tone and mood n.
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Tone and Mood

Tone and Mood

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Tone and Mood

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  1. Toneand Mood Literary Technique

  2. What do we mean when we ask you to define the tone and mood of a particular passage? Date Today’s Warm-up:

  3. Tone Tone is not an action but an attitude. It is not explained or explicit like a setting. For example, “The wedding was in a beautiful old cottage perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.” Tone is like a hidden message. A reader must ‘read between the lines’ to infer the tone.

  4. Mood Mood is an atmosphere created by the setting, and actions of people and characters in it. It relates to how the readers emotionally respond to these elements.

  5. Tone vs Mood • author’s own attitude toward • subject • Tone revels the author’s intention or purpose in writing • emotion the author wants readers to feel • Text’s atmosphere and feeling • Not given explicitly • Must be inferred How are they the same? How are they different?

  6. Mary Poppins Movie Trailer Scary Mary Movie Trailer Identify the mood and tone in each of these movie trailers!

  7. Example 1 Tone: Serious, tragic, or solemn Mood: Sad or sympathetic “The girl remembered little from the raid at Okeadan in which she had been captured. She knew her parents had been killed. She had no idea what had happened to her brothers and sister. Much of what she had experienced had been so horrible that she had simply shut it out of her mind…” At Her Majesty Request pg. 17

  8. Example 2 Tone: Comic, Funny Mood: Playful, Amused “When he realized he was still in one piece, he knew that at the very least he must be completely flat, with his face peering out of his own bottom and his brains leaking out of his ears…” Toad Heaven pg. 64

  9. Example 3 Tone: Active, lively Mood: Excited “…the next minute, Winn-Dixie looked like a furry bullet, shooting across the building, chasing that mouse. He was barking and his feet were skidding all over the polished Pick-It-Quick floor, and people were clapping and hollering and pointing. They really went wild when Winn-Dixie actually caught the mouse.” Because of Winn-Dixie pg. 36