouts

  8. Session plans Provides a structured guide through the course delivery Ensures standardisation of delivery across all areas Clearly maps to the presentation guiding the tutor through the course

  9. Delegate Pack Structured pack for each module provided to all delegates Expands on the information given in the presentation Includes notes sections and exercises to examine and develop site processes

  10. Trainer Information Pack Provides key information on each module Provides additional guidance on activities Provides areas to expand own site processes, procedures and systems

  11. Delivery Model Need to register a minimum of one suitable PSMO trainer Licensed product available from the National Skills Academy Process Industry Trainers must attend the Academy’s two day PSMOfamiliarisation course. Trainers will need: A good knowledge of Process Safety Management Relevant workplace training experience and / or a level 3 qualification in training Delivery can also be provided by the Skills Academy’s Process Safety Delivery Partners

  12. Delivery Classroom based delivery with modules set at 2 hour sessions Can be delivered either as two day session or broken into shorter modular based delivery structured around your shift patterns Led by the ‘Licensed Trainer’ but can incorporate site experts who may have wider detailed knowledge of key systems On completion delegates can take an online test that will verify knowledge, and will be awarded a certificate of completion

  13. Costs – Company License 1 year license £2000 + VAT - This includes: Supply of the licensed toolkit, including presentations and workshop materials Training of 1 licensed PSMO trainer Workplace observation and assessment of 1 licensed PSMO trainer Annual company license £500 + VAT - This includes: Annual good practice seminar for 1 licensed PSMO trainer Maintenance and updates for all supplied materials

  14. Costs – Company License Additional PSMO Trainer Fee £1500 + VAT – This includes Training of 1 licensed PSMO trainer Workplace observation and assessment of 1 licensed PSMO trainer Annual PSMO Trainer Fee £250 + VAT – This includes Annual good practice seminar for 1 licensed PSMO trainer

  15. Costs – Company License Candidate Fee £75 + VAT – This includes Registration and Delegate workbooks Course completion certificate

  16. Costs – Provider Delivery Pre-course site / materials review - £1250 + VAT per dayMinimum 1 day preparation Gaining and understanding of on-site hazards, controls, emergency response, etc. and preparation and contextualisation of course materials 2 Day course up to 12 delegates - £4250 + VAT Registration and Delegate workbooks Delivery of a 2 day course on the employer’s premises Course completion certificate

  17. Information available on the website • PSMO Costs • The Standards

  18. Train the Trainer Events • PSMO Familiarisation course dates for new Licensed trainers are constantly being added. • Contact our course management team for details on 0845 607 0140 • Email: • • Course dates are also available on our website: •

  19. Thank You – Any Questions? • For more information or to discuss licensing or delivery arrangements for your company please contact the Academy on: • 0845 607 0140 • Or email: •